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Chapter 1659

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The man was stunned. He looked at Qin Feng in surprise, but quickly returned to normal. He looked serious and said, "no one sent me. I want to compete with the emperor!"

Qin Feng snorted coldly, "really? But you are an unknown person. How can you know that I am the emperor of Wu? Besides, you can\'t have a chance to find out these things!"

The man closed his lips and didn\'t say a word.

Qin Feng slowly withdrew his hand and said in a cold voice, "it\'s cured. You can move and try. If you still feel pain, I can compete with you at another time!"

The man moved his elbow a little and said in surprise, "it really doesn\'t hurt. It doesn\'t hurt! You... Do you know medicine?"

Qin Feng didn\'t panic and hurriedly said, "didn\'t the person who sent you tell you? Am I not only an apprentice of the last emperor Wu, but also an apprentice of the Emperor Yao?"

Smelling the speech, the man was a little stunned. After reacting, he shook his head: "didn\'t say."

It seemed that he was aware that he had said something wrong. He quickly changed his words: "no, I didn\'t find out!"

Qin Feng said coldly, "the person who sent you should not be simple, is he from the martial arts circle?"

The man shook his head: "no! No one sent me, you misunderstood!"

Then he pulled out his sword without hesitation.

"Now that you have cured me, do it!"

Qin Feng sneered and said, "I wanted to spare your life. Since you want to die, I can only fulfill you."

The man pursed his lips tightly and said in a deep voice, "the position of Wu Emperor is what everyone in the martial arts circle wants, and I\'m no exception! Even if I\'m just a nobody, I want to try whether I can sit in the position of Wu Emperor! Since I\'m here today, I\'ll do my best to fight with you!"

Then he directly attached his true Qi to the sword, and then rushed up to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng still stood in the same place and without hesitation blasted the real Qi in his hand towards the sword.

For a moment, the man only felt that it was difficult to move forward.

The sword in his hand trembled slightly, but he couldn\'t continue to stab Qin Feng!

However, Qin Feng\'s true Qi made him unable to move forward, and the sword body was obviously shaking.

The next moment, I watched the sword body in my hand burst into several sections.

"Bang bang!!!"

The sword fell to the ground one by one.

The man looked at the sword on the ground in surprise and slowly looked up at Qin Feng: "you... You are really strong enough!"

Qin Feng stood with his hands down and said coldly, "thank you for your praise, but I also remind you that it\'s still time to compete! Even if you say so, I won\'t let you go unless... Unless you are willing to say who ordered you to come! Otherwise, we can only continue to do it!"

Hearing the speech, the man frowned: "as a swordsman, how can you do it when the swords are broken?"

Qin Feng looked at him expressionless: "do you need me to help you find a sword?"

The man closed his lips and didn\'t say a word.

Qin Feng stood with a negative hand and said coldly, "I\'ll give you another chance. To tell you the truth, who asked you to come to me?"

The man moved his lips and said after a long time, "it\'s from the Wudao circle base, but I can\'t say who it is."

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes slightly and tried his luck: "really? Then continue to do it. Anyway, everyone has reached this step! Even if you are solved, no one will know! Except the person who sent you, I don\'t believe he won\'t show his feet at that time!"

The man gritted his teeth and said, "Emperor Wu, do you think I will be a person who succumbs to force?"

Qin Feng shrugged his shoulders: "if you say so, it doesn\'t seem to be, but I don\'t just have this move."

Then he felt a silver needle from his body.

"Since you were sent by the people from the Wudao circle base, you should also know my move! It\'s enough to make you feel that life is better than death!"

Hearing the speech, the man gradually retreated under his feet, obviously trying to escape.

Qin Feng disdained and said, "if I want to kill you, you can\'t have a chance to escape!"

Then he threw the silver needle out directly.

The man turned and ran. However, he just turned around and felt as if he had been shot by a silver needle in the shoulder.

The tingling feeling seemed to remind him that the silver needle had entered the body and he couldn\'t run away.

Qin Feng said for a long time, "tell me, who sent you? If you still refuse to tell me, I can only let you try the taste of the silver needle!"

As soon as the voice fell, the man blurted out: "it\'s the Du family!"

Qin Feng frowned and said coldly, "the Du family in the base?"

When fighting for the throne of Emperor Wu, Du Yi had an accident, which made Du family leader decide to quit the martial arts circle and never intervene in this matter again.

I didn\'t expect to find someone to do it secretly.

It was a little unexpected!

The man turned slowly and looked at Qin Feng not far away. He said coldly, "the Du family tied up my family and asked me to kill you! Otherwise... Otherwise they will fight my family! I am really an unknown person, but I can\'t help it for my family!

I know I\'m not your opponent, but I can only do it! Only you can save my family! My two-year-old son has been locked up by them. Up to now, in addition to feeding some water every day, I only make him late one day. I... I just want to save my family! "

Qin Feng\'s expression gradually sank down and said coldly, "I\'ll send someone to investigate these things. If it\'s true, I\'ll try to save your family! But if you\'re lying, you should know your end!"

Then he turned and walked towards the hall.

"Come here, too!"

The man walked into the yard after hearing the speech.

When Qin Feng returned to the hall, he saw Jiang Wei coming out of the room and said in a deep voice, "come down and ask you something!"

As soon as Jiang Wei saw that Qin Feng\'s expression was wrong, he woke up and walked downstairs quickly.

"What\'s the matter? What does the boss want to ask?" He inquired hastily.

When I saw the man entering the hall, I was stunned and looked at the man carefully.

Qin Feng pushed his chin at the man: "go and see if you know him."

Hearing this, Jiang Wei stepped forward and slightly bent down to look at the man\'s face under the cap: "Gaoting! Why are you here?"

The man slowly took off his hat, lowered his head and said, "I... I\'ll fight the emperor!"

Jiang Wei suddenly widened his eyes and said in surprise, "are you crazy? Why did you shoot the Emperor Wu? You don\'t want to be the Emperor Wu, do you?"

Gao Ting tightly pursed his lips: "forced helpless!"

Jiang Wei was stunned and looked back at Qin Feng. He had guessed that something was wrong: "boss, what\'s wrong? Can\'t it be the base?"

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