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Chapter 716: Falling in a trap

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Chapter 716: Falling in a trap

Kang Lan seized the opportunity when the Second Order zombie’s movements stalled for a brief moment. She waved her magic staff and at the same time as she backed away she threw what appeared to be a small black seed.

Kang Lan pointed one hand forward and waved her staff while shouting aloud, “Heart Devourer!”

A magic circle appeared at the tip of the magic staff and immediately a beautiful purple-colored cloud burst outward. The mist enveloped the surroundings and in just an instant engulfed the Second Order zombie and all the creatures near the zombie.


The small black seed exploded and a pile of jet black spores melted into the purple mist. By the time the Second Order zombie regained his composure, his organism had already absorbed a large amount of poison.


The zombie roared furiously as he used his sword to slash in a wide circle around his body.


The purple mist with motes of black was expelled in a flash and Kang Lan was forced to retreat even further as her body was struck by the wind blades resulting from her enemy’s slash.

However, the expression on Kang Lan’s face was calm and composed. Her dark eyes flashed strangely as she noticed how a part of the Second Order zombie’s face began to change its color.

“Human woman, I’ll rip out your tendons and eat them while you’re still alive!” the zombie roared angrily before charging at lightning speed towards the human before him.

Kang Lan silently activated Lightning Movement and began to flicker across the battlefield as she activated various skills constantly.

The Second Order zombie was definitely faster, but Kang Lan was cunning. She blended into the different battlefields, and using her enemies as a shield after using skills like Paralysis of Sleep and others, she forced the Second Order zombie to waste a bit of time to kill them and continue charging.

Kang Lan knew she was going to be overtaken soon, but she wasn’t worried. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed that about 1/4 of the zombie’s head had turned purple with black dots.

On another battlefield, Fu Xuefeng and Nangong Yi joined hands to fight against a Second Order mutant snake. Nangong Yi was in charge of stopping the beast’s movements as his only good quality at present was his high defense while Fu Xuefeng appeared and disappeared around the creature’s body which was 150 meters long.

Although the snake’s scales were extremely tough and there was a weird liquid around its body that made it difficult for Fu Xuefeng to damage it, several bloody cuts could be seen on the back of the animal.

“Hey, Nangong Yi!”

“What’s wrong?!”

“Don’t get hit by the tail!”

“Brat, you think this old man doesn’t know that?!”

Nangong Yi’s body was covered with wounds as he battled against the fierce bites and headbutts of the beast. But he didn’t care, as long as he avoided the tail, everything would be fine.

Slowly, the Second Order snake began to lose more and more blood. Approximately 10 minutes later, a trace of exhaustion shone in the eyes of the beast as it looked at Nangong Yi cautiously and scanned the surroundings trying to find the other elusive human and the cause of its current situation.

Nangogn Yi was gasping for air and approximately 60% of the golden scales covering his body had been split by the Second Order mutant snake’s attacks. The only thing Nangong Yi was thankful for was that this beast didn’t seem to have any acid attacks and its only quality was poison but Nangong Yi had already taken an antidote for this kind of enemy beforehand.


Seeing the mutant snake charging toward him again, Nangong Yi gritted his teeth and advanced to face it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!!….

The surroundings were a mess and with every vicious attack from the beast, Nangong Yi was forced back, increasing the size of his wounds and adding more to the mix.

It was in one of those trades that Nangong Yi overlooked a small move from his enemy and the mutant snake didn’t give him time to fix that mistake.


The thick green giant tail grew bigger and bigger before his eyes and Nangong Yi had no choice but to grit his teeth and get ready to receive the impact. He crossed both arms in front of his body and began to pray to all the gods and demons he knew.


Nangong Yi’s body was sent flying and he felt the bones of both arms breaking into at least two or three pieces each. He could do nothing against the torrent of blood that flew out of his mouth, let alone the blood that flowed from his shattered muscles.

Nangong Yi fell to the ground 200 meters away but his body continued to roll for another 100 meters before stopping. The face of the soldiers and soul evolvers who saw his body covered in blood and his arms turned inward at an impossibly acute angle turned pale.

“Boss Nangong!”

“Damn it!”

“Stop that snake!”


Nangong Yi was a well-liked person in the faction. He was neither the smartest nor the strongest but he was an upright person that said and acted based on his thoughts and feelings. In addition, the number of lives he had saved on many dangerous occasions was not small at all. Not to mention the fact that Nangong Yi was considered one of the war generals that no one wanted to see fall.

Surprisingly, several soul evolvers managed to quickly kill their enemies at the cost of wounds of different magnitudes. One of them even lost a hand but gritted his teeth and turned around while running towards the mutant snake with bloodshot eyes.

Nangong Yi tried to stand up and was very moved at the sight of what was happening, so much so that tears began to spill down his mangled face. Unfortunately, his brain seemed to have shut down in the face of the pain since he could not even move a muscle….. Ironically, it was at that moment that his skill Barbarian Strength came out of its cooldown time. If Nangong Yi could have endured a couple of seconds more, the outcome would have been very different and he alone could have put up a good fight against the mutant snake.


The mutant snake rushed forward, sliding across the ground at lightning speed and closing the distance between it and Nangong Yi in an instant. Its movement speed was faster than that of the other soul evolvers, so despite everyone’s good will, none of them managed to make it in time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!….

The soldiers on the walls could only see a green flash moving due to the high speed of the beast, but none of them hesitated to pull the trigger of their firearms while aiming at the possible trajectory. Several shots hit the mutant snake’s body with accuracy, but far from damaging it, they were not even able to tickle it since regardless of whether it was a heavy machine gun or sniper ammunition, they all bounced off when they touched its scales.

Just when Nangong Yi could feel the smell of fish penetrating his nostrils and the shadow of the Second Order snake was hovering over his body with its mouth wide open, a small shadow appeared just above the creature’s head.

By the time the Second Order mutant snake realized what was happening, the person who had appeared just above its head and falling from the sky had already reached it.


A clean and flawless stab, right in the only weak area of any living being; the eyes.

The mutant snake writhed in pain and a weird choking sound came out of its wide-open mouth. A large gush of blood shot out from where the snake’s left eye had previously been, which had now turned into a pile of gray and white pulp.

“LU YAN!” Fu Xuefeng shouted from the depths of his soul as he held on tightly to his dagger to keep from falling.

The mutant snakes writhed so hard that the surroundings were blown up every time its tail swung, and fortunately, there was no one nearby, or else they would have turned into a gory pile of bloody mist.

However, there was one person who was too close and could die at any moment if in a stroke of bad luck the giant snake’s tail hit him; Nangong Yi!

Lu Yan was one of the highest-level soul evolvers and happened to be the closest. Hearing Fu Xuefeng’s call and seeing the young man who was as thin as a stick fighting against the ferocious beast, Lu Yan gritted his teeth and charged forward in order to get Nangong Yi out of the danger area.

Fu Xuefeng gritted his teeth and felt the blood throughout his body stir with every shake the Second Order snake made. But in fact, he had not moved away yet because he was charging his most powerful and destructive attack skill.

As Lu Yan quickly approached, he did not take long to notice that the blue-colored dagger in Fu Xuefeng’s hands began to glow, and that glow was growing rapidly. After managing to avoid some of the casual swings of the wounded creature’s tail, Lu Yan grabbed Nangong Yi’s body and ignoring his complaints of pain ran out of the area without looking back.

Seeing Lu Yan carry Nangong Yi away, Fu Xuefeng sighed in relief. His eyes were as cold as the edge of his dagger, and as a thin trickle of blood slipped silently from inside his mouth, he activated the skill he had been channeling all this time.

“Final Flash.”

The young assassin’s cold voice could be heard even amidst the constant roars, explosions, and cries of pain.

Immediately after, a thunderous explosion followed by a bright electric blue light illuminated everything 1000 meters around.


A large flash of lightning illuminated the area 1km around Fu Xuefeng, and there were several mutant beasts and zombies that were engulfed in what seemed to be a sea of blue lightning. The beasts writhed before falling down with smoking bodies while the weaker zombies simply exploded and their blood was vaporized.

Final Flash, the strongest and most destructive skill Fu Xuefeng possessed, the one he learned when he entered the First Order and obtained his special job. It was the only skill that allowed an assassin like him to inflict large amounts of damage to targets with high defense.

Fu Xuefeng kicked the head of the snake he was standing on and jumped backward, as his body spun in the air he heard the heavy sound of the beast falling to the ground, and an instant later, the sweet message he had been waiting for flashed in his eyes informing him that he had officially entered the Second Order and apart from receiving a juicy increase in his overall stats he also went straight to level 59.

But Fu Xuefeng did not stand around celebrating and instead rushed to the battlefield to join the fray immediately. Although he really wanted to confirm Nangong Yi’s current status, his newly acquired strength was definitely needed in the battle that seemed to be far from over.

With the joining of Fu Xuefeng who had just entered the Second Order, the pressure on the other soul evolvers was greatly relieved.

Kang Lan, on the other hand, was experiencing problems. The Second Order zombie was holding out more than she expected, and her Stamina was dropping fast; she was a mage to begin with, Kang Lan would have to be on the back lines with thousands of melee warriors protecting her, but due to the circumstances she had no choice but to put her neck on the line and go out.

“I think that should be enough for now…” She muttered under her breath.

“Damn!” It was also then that the Second Order zombie understood what was going on. The intelligent creature looked at Kang Lan and growled, “You tricked me?! All you humans are despicable creatures!”

Kang Lan looked at him and said quietly, “Thank you for your praise.”

Then, she did something that no mage should ever do; she ran straight at her enemy who was a melee combatant! This was because the zombie before her had just lost 50% of his power and for the next 5 minutes he would be at her mercy!

However, to Kang Lan’s surprise, the Second Order zombie grinned horribly and growled, “Too bad, human woman! This time, you have been played at your own game!”

Kang Lan felt a bad premonition just as the Second Order zombie raised his head to the sky and shouted loudly, “Have you seen enough?! Attack at once so that damn mermaid will give us what he promised!”

Kang Lan’s expression immediately changed as she felt the danger of death embracing her body. She raised her head abruptly and her eyes twitched as she saw a huge silver-feathered hawk glaring at her with large, glowing golden eyes.

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