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Chapter 13

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A greasy man with a cigar in his mouth and a big back on his head looked at Su Ruoxue with a smile.

Next to him stood a fat man with big ears.

The fat man\'s neck was full of gold necklaces and his hands were full of diamond rings.

Su Ruoxue crossed her legs, shook her wine glass gently, and then smiled and said, "Yang Tianhong, if old lady Yang knew you were Su mengde\'s running dog, how do you think she would punish you?"

The expression on Yang Tianhong\'s face was stiff and said in a deep voice, "how do you know this?"

After that, he suddenly said, "your name is Su, too. Are you su mengde\'s daughter?"

Yang Tianhong is the fourth of the Yang family and the youngest son of Yang Taijun.

He was ignorant and could not be assigned to the family company. Later, he took refuge in a large family in the provincial capital, worked hard for it, and sold a lot of Yang family\'s business information.

Su Ruoxue raised her snow-white chin and said, "yes, I\'m Su mengde\'s daughter. My father gave you money to open this bar. What\'s the matter with me now?"

Suddenly, Yang Tianhong\'s face sank.

If the news of his betrayal of the Yang family reaches the old Taijun\'s ears, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Yang Tianhong greeted a bartender behind him, and dozens of bartenders began to clean up.

Su Ruoxue\'s calm expression finally had a trace of panic: "Yang Tianhong, believe it or not, I\'ll call my father right away!"

Then she took out her cell phone and wanted to call.

But the phone ran out of power. After pressing the button for a long time, the screen didn\'t light up.

It\'s over!

Su Ruoxue\'s heart clattered, and her little face turned pale in an instant.

Since she came to Huifeng to work, she often came to the zero bar to drink and relieve her boredom.

But her credit card was frozen by her family a few days ago.

Her monthly salary is only more than 3000. She doesn\'t even have enough to eat a good meal. Where can she have money to be natural and unrestrained?

However, Su Ruoxue\'s credit card is limited edition, and only those rich and noble can handle it.

So the bar relaxed the conditions and allowed Su Ruoxue to owe money.

In less than half a month, Su Ruoxue owed more than 500000.

Several days have passed since Su Ruoxue promised to repay the loan. Yang Tianhong knew about this. Yang Tianhong took the opportunity to deduct Su Ruoxue.

Yang Tianhong smoked a cigar, sneered and said, "I almost forgot you didn\'t mention your father. Did you run out secretly? If I catch you back, I\'m sure boss Su will be happy!"

This is what Su Ruoxue is most worried about. If she is caught back to Su\'s house, she will marry another young master she doesn\'t like.

She blinked cunningly, smiled and said, "Uncle Yang, if you like this, how about we discuss it?"

Yang Tianhong wrinkled his nose and asked, "you say!"

Su Ruoxue immediately said, "you let me go. I won\'t tell the Yang family about you. You pretend you\'ve never seen me. How about our well water and river water?"

Yang Tianhong took a few eyes again and was struggling at the bottom of his heart.

What if the dead girl cheated herself?

If the betrayal of the family pokes into the ears of the old Taijun, he will certainly be expelled from the family. When the old man dies, he won\'t get any inheritance.

Now he has opened a bar, and Lao Taijun\'s attitude towards him has changed.

But we must not make mistakes at this time.

Seeing Yang Tianhong hesitating, Su Ruoxue felt more and more uneasy.

At this time, the fat man said, "boss Yang, I want this woman. I\'ll give you 500000. I have a villa in the north and south of the city. It\'s good not to let her out at that time!"

Then he put out his tongue and licked his lips.

The beauty is much more beautiful than the famous model school flowers he has played.

It\'s only half a million. It\'s really nothing to him.

Su ruoxie swallowed a mouthful of saliva and shouted, "I tell you, aunt, I\'ve practiced!"

As soon as the last word fell, dozens of tiger backed and bear waist wine guards came up.

At the same time, the rolling gate of the bar gate was slowly lowered.

Yang Tianhong smiled and said, "500000. This business can be done. I have some special bedrooms upstairs and have prepared a lot of props. Brother Zhu should have a good time!"

The fat man rubbed his hands indecently, and then grabbed it directly in front of Su Ruoxue\'s chest.

Su Ruoxue narrowed her eyes, grabbed the fat man\'s wrist, and then smashed him on the sofa.

The sofa fell to the ground with the fat body of the fat man.

Yang Tianhong waved his hand and several bartenders rushed up in an instant.

Although Su Ruoxue has practiced some Kung Fu, she is a woman after all.

Soon, she was pressed on the sofa by several people.

The fat man rubbed his stomach and tore Su Ruoxue\'s clothes. His white and flawless back was instantly exposed in the sight of everyone.

Su Ruoxue is disheartened and pale!

She ran away from home in order to avoid marriage!

She has no relatives in this south city.

Is it really going to be planted here today?

Boss Zhu stared obscene at the skin on Su Ruoxue\'s back.

White and flawless, gentle as jade!

If this feels, it must feel very good!


But just then, a violent impact came from the rolling gate.

A footprint protruded clearly.

Qin Feng heard the movement and silence in the bar outside the door.

Fortunately, I came in time. If I came a little late, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Although she has just met Su Ruoxue, she is her own man at work.

And he is also the person Chen Wu wants to protect.

Su Ruoxue, no one can move!

The quality of the rolling gate is very good. Qin Feng couldn\'t kick through it.

A cold flash flashed across his eyes, clenched his fist and blasted through the iron door with an inch of strength.

Then he pulled his hands on both sides.

The rolling gate was torn open by Qin Fengsheng.

Everyone in the bar was stunned.

Su Ruoxue looked around and burst into tears.

How did he come here?

Is this the so-called fate?

Yang Tianhong narrowed his eyes and looked at Qin Feng. The corners of his eyes twitched a few times.

Even the iron door can be torn open. This man is certainly not an ordinary man.

Boss Zhu also stopped his action!

He\'s a little angry. He just wants to sleep with a woman. Is there such trouble?

Boss Zhu looked at Qin Feng coldly and said, "boy, I\'ll give you three seconds..."

Before he finished, Qin Feng rushed up with an arrow.

Seeing this, Yang Tianhong immediately shouted, "come on... Stop him!"

Boss Zhu is his distinguished guest. The background relationship is very complex. If boss Zhu has an accident, the bar doesn\'t have to be opened.

Suddenly, a dozen bartenders took out their swing sticks from behind and greeted them.

Qin Feng\'s eyes were burning, and the momentum on the battlefield radiated leisurely.

At the moment, he is like a tiger.

The bartender who approached him didn\'t even have a chance to fight back, so he flew out directly.

In an instant, a dozen bartenders all lay on the ground crying.

Yang Tianhong\'s face turned pig liver, and his cigars fell to the ground.

Qin Feng stood in front of boss Zhu and said indifferently, "three seconds, what do you want?"

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