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CH 52

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Chapter 52 – The uncouth lady, cornered against a tree

When the shelter was ready and my wyvern flight had become a thing of the past, the day of the new moon finally arrived.

On this day, which comes several times a year, a large number of magical beasts attack human villages. There is a reason for this.

Magic is more stable at the full moon and becomes unstable as the new moon approaches.

That is true for all living creatures.

However, while humans are almost completely unaffected by the moon, some types of magical beasts are unable to adjust the magical power in their bodies at the new moon and fall into a state of intoxication.

When the magical beasts that attack humans become intoxicated, they become so ferocious that they will run into human villages without question.

The Sutrena territory, full of nature and teeming with magical beasts, has long been plagued by this problem.

Lord Nazel\'s job is to prevent this and protect the people. I understand this in my head.

But I was worried, and I felt restless at the entrance to the house as I had to send him off.

"Lord Nazel, take care of yourself."

"I\'m off. Take care of yourself, Agnes."

"I\'m fine, but I\'m worried about Lord Nazel."

"Don\'t look at me like that. I will come back safely."

In front of everyone, Lord Nazel put his hand on my back and buried his face in my neck.

I happened to be wearing a dress with a wide collar, so his breath tickled against my skin.

"Agnes, I wish you would give me a send-off kiss."

Lord Nazel whispered a bold request in my ear as he left. I felt steam coming out of my face.

"Ki, kiss? I\'m just worried about the way everyone in the house is looking at me."

"Embarrassed? Then......"

Lord Nazel takes my hand and moves out the front door and into the garden.

Perhaps he made a preemptive move so that I would not be able to say anything?

Lord Nazel stops in front of a large tree growing in the yard and smiles at me as if to say, "Come on in." Nice smile!

Lately, I have been thinking that Lord Nazel is a little bit mean at times like this.

But if he has to go to a dangerous place, I would like to help him in any way I can.

"I understand. Lean down a little."

Lord Nazel was so tall that I could not reach his face to kiss him.

"Then don\'t look at me. Close your eyes......"

I made a lot of requests.

Lord Nazel was happy about it and did as he was told.

The sun shone through the trees and illuminated Lord Nazel\'s beautiful face. He is well sculpted and really good-looking.

Determined, I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed a kiss against his lips.


I\'m so embarrassed, my head is about to boil!

Lord Nazel slowly opened his eyes and quickly captured me as I quickly pulled away.

My body spun around and I found myself in a position to lean against a large tree trunk.

And there in front of me was Lord Nazel, with his hands on either side of my body.

"I\'m so happy, Agnes. I thought the kiss would be on the cheek, but I never expected it to be on my lips."

He looked at me passionately, and the heat in my cheeks increased.

"..... I closed my eyes, you see, and that\'s where it landed, you know?"

I was stuck between the tree and Lord Nazel, unable to move, and for some reason, I could sense danger from the one standing in front of me. How did this happen when I was supposed to be seeing off my beloved husband?

"Agnes is really cute. Don\'t worry, I\'ll finish my work soon and come home."

"Yes ...... please be safe."

"I\'m fine, Agnes cast a \'material enhancement\' spell on me a while ago."

I think that was magic I applied for comfort, and it did not change the human body.

After that, Lord Nazel left for work in a very good mood, kissing my hair, face, and lips as much as he wanted while I was restrained.

I, who was left behind, had to do my best to run the shelter.

The evacuees are beginning to line up here and there in front of the gate of the mansion. There are still a few, but I am sure there will be more.

"Kelly, I think it\'s time to open the gate and let them enter the hall. I think the hall alone will be enough, but if there are too many, we will use the spare rooms in order, as we discussed beforehand."

"Yes, Lady Agnes."

"Mocca and Laurie will be the receptionists and Marilyn will be the guide. You will be in charge of the maids we have hired temporarily. If there are any problems, such as fights or malicious evacuees, Torre will be waiting in front of the entrance and he will be dispatched. I will move to the hall."

The evacuees who have been trickling into the mansion come with the bare minimum of baggage.

All the villagers who have come here look anxious.

Lord Nazel has prepared some plants for dividers and fluffy mats, and we arrange them for every one of them. Meals for the large group are prepared by Meyza and the cooks hired as temporary workers.

Servants in the lord\'s mansion had been an unpopular position, but recently it seems to have rapidly gained a reputation, and many people have applied for the job, even if only temporarily. There\'s also the advantage of having a safe place to stay on the night of the new moon.

When the time comes, we close the gates of the mansion and ask everyone to spend the night here.

It is almost night when the demons become active.

"I don\'t think I\'ll be able to sleep tonight......."

Looking in the direction of the fort, I wished Lord Nazel safety again.

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