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CH 48

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Qiu Zhenyang brought some things to Ling Mu’s room before bedtime.

“These are pajamas, and the slippers are new. They’ve been sterilized, and you can use them.” Putting down the clothes on the sofas, Qiu Zhenyang couldn’t help saying helplessly when he saw Ling Mu standing by the open window, “You’re not in good health, don’t stand there for too long. Be careful of catching a cold.”

Ling Mu frowned, “How can I be so weak?”

Despite his stubborn words, he obediently closed the window, and walked over to the sofa to pickup the items and prepare to shower.

Seeing him walk over, Qiu Zhenyang quickly took a few steps back. “Hey, be careful, tell me before you come over. It’s better to keep a distance.”

He is now more afraid of approaching Ling Mu than anyone else, for fear that his approach will make Ling Mu feel uncomfortable.

Seeing this, Ling Mu looked at him teasingly: “You’re quite sensible now. I don’t know who was rushing to stick to me like sticky brown candy before? So annoying.”

Qiu Zhenyang, who was ridiculed, did not reveal one ounce of being wronged. He still put his hands in his pockets, raised his head slightly, and said in a condescending manner, “That’s natural. If I don’t keep close to my wife, who knows if you’ll slip away when I don’t pay attention. Who will I cry to at that time? If it weren’t for me not being able to get close to you now, I would hug you and kiss you right now!”

“Qiu Zhenyang don’t you feel ashamed?” Ling Mu’s face flushed at the words. How can this guy be so thick-skinned when talking about love? He’s not even blushing!

Qiu Zhenyang’s handsome face curved into a wanton smile as he deliberately raised his eyebrows and lowered his voice, “What shame? You are my person now, so I can kiss and hug as I want! Xiao Mumu, get ready, when your health is ready, I may not be able to hold back~”

After that, Qiu Zhenyang licked his lips vulgarly, staining the thin red lips with crystal clear liquid, and full of color.

“Shoo! Get away from me!”

After kicking Qiu Zhenyang out, Ling Mu rubbed his face desperately trying to make the heat on his face fade.

In the end, he brought the pajamas and took a shower, but his face only turned redder over time.

Burying himself in the quilt, Ling Mu shouted loudly to himself, “Ahhhhh, Qiu Zhenyang you stupid bastard!!!”

For the sake of Ling Mu’s body, Qiu Zhenyang set an early alarm clock for the next day in order to get up and make a nutritious breakfast for him.

There were insufficient ingredients in the hospital, so he could only make some random foods yesterday. Not that he’s at home with a fully stocked kitchen, he can make a nutritious and delicious meal.

Breakfast was congee and steamed buns. Qiu Zhenyang added some vegetables and seasonings to the lean meat congee, for taste and nutrition. He didn’t know how to make steamed buns, but fortunately, there is a cook to help him. All he needs to do is mix the stuffing, and the cook did everything from kneading the dough. Seeing there was still time, he also made a simple egg custard, which was soft, fragrant, and very appetizing.

In the end, Qiu Zhenyang also made freshly squeezed juice from Ling Mu’s favorite fruit.

Breakfast was ready by the time everyone was up. Qiu Zhenyang brought it to the dining table in person.

“This, you made everything?”

Zhu Qin looked at her son in disbelief. Although Qiu Zhenyang shared a lot of recipes previously, and she also heard he opened a shop, she didn’t think too much. She thought her son chanced on an ancient book, but seeing him reveal his skills shocked her.

Qiu Zhang even more suspiciously looked at the mush in the bowl, holding the spoon hesitantly and did not dare to speak.

“What are you doing, why don’t you eat?” Qiu Zhenyang sat down at the table, and opened his mouth when he saw that everyone was holding the utensils skeptically.

Watching the Qiu family look at each other, Ling Mu understood their hesitation, so he lowered his head and scooped the congee and blew two mouthfuls before eating it without changing his face. Ling Dang, who likes drinking juice to start, downed the glass, before starting on the congee and side dishes.

Seeing the two siblings eating happily, Qiu Zhang no longer hesitated and took a bite.

“What is this? It tastes strange!” Surprised, Qiu Zhang couldn’t wait to take a second sip.

Zhu Qin and Qiu Haolin also took a sip, and their taste buds were instantly hit by the sweet and glutinous taste.

That breakfast, Qiu Zhang ate five bowls of porridge and three big buns in a row, Qiu Haolin also ate four bowls and two buns, and even Zhu Qin, who usually only eats a little for breakfast, ordered a second bowl of porridge, and finally had to give up on the second bun. Qiu Zhang had to deal with the remaining half, which stunned Qiu Zhenyang, and the Ling siblings.

In short, the surprise that Qiu Zhenyang brought to the Qiu family this morning was great!

“Zhenyang, where did you get the recipes?” After eating, Qiu Haolin walked around the living room to digest and asked Qiu Zhenyang.

He and his father were planning to go to the army after breakfast, but now they are stuffed, they both took a walk in the living room to digest the food.

Qiu Zhenyang raised his eyebrows: “Uh, I saw it in the library before and thought it was interesting, but then I couldn’t find the book, and only remembered a little bit, so I figured the rest out myself. Who would’ve thought it would taste good?”

It was all lies, and fortunately Qiu Haolin was just asking casually. He nodded and said nothing more.

Fifteen minutes later, Qiu Zhang and Qiu Haolin finally left to go to the army.

“The weather is good today. I’ll take you to the garden to go for a walk and get some fresh air.” Qiu Zhenyang glanced at the weather outside and took the initiative to take Ling Mu and Ling Dang out.

Ling Mu nodded and agreed, and was about to lead Ling Dang, when Zhu Qin immediately came over. “Go ahead, I’ll take Ling Dang to measure and try on some clothes. Children are growing and love dressing themselves nicely. They should fit and look nice, Ling Dang, do you want to buy clothes together with auntie?

Ling Dang was pulled by Zhu Qin and looked back at her brother.

“Auntie, there’s no need to bother you. Ling Dang has quite a few clothes, all of which are in school.” Ling Mu refused embarrassedly, but Zhu Qin was so enthusiastic that he couldn’t resist.

As someone who’s a bit introverted and not good with words, he could pretend to be fierce and reject others with a cold expression in the past. But he can’t show a bad face with Aunt Zhu caring for them so wholeheartedly.

“How’s this bothersome? If it weren’t for you not being able to get close to pheromones, I’d also want to bring you too. I can take Ling Dang over first.” After speaking, before Ling Mu could make more excuses, Zhu Qin took Ling Dang’s hand and left. Before going out, she turned around and gave her son a wink. “Zhenyang, we’re having lunch outside, remember to take Ling Mu to play~”

Qiu Zhenyang raised his eyebrow speechlessly.

Although he was very happy that his mother had the consciousness to help him remove the lightbulb, he can’t get close to Ling Mu at all right now! Can’t do anything! Is there any difference between having a lightbulb or not?!

Despite the mad complaints in his heart, Qiu Zhenyang was very happy to be alone with Ling Mu.

The back garden is not very big, but the rockery, pond, flowers, and lush trees are well designed. There is also a large pavilion with retro lacquer carving in the center of the garden with tables and stone benches. The reclining chairs inside made the pavilion very suitable for enjoying the scenery of the garden. It also made Qiu Zhenyang feel more at home; after all, such retro styles are rare in the interstellar.

“How do you feel in my house?” Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu lay on two separate reclining chairs, with a stone table between them.

Ling Mu squinted slightly and looked at the pond not far away, where a few golden fish were roaming comfortably.

“Uncle and auntie are very good, so is your brother.” These are Ling Mu’s sincere words. He likes the atmosphere of Qiu’s family very much, and he likes these lovely people even more.

Qiu Zhenyang smiled smugly. A big compliment to everyone in the Qiu family~

“Have you thought about what to do after graduation?” On his face, he could clearly see Ling Mu’s long eyelashes blinking slowly, as if brushing against his heart.

After thinking for a while, Ling Mu’s eyes were a little confused: “Not yet.”

Study hard, work and save money, take Ling Dang out of his mother’s grasp – this was his goal before. To give Ling Dang the best life. He didn’t have the luxury to consider other things before, so now that his goal1Ling Dang is already out of his mother’s grasp was gone, he felt a little lost.

“Are you interested in live broadcasting?”

“Ah?” Ling Mu turned to look at him suspiciously.

Qiu Zhenyang explained: “I’m going to make a mecha-type game, and start a live broadcast business at the same time. I want to invite you to be an anchor.”

Although Ling Mu has never been in contact with games and live broadcasting, he has at least heard of it. Qiu Zhenyang inviting him to be an anchor… Ling Mu raised his eyebrows. “No omegas do this today.”

Ling Mu said this a bit euphemistically. In the entire interstellar, there are many things omegas don’t do, and live broadcasting games is one of them.

In fact, at the beginning, it was not that there were no omega live broadcasts. Omega players also accounted for a large proportion of in-game players. It’s just that most omega anchors have poor technical skills and low psychological quality. They only cry when they encounter troubles, which annoyed beta and alpha viewers, causing the live broadcast room to be full of curses.

Over time, a bad phenomenon has formed, that is, once omega starts a live broadcast, someone will hear the news and malicious attack them. In the end, even omegas with good skills are scolded until they retire. No one can persevere in such an environment.

“If you are referring to alpha and beta conflict with omegas, I have a solution.” Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes gradually deepened.

The contradiction between alphas, betas, and omegas is largely due to the inaction of game developers. Although they can simulate interstellar combat, there is no hierarchy among players. All games use random matching, and character selection is also random, which makes the game quite unreasonable.

For example, the popular “Spark” game. A game can last from one hour to three hours. After the player enters the game cabin and logs into the game, the system will automatically assign them to a game field. After entering the field, players will be randomly assigned to roles such as “Warrior”, “Enemy Leader”, and “Interstellar Commander”.

But the role and operational difficulty of these roles vary significantly. Let alone omegas, even some alphas are not able to adapt to all characters. Genders are also certified, so no one can hide their gender, so when omegas are assigned roles they are not capable of, they will inevitably be reviled by their teammates, and with their lower psychological quality… Even without scolding, the results were predictable.

Thus, let alone live broadcasts, many omegas don’t even dare to play games, for fear of being scolded.

Game makers didn’t care about this problem at all; they only wanted to make money. Unwilling to offend the largest player group, alphas and betas, they let this contradiction ferment, resulting in the current situation.

“What are you planning?” Ling Mu looked at Qiu Zhenyang curiously. The conflict between genders is not a matter of a year or two. This is something that’s lasted since the beginning of the game industry until now. What solution can Qiu Zhenyang come up with??

However, Qiu Zhenyang didn’t answer. He only showed him a wide grin, closed his eyes, and hummed in a good mood.

Of course there are ways to solve the problem, but wouldn’t it be boring to say it in advance? He still has to use this game to coax Ling Mu to be happy, so he can’t give away the bottom line first~

Ling Mu snorted angrily when he didn’t get a reply, and simply closed his eyes and ignored him.

Under the shade of the trees, a warm breeze lingered. It was rare to spend the day so leisurely without the need for classes or work. Ling Mu comfortably breathed the faint fragrance of flowers, and felt at ease.

His eyelids gradually closed, and he was about to fall asleep comfortably when Qiu Zhenyang’s abrupt words woke him up.

“Xiao Mumu, where do you think it’s better to have our wedding when we get married?”

“What are you thinking, Qiu Zhenyang? Is your brain fried?”


Anyone feel like QZY’s brain has become more deficient?

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