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Chapter 1223

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Lin Yuan doesn\'t want to discuss with Lao Zhou who is faster between Xianyu and Chu Kuang. After the new film project is decided, the other party leaves with the script.

Lin Yuan simply codes on the spot...

Nature or science fiction.

Chu Kuang has opened a challenge arena in eight continents to challenge the world in the field of science fiction. At present, although he has won three games, there are still seven games waiting for him. It\'s really difficult to save manuscripts. Fortunately, in these calm days, Lin Yuan has accumulated a lot of manuscripts of science fiction short stories.

It turns out.

Lin Yuan\'s foresight is very foresight.

That night.


The remaining seven literary opponents.

A famous writer from Qizhou on the Dragon Boat Festival suddenly aitchukuang: "despicable people are sparse and shallow. They have spared no effort to complete a new short science fiction work. Please correct it more, Mr. Chukuang ~"

Qi Zhou science fiction writer Dragon Boat Festival name.

One of the ten opponents selected by Chu Kuang.

These goods like to spend a lot of time and drink. They didn\'t seriously prepare their works at all. They posted a post inviting Chu Kuang to fight just to rub the heat. They didn\'t think Chu Kuang would take care of themselves at all.

Who knows that Chu Kuang is so crazy that he directly opens the challenge arena and selects the world.

He became one of the ten literary opponents selected by Chu Kuang.

For this matter, the name of the Dragon Boat Festival is excited and scared!

The excitement is that Chu\'s enthusiasm is too good.

After I was selected, the blog fans rose, which is called fast.

What I\'m afraid of is that the Chu crazy old thief is too terrible. The previous three opponents can\'t do him together!

I\'m at the same level as those three. What can I do to win Chu Kuang?

no way out.

The name of the Dragon Boat Festival can only be tough, but the tone is very counselled. When he came up, he put himself in a lower position.

of course.

The posture is a little counseling, but the name of the Dragon Boat Festival is more or less a fluke.

What if you succeed in picking up the leak?

Recently, the industry has been speculating that Chu Kuang has published three short works in a row, which may be difficult to complete high-quality works in the short term?


I don\'t know if I want to go with the Dragon Boat Festival name.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, a science fiction writer in Hanzhou also announced: "the new work has been completed. After all, the level is limited. I hope Chu Kuang can show mercy greatly (silly smile)"

This Korean science fiction writer is called Tenglong.

It is also one of the ten opponents selected by Chu Kuang.

I have to say that Tenglong\'s pseudonym is very domineering and his personality is very publicized, but his speech today doesn\'t seem to be publicized.


Zhao Zhou\'s science fiction writer an Zhi also appeared:

"As a science fiction fan of teacher Chu Kuang, I hope the teacher can give me more advice. It\'s my greatest honor in my life to fight with you."


After three consecutive wins.

Chu Kuang ushered in three more opponents.

Readers are naturally excited at first.

Finally, someone shot again. Kill the old thief!

It has to be said that the whole network is curious. How many murders can Chu crazy old thieves finally win in the face of the encirclement and suppression of ten famous science fiction writers?


When readers from all continents carefully read the speeches of Chu Kuang\'s three new opponents, they always feel that something is wrong?


"Meow meow meow, I don\'t know if it\'s an illusion. How do I feel that these three people are good?"


"I also found out when you said that. Isn\'t it too suggestive?"

"The name of the Dragon Boat Festival is also the leader of Qi Zhou science fiction. As a result, all kinds of self deprecation do not say, but also ask Chu Kuang to correct him?"

"So is an Zhi!"

"An Zhi is the representative of Zhao Zhou science fiction. As a result, he even claims to be an old thief fan. What else does he say that fighting with the teacher is the greatest glory of his life?"

"The best is Tenglong!"

"These goods have always been domineering. In the past, they fought with people. They were more arrogant than Chu Kuang. As a result, they were against Chu Kuang and begged Chu Kuang for mercy?"

"What else did Tenglong say? The new work is finished [now], show mercy [OH]?"

"Oh, NIMA, what\'s the matter with licking the dog? Where\'s the arrogance of Tenglong in the past?"

"NIMA, they still sell cute!"

"Three counsels, it\'s too humble!"

"Compared with the three who shot first in front, they are simply a group of three. They are afraid of being beaten by the crazy old thief of Chu?"

"I also want to cheer them on."

"How can I refuel? They have become a piece by themselves. This is definitely the best literary opponent I\'ve ever seen!"

Three best!

In the face of these three people\'s speeches, netizens were angry and funny.

The literary fight has always been a tense momentum, but the speeches of the three people are more and more humble.

It\'s like licking a dog.

Most of the momentum was released directly.

Especially Tenglong.

This man has a hot temper, upright personality, arrogance and arrogance. He has been evaluated as a typical "arrogant" in the circle.

Such a prickly head, how can seeing Chu Kuang look like a mouse seeing a cat?

When Chu Kuang talked about picking the world, didn\'t these science fiction writers jump very well?


Writers circle.

Science fiction writers can\'t bear to look straight at it.

"Who can tell me what\'s on their minds?"

"Like this bird?"

"Isn\'t this encouraging the arrogance of Chu maniacs?"

"I knelt after only three?"

"I remember before Tenglong was not still loud in the group: of course, you should have confidence in writing books. You don\'t have confidence. What books have you written?"

"This is called faith?"

"I\'m embarrassed to say hello to these three goods in the future."

"Write three sci-fi books in a row. Who knows if Chu Kuang is at the end of a powerful crossbow at this time. Obviously, he has a great winning face!"

"Then you go?"

Teng long is even bubbling in the group. The goods are submissive to Chu maniacs and attack the group with a heavy fist:

"It\'s not you who dare to be beaten!"

Really think labor and capital have no temper?

Being such a bitch in a group?

Think you\'re Chukuang, too?


Maybe I can\'t see it anymore.

Just when netizens hate iron and steel for persuading the trio, suddenly another person is aitchu crazy!

His attitude is very different from that of the first three science fiction writers:

"This is the end of this farce. I\'ll end your winning streak. The new book is science fiction" mechanical revolution ". These are some stories about robots."

Wei Zhou is a science fiction writer.

Fan Chong, who won the Star River award.

Three dozen one became four dozen one.

The extra one is from Weizhou!

Wei Zhou\'s science fiction strength is not comparable to that of other continents. It\'s not too much to say that Zhongzhou can\'t compete.


Here comes the big man!

Netizens are burning!


"He\'s so tugging, I love him so much!"

"This is what a literary fight should look like. Those three people are too counselled. Fan has to rush out to lead the team!"

"Fan Chong, Chong!"

"Compared with Mr. Fan\'s domineering, the literary fighting speeches of the three in front are boring."

"That\'s right!"

"In other people\'s Yanzhou literary arena, putting down cruel words is a fixed item. Who is afraid of who?"

"The old thief won\'t lose, will he?"

"The writers of other continents are all right in this literary fight, except the science fiction writers of Wei Zhou and Zhongzhou, who really can\'t afford it."

Man\'s name is the shadow of the tree.

Weizhou science fiction has been strong in blue star for too many years!

Fan Chong can be called a top science fiction writer even in Weizhou. He is definitely better than any other science fiction writer in front of him!


At home.

When Lin Yuan saw the first three writers Aite himself, he immediately smiled.


Because these three are short stories.

I happen to have a ready-made manuscript in hand.

You know.

In these calm days, Lin Yuan has saved a lot of short stories.

It\'s really comfortable to fight with these three writers.

As long as I choose the appropriate works from the saved manuscripts, they are all excellent medium and short stories.

Until Wei Zhou writer fan Chong appeared.

Lin Yuan\'s smile suddenly solidified.

It\'s not because of what the other party said to end his winning streak.

The other side wants to win.

I want to win.

This is the most normal thing.

The point is that the other party wants to fight with long science fiction?

But the manuscripts Lin Yuan has accumulated these days are all short and medium stories!

This means that the manuscripts Lin Yuan has saved these days can\'t be used!

I still have to write it temporarily.

Or exchange energy potion with the system.

A long story must be dealt with in a long story.

I\'ve been doing useless work for many days!

This feeling is like an exam. Lin Yuan thought he would take a Chinese test next. He recited all kinds of texts. As a result, people would take a math test?

Writing a book is very simple for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan\'s hands soared quickly, and he almost didn\'t recognize them. However, due to his poor thinking during this period, Bai gei was the root of his anger. The word "long article" in fan Chong\'s blog dynamics hurt Lin Yuan\'s eyes.

How angry!

Lin Yuansheng was angry with himself, and the more he thought about it, there was something wrong with the dynamic look in fan Chong\'s blog:

"That\'s a long story!"

Despite his 3721, Lin Yuan was almost gnashing his teeth: "I want to write robots, too!"


PS: what readers think is dirty and white: the next plot is ready. True dirty white: only half an hour earlier than the reader knew the plot, turned on the computer and began to compile - four hours later, Calvin had to admit that this sentence was somewhat reasonable.

PS2: I really don\'t want to be the current ten goalkeepers!!!

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