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Chapter 1658

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Wei Yu looked at Qin Feng\'s expression and said for a long time, "since there\'s nothing wrong, how can you call specially? Tell me, what\'s the matter?"

Qin Feng picked his eyebrows lightly and said carelessly, "I just called to say that they are all right. Nothing happened. Just report peace. Don\'t think so much. Go and arrange other things by yourself. I have some things to deal with, so I\'ll go first."

After that, he started the car and drove away directly.

Wei Yu watched the car leave and said in a deep voice, "it\'s obvious that there\'s something to hide. He still wants to cheat me."

I don\'t know what happened to Wang Xiangxiang

Qin Feng drove away directly and was relieved to make sure that Wei Yu didn\'t catch up.

But at the thought of Wang Xiang\'s situation, I couldn\'t help worrying.

I don\'t know what happened to her, and how she suddenly couldn\'t get in touch.

After driving home, Lu Xueting didn\'t continue to call.

Obviously, Wang Xiangxiang has not been found!

Su Ruoxue looked serious when Qin Feng entered the door and said curiously, "what\'s the matter?"

Hearing the speech, Qin Feng recovered and shook his head with a smile. "It\'s all right. By the way, Wei Yu said that they wanted to get together when they had time. After all, chulin\'s family is gone. They will naturally be in Jingzhou for the new year. They can come there at that time."

Su Ruoxue said with a smile, "OK, Jiang Wei is also here. Let\'s go together then."

Qin Feng smiled and walked towards the stairs: "I\'ll go to the study to deal with something first. Don\'t call me at lunch."

Then he went upstairs.

Su Ruoxue looked at his back and said for a long time, "I don\'t know what happened."

A Jing sat aside and saw Qin Feng enter the study before he said, "there may be some bad things, but it must not be because of us."

Su Ruoxue hooked her mouth and raised her hand to touch his hair: "I know. But there\'s something I want to tell you. You\'ll go to other cities in two years. You won\'t see those little friends you know now, so you have to go to them when you have time."

A Jing nodded very seriously: "I know, and I told them goodbye during the holiday."

As soon as the voice fell, I suddenly felt something strange outside. I always felt like something was wrong.

"Mom, I\'ll go to the door."

Su Ruoxue immediately became vigilant: "what\'s the matter?"

A Jing smiled and shook his head: "nothing."

Then he got up and went to the gate of the hospital.

As soon as I went out, I saw a man standing at the door.

He was dressed in black, even with a cap and a sword in his hand.

The body exudes bursts of killing intention!

It\'s obviously a bad comer!

"Who are you?" A Jing\'s young voice sounded.

The man\'s indifferent voice sounded: "I\'m looking for the Emperor Wu, get out of the way!"

A Jing was still standing at the door. He didn\'t mean to get out of the way: "what are you looking for my father to do?"

"Your father?" The man seemed very surprised.

"Yes, the Wuhuang you said is my father! What are you going to do with him? If you don\'t say, I won\'t let you in!" A Jing\'s milk sounds like milk.

The man sneered and said, "it doesn\'t matter who I am. What matters is that your father is the emperor of Wu. In that case, maybe I can threaten him with you!"

Then he put his feet forward and stretched out his hand to pick him up.

A Jing frowned and said angrily, "you can\'t threaten my father with me!"

As soon as the voice fell, the jade chess pieces at the neck immediately floated a ray of purple Qi.

The man\'s hand just stretched out was instantly hit by the ray of true Qi, which hurt him to wring his eyebrows.

There was a tear like pain at the elbow, and even a layer of cold sweat exuded from the forehead.

"You... Who are you? How can you be really angry?"

I can even feel that it\'s not ordinary Qi!

What an evil door!

Just thinking, I suddenly felt a murderous spirit approaching——

The man looked up a little and saw Qin Feng stride out of the hall.

He bared his teeth in pain and looked down at his elbow.

How can a man who uses a sword do it when he suddenly has a problem with his elbow?

He turned and was about to leave, but Qin Feng\'s voice sounded after himself.

"Since he came to me to do it, he ran away like this. He\'s not afraid of the jokes of the martial arts circle?"

Hearing the speech, the man suddenly stopped, slowly looked back at Qin Feng and snorted: "I\'m not running, but I\'m not feeling well today. It\'s inconvenient to start! When my injury is cured, I\'ll start with you. Don\'t kneel down and beg for mercy!"

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes a little: "with your ability, it\'s not enough to defeat me!"

After that, he looked down at ah Jing around him.

"You go back first and I\'ll deal with the things here."

A nodded: "Dad, be careful."

Then he went back to the hall.

Qin Feng turned to look at the man in front of him and looked at him carefully: "nobody, Wang wants to challenge me and even beat me. It\'s wishful thinking! Since you\'re here today, I\'ll let you try what an expert is!"

When the words fall, lift your feet and come forward.

The man retreated in fear: "my elbow has just been hurt by your son. I don\'t want to fight with you now! If you force me to fight with you, I can only fight with you! It\'s just that you will be laughed at by people whether you win or lose! After all, you are taking advantage of people\'s danger now!"

As soon as the voice fell, Qin Feng was lucky and seemed to want to do it.

The man\'s frightened face changed and hurriedly said, "I... I\'ve just been hurt and can\'t do it. You\'d better not take advantage of others\' danger! You\'re magnificent. How can you do such a thing?"

Qin Feng sneered and looked down at the elbow on the man\'s hand: "I can cure you, and then defeat you! Put out your hand!"

Hearing the speech, the man hesitated for a moment and slowly stretched out his hand: "you\'re the emperor of martial arts. Don\'t you plan on me? If you plan on me, the whole martial arts circle will know that you, the emperor of martial arts, have no bottom line!"

Qin Feng was lucky and slowly healed the man\'s elbow with his true Qi. He said coldly, "if I want to calculate you, people in the martial arts circle can\'t have a chance to know! After all, I can kill you directly. How can this spread?"

The man was frightened and took a breath. His face was white. It was obvious that he had expected what Qin Feng said.

Once he is killed, who will know?

No one seems to know!

"You... You\'re a Wuhuang, wouldn\'t you do such a thing?" He asked in a trembling voice.

Qin Feng looked at him and asked coldly, "who sent you to do it to me?"

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