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Chapter 1664: Battle Between the Dragon, Tiger, and Bird

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Chapter 1664: Battle Between the Dragon, Tiger, and Bird

The white tiger skeleton woke up and unleashed a world-shaking roar that caused Xiang Shaoyun’s ears to ache. He hurriedly formed some protection around Weili Yana, or she would have been instantly killed by the roar. With a sharp look in its eyes, the white tiger pounced on the vermilion bird. The white tiger demonstrated as much strength as the vermilion bird. With a swipe of its paw, an incomparably heavy impact collided against the fiery feathers of the vermilion bird.

At this moment, both Money and the dragonfish in Xiang Shaoyun’s body seemed to have the urge to rush out of his body, especially the dragonfish who urged Xiang Shaoyun, “Release me, quickly! I can sense an intense aura of the dragon race!”

Xiang Shaoyun did not suppress them and allowed both of them to leave.


The two roared at the same time. Next, the dragon skeleton also showed signs of waking up.

“With the dragon skeleton, I’ll be able to turn into a true dragon!” said the dragonfish as it charged toward the dragon skeleton madly.

It naturally did not want to miss out on the opportunity of making the leap into a dragon from a fish. As for Money, he did not react as strongly. Due to the celestial snake bloodline in him, he yearned more for the body of a celestial snake. His yearning for the body of a dragon was nowhere as strong as the dragonfish’s.

Instead, his gaze landed on the divine four divisions tree. His eyes lit up as he asked, “Boss, what divine fruits are those? They look delicious!”

“No matter how delicious they look, they have nothing to do with you. The draconic aura here is thick. Do what you need,” said Xiang Shaoyun.

“I only need a single dragon bone,” said Money as he looked at the dragon skeleton.

At this time, the dragonfish reached the skeleton. A thumb-sized demonic core flew out of its mouth and touched a certain spot on the dragon skull. Instantly, the dragon skeleton came alive.

As the dragon and the tiger had been fighting before their deaths, the first thing the dragon did after waking up was to pounce at the white tiger. The white tiger showed no fear. While howling, it clashed against the dragon. The vermilion bird also joined the chaotic battle. The three top-tier beasts demonstrated terrifying strength, causing the nearby tortoises to hastily flee in fear.

Even Xiang Shaoyun and company were forced to distance themselves from the battle. They could not get dragged into a battle of such a level, as they would get injured as well.

The battle between the dragon, tiger, and bird was extremely colorful.

The azure dragon constantly breathed out attacks, the white tiger constantly roared furiously, and the vermilion bird constantly cried out. The powers of wood, gold, and flame crisscrossed repeatedly, creating numerous terrifying explosions. The surrounding landscape suffered.

The sole exception was the nearby tortoises. When the explosions and shockwaves were about to reach them, an incorporeal power appeared and protected the tortoises from any sort of harm. The divine four divisions tree also shone brightly, protecting itself from the ongoing battle.

“Senior, you must win!” called out Little White as he looked at the vivid white tiger.

Since they were related by blood, he naturally wished for his own ancestor to win. However, the azure dragon had received the power of the dragonfish. Because the azure dragon and the white tiger had been similarly matched before this and because the vermilion bird kept interfering in the fight, they became weaker and weaker as the battle dragged on.

Just as Little White was about to spit out another drop of blood essence to help his ancestor, Xiang Shaoyun stopped him. “Little White, enough. Let them have peace.”

He said loudly to the dragonfish, “Dragonfish, if you want the dragon bones, stop feeding it strength, or it will turn around and devour you instead.”

“B-but I can’t control this!” the dragonfish cried out in panic.

Then, it even started merging with the dragon skeleton. The dragon became even more terrifying than before. With one swipe of its claws, both the white tiger and the vermilion bird were repelled. At this time, their powers started slowly fading away.


Like a true dragon resurrecting, the dragon skeleton roared repeatedly before charging toward Xiang Shaoyun and company. The dragonfish could not exert any control over the dragon skeleton. Instead, it had its power snatched by the dragon skeleton as the skeleton kept growing in strength.

“This is bad!” Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed in alarm as he used one hand to protect Weili Yana and threw out a heavy punch with his other hand.

Three Lives Fist!

Mustering all his strength, he unleashed a punch to erase everything in his current life. His power surged to the sky, the primal inception energy carrying an indescribable power that surpassed everything in existence.

The azure dragon’s claw tore through space and clashed against the punch. It easily tore through the punch before continuing toward Xiang Shaoyun’s chest. The claw came too fast. By the time Xiang Shaoyun reacted, deep wounds had already appeared on his chest. Weili Yana cried out in fright.

Xiang Shaoyun resisted the pain and leaped backward before releasing the Black Yin Gravity Field in his attempt to stop the azure dragon’s advance. The chaotic Black Yin Gravity Field did not disappoint and subjected the dragon to a certain level of pressure. However, that was not enough as the dragon was a God, a God far beyond regular Gods.

Azure Dragon Flip!

The dragon skeleton shook and unleashed a burst of terrifying draconic aura that blasted apart Xiang Shaoyun’s Black Yin Gravity Field. The skeleton was demonstrating a strength no weaker than a fifth-stage Demon God. If it hadn’t, it wouldn’t have placed Xiang Shaoyun in such a difficult position. Left with no choice, Xiang Shaoyun released his soul clone, preparing to take the entire skeleton apart.

At that moment, Little White arrived beside the white tiger skeleton and merged with it. Unlike the dragonfish’s merger with the dragon skeleton, this merger was led by Little White’s consciousness. “Boss, move away. Let me deal with it!”

He then pounced over and swiped his paws, flooding his surroundings with a golden radiance. The environment around him shook. When the azure dragon sensed the aura of its nemesis, it turned around and engaged the white tiger yet again.

The vermilion bird was the only one that continued fading away. However, it was unwilling to fade away just like that. It launched another attack at Xiang Shaoyun. It yearned for even more primal chaos flame. Perhaps it could even achieve rebirth with more primal chaos flame?

Facing the charging vermilion bird, Xiang Shaoyun showed no fear. His clone rushed out and formed a massive Tai Chi Yin Yang Palm that grabbed at the vermilion bird. Bit by bit, the flame around the weakened bird scattered.

“The vermilion feather is mine!” Xiang Shaoyun roared as he used more strength and grabbed at the vermilion feather, causing the vermilion bird to fully scatter into nothingness.

Meanwhile, an intense battle was erupting between the dragon and the tiger. Their battle sent shockwaves all over the island. If the fight continued any longer, even the island might be destroyed.

Abruptly, an ancient voice rang out, “Are you done fighting on my body?”

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