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Chapter 1656

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Jiang Wei smiled and nodded: "that\'s good, as long as you can drink!"

While talking, he noticed that one person behind Wei Yu seemed to be missing.

"Aren\'t you seven? Why are there six? Is there another one behind?"

Wen Yan slowly lowered his head after Wei Yu.

Jiang Wei suddenly guessed a bad prediction and said in surprise, "isn\'t it sacrifice?"

Wei Yu frowned and tutted: "what sacrifice? Live well! I have something to deal with. I can\'t come today!"

Jiang Wei suddenly realized: "well, as long as there\'s nothing to do."

Qin Feng said faintly, "sit down. You can have dinner later."

I\'m going to the kitchen.

Ye Jun hurried up and whispered, "brother Feng, is there any news about Wang Xiangxiang?"

Qin Feng shook his head: "not for the time being, but it also proves that she is not in danger for the time being, otherwise we will naturally know her situation."

Then he looked back at Ye Jun.

"Don\'t worry. I\'ll keep an eye on it. We\'ll deal with anything as soon as possible."

Ye Jun slowly stopped, looked back at Lei zizhuo behind him, and shook his head slightly.

Lei zizhuo said helplessly, "I don\'t know what the situation is now."

"What\'s the matter with who? Is something wrong?" Jiang Wei was surprised.

Hearing the speech, Lei zizhuo shook his head again and again: "no, no, I just said it casually."

The others looked at Lei zizhuo one after another.

Wei Yu frowned and said in a deep voice, "if you don\'t have a good rest, sit down and have a rest for a while. Don\'t talk disorderly."

Lei zizhuo nodded: "I see."

Jiang Wei looked at Wei Yu with a look of anger. He was stunned at first, and then reacted, but suddenly remembered one thing: "the person you lack is Wang Xiangxiang!"

Wei Yu said with a smile, "yes, she has something. She can\'t come today!"

Jiang Wei waved his hand: "I know, she has gone to Fancheng! My men have sent the past four to protect her! And Lu Xueting\'s men have also sent the past four, a total of eight people, plus one Lu Xueting. It seems that she is performing a special task. It\'s estimated that she won\'t be able to come back for a while and a half! It should take some time to come back, maybe even a year or two!"

Hearing the speech, Wei Yu was stunned: "your people are also protecting her? Do you know her situation?"

Jiang Weimei took a pick and looked sideways at the direction of the kitchen. After a long time, he said, "I don\'t know. Besides, you should ask my boss about this kind of thing. I sent someone there only after listening to his arrangement. He and Lu Xueting are really responsible for these things."

Wei Yu looked sideways at the kitchen and murmured, "there should be no news, otherwise he would tell us."

In recent days, whenever Wang Xiangxiang has anything, Qin Feng will tell them.

But now I don\'t talk about Wang Xiangxiang. It\'s probably all right.

He smiled and said, "I won\'t mention it. Qin Feng will tell us any news. Go there and have a rest first. I\'ll have a good drink with you when we have dinner later."

Jiang Wei impolitely raised his hand and put it on his shoulder: "that\'s nice. I haven\'t drunk for a long time! You don\'t know that the boss left Jiang Bin in Jingzhou these days. There are only me and Leng coffin at the base. The boy\'s drinking capacity is so good that I dare not drink with him. I\'m dying of anxiety! Fortunately, your drinking capacity is not good. We can still drink!"

Then several people sat down and chatted with each other.

Song Yajun looked at the others around him. After thinking, she got up and went to the kitchen.

Seeing Qin Feng and Su Ruoxue busy with other aunts in the kitchen, he hesitated for a moment and said, "brother Feng, Wang Xiangxiang, has she... Any news?"

Qin Feng looked back at Song Yajun and said in a deep voice, "No."

Su Ruoxue touched Qin Feng\'s elbow and whispered, "go and talk with her. You don\'t need your help here."

After all, she also knows about Wang Xiangxiang, and song Yajun and Wang Xiangxiang are in the same army. Moreover, there are only two female soldiers, so naturally their feelings are not ordinary.

Now that Wang Xiangxiang has left, song Yajun is the only female soldier left among these people. I\'m probably worried.

Qin Feng wiped his hands, raised his feet and came out. He whispered, "if there\'s any news from Wang Xiangxiang, I\'ll tell you. But there\'s no news yet, so you don\'t have to worry."

Song Yajun closed her lips tightly, thought about it and asked, "can I go there to help her? Maybe we can be faster together!"

Qin Feng put his hands in his pockets and said in a deep voice, "No. in this case, only one person can go, and it is impossible to arrange two people. Besides, you still know each other. Once the poison man detects something wrong, he will use you two to threaten each other!"

Song Yajun slowly lowered his head and dared not ask any more questions.

Qin Feng turned to look at Wei Yu and said calmly, "you don\'t have to worry about Wang Xiangxiang. I\'ll arrange it. You just need to work hard to do your own things. You\'ll have to perform the task tomorrow. You won\'t have so much time to think about it."

Song Yajun murmured, "I know."

Then he turned slowly and walked towards Wei Yu.

However, just a few steps out, he stopped again, looked back at Qin Feng and walked closer with his feet.

"Brother Feng, I have a question I haven\'t understood, and I don\'t know whether you know the answer, so I thought about it and decided to ask you!"

Qin Feng said faintly, "say!"

Song Yajun frowned slightly and said in a low voice, "if female soldiers are needed to perform the task, I don\'t think I\'m worse than Wang Xiangxiang, but I\'m the last one to be promoted to the mysterious level. However, compared with me, Wang Xiangxiang seems to be worse than me. Why would she be sent to perform such a dangerous task instead of me?"

Qin Feng chuckled: "Song Yajun, as I said before, you are too cautious! If you are too cautious, you are timid! As for you, you are not worse than Wang Xiangxiang before, but I never think Wang Xiangxiang is worse than you! Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, but they are different in what they are good at! Zhang Jinping, they are not better than you, but they are not weaker than you. Everyone is equally strong , no weaker than others! "

Hearing the speech, song Yajun nodded: "I see, but I still want to know why I arranged for her to go. At least there are some advantages for her to go. What are her advantages?"

Qin Feng smiled and said, "if you want to understand one day, maybe it\'s not the current class. Take your time."

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