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Chapter 10

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In the company, he is the chairman of Huifeng company and the top boss of Qin Hai.

At home, he is Qin Hai\'s father-in-law and the head of the family.

How can you bow your head and apologize?

Qin Feng said again, "I\'ll give you one last chance, either apologize to my brother, or I\'ll return that slap!"

With that, Qin Feng slapped on the wall behind him.

The whole wall and the floor were trembling, and countless spider like cracks appeared on the wall.

If this slap hits a person\'s face, it may even break his head.

I didn\'t expect this security guard to be a Kung Fu expert.

People subconsciously shrunk their necks, and then stood aside, afraid to say anything.

Even the old prince was silent at this time.

The man\'s strength has exceeded her cognition.

Yang Tianming\'s legs were a little soft, and his eyes looked at Qin Feng with a trace of fear.

Qin Feng took two steps forward. Yang Tianming immediately said to Qin Hai, "I\'m sorry!"

A high-ranking chairman of the company still bowed his head and apologized to the loser son-in-law that the Yang family never looked down on.

The other brothers of Yang Tianming all showed a smile of schadenfreude.

They are eager for Huifeng company to be taken back by Lao Taijun as soon as possible, and maybe they can get a share of the capital back at that time.

His father-in-law apologized to himself. Qin Hai only felt that his head was blank.

Six years ago, Yang Huihui got drunk because of the family struggle.

At that time, it was also the second year of the decline of the Qin family. Qin Haitian was drunk in the bar.

That night, they made a big mistake.

In order to stop others\' mouths, Yang Tianming had to recruit Qin Hai into his home.

Since her marriage, Yang Huihui has never been touched by Qin Hai, and Qin Hai is willing to swallow it in the Yang family for her daughter.

Now seeing the father-in-law apologizing to himself, Qin Hai was at a loss for a moment.

Yang Huihui explained, "grandma, he is..."

"Shut up!"

The old gentleman interrupted Yang Huihui and said faintly, "I\'ll give you three days. If you can\'t talk about the cooperation with Shengshi group, Huifeng will be taken care of by Bi Er Bo!"

Yang Tiande\'s face brightened when he said this.

Their company also runs a textile mill, and the scale is much larger than Huifeng company.

His baby son and President Gu of Shengshi group are close friends of the University. This cooperation has long been discussed by them.

I wanted to take it out as a birthday gift when Lao Taijun\'s 80th birthday, but I didn\'t expect there was an unexpected harvest now.

Yang Tiande raised his chin and said, "brother, I\'ll arrange personnel to hand over to the company immediately!"

Huifeng was taken over by him, which was already nailed on the iron plate.

Yang Tianming\'s old face turned black and said coldly, "what\'s your hurry?"

Yang Tiande smiled and stopped talking.

Now let you be proud. Take Huifeng company and see what else you have.

The old gentleman stood up and wanted to leave.

When passing by Qin Feng, he said lukewarm: "young people are angry, and their temper should be restrained!"

There are many people who know kung fu in the world. The bodyguards raised by the Yang family spend hundreds of millions of money every year are not vegetarian.

Qin Feng didn\'t speak. If it weren\'t for the eldest brother\'s father-in-law, the chairman had gone to the hospital now.

After Lao Taijun and his party left, Yang Huihui sat down on the sofa.

Originally, the relationship with the family was not very harmonious. Now it is made like this by Qin Hai\'s brother. How can we get a foothold in the Yang family in the future?

But now it\'s impossible to drive Qin Feng away.

Only Qin Feng can help her

Qin Hai timidly walked to Yang Huihui, opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

Yang Huihui rubbed the bridge of her nose and said, "this is our last chance. I hope you... Can handle this cooperation!"

With that, he took another deep look at Qin Feng and left the office.

Qin Hai sat in his chair, feeling like crying.

If Lao Taijun really takes back Huifeng company, I\'m afraid he can\'t stay in the Yang family.

Thinking of these, Qin Hai murmured, "Xiao Feng, do you think big brother is useless!"

Qin Feng immediately said, "brother, don\'t worry about the business of Shengshi group. I\'ll help you handle it!"

Qin Hai said with a bitter smile: "Yang Fei, the cousin of Gu Huihui of Shengshi group, is a classmate. If I guess right, President Gu has a cooperative relationship with Yang Fei!"

Hearing the speech, Qin Feng frowned slightly.

He and Gu Bei have only one-sided acquaintance. He helps himself only because of Chen Wu, and Chen Wu only obeys Chen Lao\'s orders.

You can\'t go to old Chen for business cooperation, can you?

Just when Qin Feng was melancholy, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated.

Taking out the old Nokia mobile phone, Qin Feng found that the incoming call was a string of strange numbers.

Press the answer button, but there came a familiar voice: "Qin Feng, I\'m Chen Wu!"

Qin Feng picked a corner of his eye and asked, "what\'s the matter? Is there a problem with Chen Lao\'s body?"

Chen Wu said coldly: "that\'s not true. Old Chen is alive and active now and has been involved in some adjustments in the war zones!"

Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief and continued to ask, "Why are you calling me? Let me thank you? Yes... Thank you!"

Chen Wu\'s efficiency is good, which is quite in line with Qin Feng\'s appetite.

He helped find out the news about Lin Yu. He really should thank him.

Chen Wu gave a rare smile and said, "it\'s not because of this. Old Chen once had a battlefield where his subordinates died. Future generations are not optimistic, and the family is declining. For their interests, they plan to marry their daughter into a guwu family!"


Qin Feng\'s eyebrows beat slightly.

Ancient martial artists are totally different from those who use flower fist and embroidered legs. They cultivate internal strength like themselves.

Those ancient martial families are all hidden families above the top giants.

In other words, most of today\'s giants will be attached to those ancient martial families.

Only in this way can they consolidate their own position.

It\'s a good thing!

Qin Feng asked, "you finish first!"

Chen Wu then said, "the girl ran away from home, and we found out his whereabouts. Old Chen was worried about the girl\'s comfort and asked me to protect her. You know, although old Chen was cured, he was in his nineties after all. How dare I leave half a step?"

While answering the phone, Qin Feng has returned to his position.

He crossed his legs and said with a smile, "so you want to give me the task!"

Chen Wu smiled: "you\'re right. If you help me, I\'ll treat you as if I owe you a favor!"

"No time! I can\'t help..."

"Three million..."


If he didn\'t work in Huifeng company, maybe Qin Feng really agreed.

After all, on the one hand, you can make money and let Chen Wu help you get in touch with Gu Beitong.

But he just reunited with his eldest brother. Yaoyao was poisoned, and the murderer hasn\'t been found out yet.

Outsiders, no matter how important, how can they compare with their relatives.

Qin Feng thought of something and said, "with the protection of Li ningshuang, old Chen is absolutely safe, so you can rest assured to perform this task!"

After Chen Wushen\'s silent film, he suddenly said excitedly, "by the way, do you work in Huifeng company?"

Qin Feng didn\'t speak. Chen Wu continued, "that girl is in Huifeng company! Her name is Su Ruoxue!"

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