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Chapter 4867

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"We wish to regard the ancients as gods." At this point, the rest of the gods will dare to say anything, and everyone has opened his mouth under anxiety.

Yunyi\'s expression was calm. "The God Emperor has a word. Why should you worry when you have to protect the safety of God? Just keep everything as usual."

The voice fell, and the queen of God\'s head turned to one side. She was suppressed by Yunyi. At present, even though she was in a complex mood, she didn\'t want to give her face. Only Leng hum.

And thousands of gods will be supreme. In addition to more ecstasy, there is nothing else.

Further away, the God coffin is coming.

Yunyi\'s eyes relaxed.

He looked at the front, and Xiao Ruoshui\'s three women were all on the God coffin.

"It\'s settled. We\'ll live a peaceful life in the end. We\'ll have to unite in the future." He said faintly.

The light flashed away, and the three women came to him again.

"We didn\'t say anything."

The three women almost spoke with one voice.

It\'s always good to respect martial arts.

For the three women, they pursue martial arts just for Yunyi.

At present, the kingdom of God has been determined, Yunyi has become the God Emperor, and everything can be peaceful.

They have no boundary dispute, where there are so many contradictions.

Yun Yi still smiled. He suddenly remembered another thing. The goddess left the tomb, and the four sages and five gods could see clearly.

Under common sense, the goddess should appear in his sight.

The reason why the God Emperor took the goddess may also be to wait for the present.

If the goddess appeared, it would not be good news for him.

He is overbearing and has a great impact on the three women.

"What are you thinking?" Xiao Ruoshui asked.

"Nothing." In embarrassment, Yunyi immediately shook his head.

It can\'t be said that no matter how low his EQ is, he has to have a limit.

Endless cheers are still not only the voice of God and the emperor.

From the city of God Emperor and from the star of God Emperor, it has spread beyond all regions.

It is correcting Yunyi\'s name.

Since then, at least the major events in Wanyu have been decided, and the minor disturbances are not worth mentioning.

Who wouldn\'t bother about what to eat tomorrow morning.


Ten years later.

On this day, Yunyi returned from his tour. Suddenly, he felt his forehead and was quite nervous.

"I always feel that something has happened."

As soon as the voice fell, someone immediately came up, "God Emperor, God queen ran away."

"Which God queen?" Yunyi suddenly froze.

"Old God queen!" Next, the supreme master asks.

Yunyi shook her head. "I didn\'t want to pass her. She didn\'t leave herself. It\'s definitely not this thing."

After he became the God Emperor, he immediately released the God queen. It doesn\'t matter whether she leaves or asks for anything.

But she always stays in the God Emperor city, so there\'s no way.

Normally, she should be reunited with the God Emperor.

And he didn\'t know how to reunite her.

She can\'t help but let her communicate. The news is really news.

However, he received the blessing of the divine emperor for the divine emperor, and the queen of God is no longer his opponent.

He won\'t be thrilled about it.

"Wait, where is the little goddess?" Yun Yi asked again.

Of course, the little goddess is his daughter. He and Xiao Ruoshui already have children.

Children are smart and carved with powder and jade, but genius is always different.

The little goddess doesn\'t seem to have any spiritual talent now.

Nearby Zhuxiu, you look at me and I look at you. You look confused.

Yun Yi was shocked, "you guys..." his first reaction was that the queen of God kidnapped the little goddess.

The queen of God is not as powerful as him, but it doesn\'t mean she won\'t think of some outrageous ideas. She can really do such a thing.

As a result, another maid came to Yunyi. "The God Emperor doesn\'t have to worry. A new maid took her to play."

"Are you kidding? Where can the new comer take her at will?" Yunyi was still surprised. His first reaction was that the situation was wrong.

The nuns around him quickly showed him the direction of taking care of the children.

Then Yunyi hurried to his palace.

He can\'t be frightened without reason. Children are definitely his biggest dead body.

Soon, Yunyi had reached the palace.

The gate of the palace was wide open, and at the entrance, I saw a maid with her back to him and holding the little goddess in her arms. They giggled and looked very happy.

Yunyi was a little embarrassed.

To tell the truth, he is really not good at raising children.

Seeing the little goddess so happy, how could he bother.

Then Yunyi shook his head, turned and left, and let them go.

But if he knew what had happened, he would be angry to death.

"Don\'t scratch, I can\'t stand it. If you scratch again, I\'ll let my father kill you!" The little goddess panted.

After all, it\'s a child\'s body and mind. It\'s really angry to be scratched like this.

If Yunyi saw the appearance of the maid opposite the little goddess, she would spit blood.

Just because it\'s not someone else, it\'s the goddess.

The goddess naturally knew that Yunyi had left. She stopped scratching, "little goddess, I am the most loyal maid of the God Emperor. If you think so, he will be sad?"

"What, do you want to compete with me for my father\'s love?" The little goddess looked a little angry, and her little pink fist had been pinched.

The goddess began to shake her head again, "little goddess, how dare I do such a rebellious thing? I am loyal to the God Emperor, and the same is true to you. I can give my life for you."

Shaking her head, she even shed two tears.

She still has the basic skill of tricking children.

"You\'re lying!" The little goddess rolled her eyes, which seemed not so easy to deceive.

The goddess was a little angry, but she couldn\'t give up halfway, "how do you want me to prove my loyalty?"

The little goddess was stunned, "unless... Buy me a big pig hoof to eat!"

After thinking for a long time, she finally came up with a difficult condition. Her eyes looked forward to it.

"One can\'t do it. It\'s almost a minimum every day. We can\'t eat it. Let\'s throw it away." The goddess patted her chest and said.

"Go and buy!" The little goddess looked excited in her eyes.

She had completely believed that the goddess was willing to give her life for her little goddess.

Two people happily bought stewed pig feet.

Before long, the goddess took the little goddess back to the palace.

The little goddess is holding a stewed pig\'s hoof and gnawing her mouth full of oil.

I bumped into Yunyi before I got to the palace.

Yunyi looked confused.

Seeing Yunyi, the little goddess was a little nervous. She quickly hid the pig\'s feet behind her.

"Everything is my responsibility. It has nothing to do with her!" The goddess patted her chest and said.

Yunyi will only lose his big teeth. He\'s a little twitching on his face. After worrying for ten years, he finally untied the knot, but it seems that he can\'t bear it when things come.

"After you let go of God?" He had to find a topic.

"I let her reunite with her father. It\'s boring to stay there, so I came to serve you again." The goddess said with sincerity in her eyes.

When Yun Yi was confused, he knew that the matter had turned yellow

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