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Chapter 586: Thanks For Your Hospitality

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Chapter 586: Thanks For Your Hospitality

“Ye Lin classmate, I’m sorry…” Xiao Qin sincerely apologized, “Because I didn’t find a suitable sized mushroom, so that’s why…”

So you still remember the nuclear mushroom incident? It’s a good thing you couldn’t find a mushroom, if you did and put in one on my crotch, then I definitely would not have had an appetite.

Who wants to eat their own mushroom? Even though Peng TouSi said some gay people can and they even had surgery to remove their ribs…

I want those scary thoughts to leave my head! I’m not that lonely or perverted, I’m even enjoying eating my girlfriend’s lunchbox right now.

Fine, enjoying is an overstatement.

I’m mainly eating it with my eyes closed.

Because this bento had the same effect as poop shaped chocolate.

The taste was fine, but the appearance definitely didn’t pass.

“Ye Lin classmate is ravenously eating me… my food, I’m so happy…”

Stop panting, who’s eating you? Even if I was eating you out, I wouldn’t do it here.

Plus, you can’t really call it ravenous. I was looking forward to the bento and only ate a cookie before I left.

I only felt hungrier because I used a lot of energy to move the frozen seafood.

It’s not because your bento is amazing, your cooking skills are still far from the class leader’s.

“Xiao Qin actually made a bento for Ye Lin.” Loud Mouth and Little Smart who sat in the last row whispered to each other, “She’s like a model childhood friend, how come no one would make a bento for me?”

“Wang QianLi.” Zhuang Ni, who sat by the window to the right of Little Smart, suddenly said an unfamiliar name.

“If you were Wang QianLi’s neighbor as a kid, then you should have a bento right now…”

Zhuang Ni, who always had black eye circles and looked like she lacked sleep, muttered.

“Eh, it’s not too late.” Loud Mouth was interested, “What’s your relationship to Wang QianLi? How old is he? Is his cooking delicious?”

Zhuang Ni knit her brows as if she couldn’t make a judgment on his cooking skills.

“Basically, no clients of his who ate his cooking ever said it was bad…”

“Then he’s a chef.” Little Smart butted in.

“No.” Zhuang Ni said without any emotions, “Wang QianLi is a zookeeper responsible for feeding hippos and elephants, that’s why he’s suitable to be Loud Mouth’s childhood friend…”

“So you’re mocking me again.” Loud Mouth gnashed her teeth and jumped up to choke Zhuang Ni.

Zhuang Ni then stuck her upper body out the window and it was like we were about to witness a tragedy. It scared the driver as he saw through the rearview mirror and he shouted: “Watch out, don’t lean out that far to puke even if you’re carsick!”

Loud Mouth and Little Smart both got scared. Loud Mouth, who was going to use her pincer claws to choke Zhuang Ni, desperately dragged Zhuang Ni back through the window.

“I think you’re looking for death way too often.” Loud Mouth pressed Zhuang Ni down onto her seat.

Zhuang Ni ignored her and immediately fell asleep. I think based on her pale expression, people would believe it if you said she was dead.

I had my eyes closed while eating, but I suddenly felt a long object on my lips.

It was hard, cold, and had the fishy smell of the sea.

Isn’t this seaweed?

Isn’t it the seaweed Xiao Qin used as a mosaic?

Damn, it feels weird eating it. It was basically a representation of my pp!

“You won’t live a long life if you’re picky. How sad would it be if you passed away from being picky and left me alone.”

I picked up the black seaweed and dangled it back and forth in front of Xiao Qin:

“I usually eat seaweed, but I definitely won’t eat this mosaic seaweed. If you want to eat it, then go ahead.”

Xiao Qin’s face turned red.

“Really… are you really giving it to me? It’s obviously something very important to Ye Lin classmate…”

Important my ass, it’s just a strand of a plant.

Stop using that bashful expression to glance up and down at a piece of seaweed.

Your tone and expression is going to make my other seaweed inflate.

It’s a good thing I was seat or I would have been exposed. I don’t know how much I would be looked down on if I pitched a tent right in front of my classmates.

But Xiao Qin seemed to have no self awareness and kept teasing me.

“I’m embarrassed to eat Ye Lin classmate’s treasured object in front of this many people…”

Can you just say seaweed?

“Ah, no, it’s still embarrassing.” Xiao Qin shook her head, “If you really want me to, then feed it to me.”

She then opened her mouth as wide as she could and closed her eyes.

Her long eyelashes trembled as she waited.

Her pink lips, mouth, and tongue really made one’s imagination run wild.

I really didn’t want to waste food, so I had a complicated feeling and put the seaweed on her tongue.

“So big… I can’t swallow it…” Xiao Qin closed her mouth and had a pained expression.

“Who told you to swallow it, isn’t it fine if you just chew it?”

“Huh, can I use my teeth?” Xiao Qin mumbled as she had food in her mouth, “Wouldn’t it give you pain?”

Of course it would, this conversation is already bringing me a lot of pain. Stop attracting any more attention.

I finished off the bento as fast as possible, then returned the rice stained empty box back to Xiao Qin. I wasn’t sure whether to say ‘the flavor was okay’ or say ‘next time don’t pose the food’.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Qin gave me a deep salute and respectfully said, “Thank you for your hospitality, Ye Lin classmate.”

“Hospitality? You were the one who cooked food for me.”

“No, Ye Lin classmate bestowed me the cherry and the seaweed that’s even more important than the cherry.”

Hey, isn’t the cherry supposed to represent the heart? When did I say my small family member is more important than the heart? Without the heart, your small family member would only be a dead snake.

No, before that, the person would already be dead.

“Anyway… thank you Ye Lin classmate. The food you fed me is in my belly now…”

Why are you blushing like I fed something inappropriate to you?

Xiong YaoYue couldn’t hold it in anymore and turned around to say:

“Reign it in a bit. I promised to keep your secret, but people will find out if you keep flirting.”

“I know, I know.” Xiao Qin said as she cleaned up the lunchboxes.

At this time, the bus had left the city district and the dirt roads caused the bus to shake, so the class leader could only sit back on top of the engine cover area. She chose this area to let the others have the seats.

It’s summer now, so wouldn’t the class leader’s butt get hot by sitting on the cover?

The class leader had to adjust her posture every two minutes, probably due to the heat.

Ah, it was disrespectful to imagine the scene where the class leader’s butt caught on fire and then she has to jump up in a panic to put out the fire.

When we passed a wheat field, the class leader suddenly sat up for a while. It probably wasn’t from the heat, but connected to the events that occurred on Sunday.

I also followed the class leader’s gaze, only to see at a distance, an old man in an undershirt with a fat dog.

The old man sat in front his door sullenly smoking and cursing at the empty fields while the dog occasionally barked along with him.

Ah, there was a triumphant smile on the class leader’s face. I remembered, this was probably the location of the marijuana field we reported Sunday. If it was already removed, that means Officer Ma moved very quickly.

Fortunately, it hasn’t caused a lot harm, but only taught a lesson to the old man.

He would have never expected that the one who reported him was someone who was riding the route 23 bus who had absolutely no relation to him.

The class leader took out her cell phone. By the looks of it, it seemed she was typing fairly quickly.

Probably writing in her diary.

She felt a lot of emotions seeing the marijuana fields removed.

Ever since she realized a physical diary isn’t secure enough, the class leader gradually began to use a Wiz notes app on her phone and computer, and of course it was password protected.

A paperless diary also saves the forests, so it fits the class leader’s needs.

The reason why I’m familiar with it is because both Eunuch Cao and my dad used it… because it can easily save pictures from H websites.

Of course, I heard from Shu Zhe that the class leader mainly uses it as her diary. She also uses it to save life hacks she finds on blogs and other healthy recipes.

The same tool, used by different people, gives it a completely different feeling.

If Wiz asked the class leader to be its spokesperson, it would be an office software, a favorite of OCD people who like to organize their schedules and sort their data into different categories.

If Wiz asked Eunuch Cao or my dad to be the spokesperson, then it would instantly turn into a porn app. After saving the posts, you don’t need to export them to html format to generate a folder, you can immediately use the built-in picture viewing software to discuss it in a forum.

Not only would it be for themselves, but also through the wiz group and comment function, the HHH enthusiasts can come together to appreciate and discuss it.

Finally, they would use their free monthly data upload to save these pictures to Wiz’s server for permanent backup to pass them to their own sons.

Wiz is a knowledge management software, not a warehouse for erotic material.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie.” Eunuch Cao once commented on this and said, “When I think of my collection of porn being put on the same server with the class leader’s diary, I fee so good, so good…”

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