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CH 289

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I used my A-rank Bird\'s awakening skill to pincer the Golems led by Gordino in the corridor.

(Well, the Iron Golems are in line now. Now, to defeat both of them at once.)

Admiral Galara had told me that the Dungeon Boss had 4 subordinate Golems.

Two of the Golems had a special skill that allowed them to revive any defeated Golem over a wide area. I had to find a way to nullify that skill to have any hope of conquering the dungeon. So, I devised a bait.

I had teleported 1 Gigantic Golem and Helmios\' party to the tail end of the Golems led by Gordino in a single line.

Prince Zew and my party, including Admiral Galara, had not teleported.

Angel Merus was on the side of Helmios\' party for stability.

I had lifted all the restrictions on Merus\'s special skill  [Angel\'s Right], allowing him to summon summons at will.

A-rank Bird\'s awakening skill [Homing Instinct] could transfer allies within a radius of 1 kilometer of the Nest.

I couldn\'t move a tree on the ground, a house with a solid foundation, or a rock dug into the ground, but I could move an army of over a thousand men with their supplies.

It didn\'t matter if I wasn\'t at the destination.

Even a Gigantic Golem, which was about 150 meters tall, could be teleported.

"All right, we\'re in position. Take care of them!"

I signaled for the attack to begin as we had pincered the Golems.

"Uraaaaah! Let\'s go!"

"Yeah! Let\'s take them down!"

With permission to attack, both Dogora and Kurena towards the Bronze Golem.

(Hmm, they have improved. They can hold their own against them. The buffs are really great.)

The Golem was as strong as Demon General Razel, but Dogora and Kurena could fight against it without worrying about the rear guards because of the ridiculous number of buffs applied on them.

The rear guards weren\'t going to die in just one hit thanks in part to equipping Rings that increased [Endurance] and [Strength].

I observed the whole situation and judged the flow of the battle.

Under such circumstances, the excitement of the Ten Heroic Beasts led by Prince Zew reached its peak.

"Hey, hey, hey, I\'m joining as well! I can\'t take it anymore!"

As my friends joined the battle, Rhinoceros Beastman Lazo, the Heroic Beast of the Spear and Halberd Division, clutched his halberd and plunged into the Bronze Golem with every muscle in his body moving dynamically.

He was not afraid of the Bronze Golem\'s Drill Punch, which could reach 100 meters in length and smash everything in its path.

Then, Lazo\'s entire body became one halberd and crashed into the Bronze Golem\'s torso.

A crask and a visible shockwave was created between the adamantite halberd and the Bronze Golem.

I didn\'t know how many tens of meters he had jumped.

The Rhinoceros beastman Lazo was astonished at his own power.

Along with the borrowed Ring, he was buffed with more support skills than he could ever receive in the Beast Kingdom.

"Lazo is still the same as ever. Can\'t he hold back? I\'m joining as well."

"Yeah, come. This is too much fun."

Following the heavyweight Lazo, other Heroic Beasts rushed in one after another.

"What the hell? I am light as a feather!"

The Leopard beastman Senu, the Heroic Beast of the Dagger and Twin Sword Division, reached such a speed that his own consciousness was left behind.

He attached himself to the Bronze Golem\'s feet and slammed his Adamantite twin swords into it, attacking with such speed that afterimages were left behind.

No one was afraid.

After winning the annual Martial Arts Tournament many times, the Ten Heroic Beasts had finally learnt of the expansiveness of the world.

They had very good Talents, so they had never been sent to the Bakius Empire\'s S-class dungeon by the Crown Prince Bek.

They learnt after coming into the dungeon that they were frogs living in a well.

After years of being pampered by the beastmen of their own country, they realized how trivial they were compared to the enemy that was before them at that moment.

(Good, their attacks are getting through. It\'s not like just 1 damage or something. Thank God.)

"Oh, those bastards."

Prince Zew was immensely impressed by the Ten Heroic Beasts that fought as if they had found a playmate.

"Well, it\'s better than being scared."

"Yeah. I want to join in as well."

"You may. But you can\'t dodge every Drill Punch that is swung down from above, so be careful."

"Yeah, okay."

Then, gripping his knuckles tightly, Prince Zew also rushed in.

Prince Zew was also a complete vanguard type who was good at melee combat.

"Piss off. You clinging insects! Trample on the Bronze one!"

"I won\'t let you!"

The Bronze Golem tried to change its targets to the beastmen.

The Bronze Golem lifted its huge legs and tried to use its weight to crush the beastmen, but the Gigantic Golem that Admiral Galara and the others were piloting got in the way.

"You cowards!"


Gordino didn\'t just watch from behind the Bronze Golem.

He created a Beam Lance and attacked from behind the Bronze Golem.

Admiral Galara\'s Gigantic Golem fell back heavily due to Gordino\'s attack.

(Admiral Galara had said that it was perfect at close, medium, and long range. But that Gordino is indeed the strongest of the five, but not that outstandingly strong. Does it have some other hidden skill or something?)

The Bronze Golem with the Drill Punch, Gordino with the Beam Lance, and the Mithril Golem\'s long-range firing.

The Golems, in their own way, had invaded the corridor considering using their skills.

I wanted to grasp the strength of Gordino.

The other 4 had the exact same strength as the Golems we had fought so far.

However, I wanted to determine what skill and traits Gordino, the only one we hadn\'t fought before, had.

From the way he attacked Admiral Galara\'s Gigantic Golem with the Beam Lance, I predicted that Gordino wasn\'t specialized in one way.

The beastmen continued their onslaught on the Bronze Golem that stood before them.

The beastmen, who weren\'t afraid of anything, continued to attack with all their might.

"Haaaa! Did we do it?"

General Hobah\'s strike hit and the Bronze Golem fell.

"You have defeated 1 Bronze Golem. You have acquired 400,000,000 (million) Experience.\'\'


However, a sweltering and unharmed Bronze Golem stood in front of us immediately after.

The Mithril Golem\'s long-range attacks were also almost always absorbed by my A-rank Stone. Then those shots were reflected by [Convergence Bombardment] and Mithril Golem was defeated, but each time the Golem was revived.

The Iron Golem behind Gordino just kept reviving the Mithril Golem.

"Hey, why is it reviving?"

"That\'s what\'s supposed to happen. As long as they are defeated or revived, we will be attacked less often, so keep defeating them. Admiral Galara, please drop back slowly."

"Oh, that\'s the plan."

I told the surprised Prince Zew to not get frightened and to keep defeating the Bronze Golem.

I then told Admiral Galara to slowly drop back and fight.

Thanks to that, Prince Zew\'s party, my friends and I also retreated while defeating the Bronze Golem and the Mithril Golem.

The vanguards, Kurena, Dogora, the Heroic Beasts and Admiral Galara\'s Gigantic Golems, were fighting well, but problems arose in the rear guard.

"Awww! I can\'t do it. I want everyone to freeze up."

(No, it\'s no good if they can\'t handle it.)

"I can\'t keep up!"

"I\'ll take care of the vanguards. You guys just take care of yourselves."

The two beastmen with self-healing skills were weak in that situation.

They fought all over the place so their skill couldn\'t keep up.

In such an anxious situation, the Venerable Kiel said that he himself would heal all the vanguards.

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