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Chapter 17

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Sister Zhang bowed her head and said, "this is it. If you want to kill or cut, do as you please!"

Qin Hai was very angry at the bottom of his heart. He raised his foot and was about to kick it.

Qin Feng raised his legs to stop Qin Hai\'s feet and said, "brother, forget it, she\'s just confused for a moment!"

At least, Sister Zhang is kind to her sister-in-law.

Qin Hai, expressionless, turned and entered the villa.

Sister Zhang despises him and wants Yang Huihui to live a better life. That\'s why she ruthlessly wants to get rid of Yao Yao.

But Yao Yao is his daughter of Qin Hai. How can he not be angry in the face of a murderer who poisoned his daughter?

Yang Huihui returned to the villa with Yao Yao in her arms and said, "look at it!"

Qin Feng\'s ability has exceeded her expectations.

She believes Qin Feng can handle it well.

Qin Feng\'s palm was lucky. He bent his fingers to pop up a genuine Qi and disappeared into Sister Zhang\'s eyebrows.

Sister Zhang was in a trance and immediately looked at Qin Feng with shock: "you... Are you Tianjie?"

Only those who are strong in heaven can release their true Qi.

In other words, Qin Feng and Chen Dong didn\'t use their full strength just now.

Qin Feng said faintly, "in the future, you will protect my eldest brother\'s family. If any of them is hurt, you will become an idiot!"

Sister Zhang has never seen a martial artist of heaven rank, and she has rarely even heard of it.

She doesn\'t know whether Qin Feng\'s words are true or false, and what means the strong Tianjie has!

But she knows Qin Hai has a strong brother!

After Qin Feng returned to the dormitory, he felt a little out of strength.

He lay in bed, staring at the ceiling.

Qin Tianhe\'s story has been lingering in his mind.

If you are abroad, you can invite a martial artist to assassinate your eldest brother\'s daughter.

Judging from Chen Donglai\'s expression at that time, he seemed to be afraid of Qin Tianhe.

Maybe it was because he consumed too much Qi. Qin Feng fell asleep unconsciously.

I slept until noon the next day.

Fortunately, today is the weekend. Don\'t worry about being late or not.

Qin Feng just woke up and received a call from Su Ruoxue.

He asked, "how do you know my phone?"

Su Ruoxue said with a smile, "I have a best friend who works in the personnel department. It\'s too simple to check a phone!"

Qin Feng smiled dumbly and asked, "what\'s the matter?"

Su Ruoxue said, "today is the birthday of the old prince of the Yang family. Don\'t you go to see your eldest brother?"

Qin Feng sat up from the bed with a carp.

As the eldest brother in the Yang family, he will certainly be bullied.

Qin Feng clamped his mobile phone on his side, dressed and asked, "listen to what you mean, do you want to participate?"

Su Ruoxue said with a smile: "there are eight companies participating in Yang laotaijun\'s birthday banquet this time. The whole Hongye hotel has been contracted. As long as it is a company under the Yang family, people above white-collar workers can participate!"

Qin Feng washed quickly and went out.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw Su Ruoxue standing at the door.

Su ruoshue is wearing a white dress with some light makeup on her face.

A faint smile hung on her delicate face.

She deserves to be the daughter of a rich family. Her skin is as tender as a baby.

Qin Feng secretly smacked his tongue and couldn\'t help looking more.

Su Ruoxue caught Qin Feng\'s eyes and felt a little happy: "let\'s go and the party will begin soon!"

Red Leaf Hotel.

Four star hotel.

It is the most luxurious hotel in Nancheng.

The parking lot alone is as big as two basketball courts.

At the moment, luxury cars are everywhere in the parking lot.

A slovenly one eyed old man picked up an empty bottle in the middle of the road with a garbage bag.

But just then, a red Ferrari sped in.


With the emergency brake, Ferrari just stopped in front of the old man.

The old man was obviously frightened and sat on the ground with a stagger.

The Ferrari door opened and a young man in a tuxedo got off with an iron face.

He glared at the old man and shouted, "don\'t you have eyes?"

Knowing that he could not afford to offend such a rich man, the old man had to apologize: "yes... Sorry, I didn\'t mean to!"

The young man came forward and kicked the old man in the face. Then he said, "I didn\'t mean it!"

The old man was kicked to the ground and his mouth was bleeding!

Many people looked over with pity or schadenfreude!

The security guard of the parking lot trotted over and said flatteringly, "young master Yang, which thing without eyes makes you angry?"

Yang Fei pointed to the old man and said, "how can there be such an old thing picking up garbage in the parking lot of your hotel?"

As soon as the security guard\'s face changed, he immediately said, "Yang Shao, this is our dereliction of duty. I\'ll let him go right away!"

Yang Fei snorted coldly, "kneel and apologize to me!"

Before attending the birthday banquet, he just received a notice from Shengshi group that the cooperation was cancelled!

I wanted to surprise the old lady with the contract with Shengshi group, but in the end it was nothing.

Yang Fei was extremely upset. Now the old thing hit the muzzle of the gun and just let it out!

The security guard immediately said to the old man, "old man, this is the young master of the Yang family. Don\'t you kneel down and apologize?"

The old man looked up and said, "I\'m almost eighty years old. How can I kneel down for a young man? This is a parking lot. You should slow down!"

He is a veteran, never a sinner, has been living a peaceful life.

These rich second generation, he can\'t afford to offend, can apologize!

But if you let him kneel, it\'s impossible!

Yang Fei didn\'t expect that the old man dared to retort. He was very angry and smiled: "old man, do you kneel or not?"

The old man slowly got up from the ground and said word by word: "the soul of the army is in the body. He would rather die than surrender!"

"Oh, have you ever been a soldier?"

"But... So what?"

Yang Fei went to the old man and slapped him with his hand.


A voice of indifference came.

Everyone looked at the source of the sound.

Which iron man dares to help the old man?

Don\'t you know this man is the young master of the Yang family?

Looking at the whole Nancheng, who dares to offend the Yang family?

The visitors are Qin Feng and Su Ruoxue.

Su Ruoxue has a second-hand Santana, but it is not qualified to park in the parking lot. It can only be parked in the temporary parking space beside the road.

When they walked past the parking lot, Qin Feng just heard the old man\'s words "the soul of the army is in the body, would rather die than surrender".

Yang Fei turned his head to Qin Feng, and a cold smile came up at the corners of his mouth.

Many people are not afraid of death today. Now the whole Hongye hotel is from his Yang family.

Who is he afraid of?

Yang Fei clapped his hands, and some security guards patrolling nearby immediately ran over.

Several people immediately surrounded Qin Feng and Su Ruoxue.

Yang Fei said arrogantly, "why, do you want to meddle in my Yang Fei\'s business?"

Qin Feng went to the old man and looked at Yang Fei and said, "I saw what happened just now. You scared the old man by driving carelessly. You should apologize to him!"

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