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Chapter 19

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With a high voice.

An old gentleman in festive clothes walked around the top of the Yang family.

The old gentleman was glowing with joy.

The children and grandchildren of the Yang family began to offer gifts.

The old gentleman couldn\'t close his mouth with a smile.

Yang Fei took a bodyguard in black to Lao Taijun\'s table.

The bodyguard held a red sandalwood box in his hand.

The old gentleman smiled and said, "Xiaofei, what gift did you prepare for grandma?"

The bodyguard in black immediately opened the box and presented it to the old gentleman with both hands.

Inside is a pile of white jade cups, with warm color, exquisite and clear, and very good color.

Yang Fei said with a smile, "grandma, this is a pair of Han Dynasty White Jade cups I photographed. There are dragons and phoenixes carved by famous craftsmen on them. I wish grandma dragons and phoenixes good luck and long life!"

A sharp eyed antique expert immediately exclaimed: "last month, the treasure Appraisal Association just identified a pair of white jade cups of the Han Dynasty. It is said that they were collected for 3 million. It turned out that they were taken away by young master Yang!"

Hearing the speech, everyone sighed.

Lao Taijun was smiling: "Xiaofei, you are careful!"

In fact, compared with this pair of jades, Lao Taijun hopes to get a cooperation agreement with Shengshi group.

Yang Fei smiled and said, "as long as grandma is happy, my grandson is willing to spend more money!"

In fact, three million yuan is also a huge sum of money for Yang Fei.

But if he wants to inherit the Yang family perfectly, he can only try his best to improve his position in grandma\'s heart.

Su Ruoxue whispered, "Yang Fei bought a pair of fake white jade cups!"

Qin Feng was stunned and asked, "how do you know?"

Can this girl still identify treasure?

Su Ruoxue blinked and said, "because my father bought the real white jade cups!"

Just after that, Su Ruoxue immediately covered her mouth.

Did you expose something?

Qin Feng nodded and didn\'t seem to hear anything.

At this time, Qin Hai took the blood ginseng and presented it.

Yang Fei immediately said with a smile, "brother-in-law, grandma\'s birthday, will you send this junk?"

Qin Hai blushed and explained, "grandma, although this Centennial blood ginseng is not as valuable as that cup, it\'s good for your health!"

The old gentleman was furious: "why, do you mean I\'m out of health?"

Qin Hai hurriedly explained, "I didn\'t mean that, I mean..."

Before he finished, Yang Fei said in a strange way: "brother-in-law, I think you want grandma to be in bad health. You just want to get benefits from our Yang family!"

Yang Huihui glared at Yang Fei and explained to the old gentleman, "grandma, this is not an ordinary blood ginseng, but an old blood ginseng with the effect of refreshing, ventilating and activating collaterals!"

The old gentleman said coldly, "I\'m in good health. Take this blood ginseng back and make it up by yourself!"

As soon as the voice fell, a hotel manager ran in: "Lao Taijun, the chairman of Shengshi group is coming!"



The old gentleman\'s face changed greatly. He immediately stood up and said, "all the Yang family go out with me to meet President Chen!"

"Lao Taijun is the birthday star today. How can you meet him in person?"

At this time, Chen Wu came in with President Gu and two secretaries at the same time.

At this time, Chen Wu was dressed in brand clothes and had a famous watch worth millions.

The old prince was flattered and said, "it\'s a great honor for Chen to always enjoy my birthday banquet!"

Chen Wu said with a hearty smile, "I\'m here uninvited. Don\'t be weird, old Tai Jun!"

The old gentleman smiled and said, "where dare you, Mr. Chen, please take a seat!"

The Chen family has been doing business for generations. His father has been in politics for many years and has a strong background. They are not comparable to the Yang family.

This is why Lao Taijun wants to cooperate with Shengshi group.

If we can get on with politics, the status of the Yang family will rise.

Chen Wu glanced at Qin Feng and then said, "in fact, I\'m here to find Huifeng company to sign a cooperation agreement!"

With that, he waved and the Secretary immediately took out a contract behind him.

Chen Wu took over the contract and said with a smile: "on behalf of Shengshi group, I officially established a cooperative relationship with the Yang family!"

Once this remark was made, the whole audience was noisy.

Many families are almost red with envy

The Yang Tiande family looked excited.

They didn\'t expect that their son had such a big face that he could invite the chairman of Shengshi group.

Yang Fei was in a daze at this time. He only answered president Gu\'s phone in the morning and has cancelled his cooperation with him.

Why have you changed your mind now?

Seeing his son stunned, Yang Tiande immediately came forward to remind him: "silly boy, don\'t you hurry up to sign the contract?"

Yang Fei calmed down and immediately walked up to Chen Wu.

Yang laotaijun was very excited. She was her grandson and could still have a relationship with President Chen.

Yang Fei said cautiously, "Mr. Chen... Mr. Chen, shall we sign the contract now?"

Chen Wu frowned and asked, "are you?"

Suddenly, the whole audience became silent.

Are you sure Yang Fei cooperated with Shengshi group?

It seems that Chen zonggen doesn\'t know Yang Fei at all.

Yang Fei\'s face was ugly and immediately said, "I\'m Yang Fei, the person in charge of Jingtai company!"

Jingtai is also a textile factory, which has better conditions than Huifeng company in all aspects.

Yang Fei continued, "I have imported all kinds of fuels from abroad and can make high-quality cloth!"

Chen Wu looked at Gu Bei next to him. Gu Bei immediately said, "we Chen always want to cooperate with Huifeng company!"

This sentence made the already quiet hall explode.

Huifeng company is facing bankruptcy, and it is difficult for capital to turn around. Where can we cooperate with Shengshi group?

The top leaders of the Yang family were incredibly wide eyed.

Yang Tiande rolled his eyes and almost fainted.

If Shengshi group cooperates with Huifeng company, Yang Tianming can definitely reverse the reversal.

The old gentleman was stunned at first, and then immediately said to Yang Huihui, "Huihui, don\'t you sign a contract with President Chen?"

Yang Huihui hasn\'t calmed down yet. Is this... Is this happiness too sudden?

She had guessed that Shengshi group would hope to cooperate with Huifeng company, but she didn\'t expect that the chairman of Shengshi group would be present in person.

Is it because of Qin Feng?

Is Qin Feng really just a reform through labor prisoner?

Qin Hai gently touched Yang Huihui with his arm.

Yang Huihui went to President Chen like a dream.

But at this time, Chen Wu said again, "I want to sign a contract with Qin Hai!"


A loud noise broke out at the scene.

"Qin Hai, the loser son-in-law of the Yang family!"

"How is it possible? How can he?"

"I must be dreaming that the waste son-in-law counterattacked?"


There was a lot of discussion in the field, but Qin Hai trembled all over.

He turned and looked at Qin Feng\'s table.

Qin Feng took a sip of red wine and smiled.

Li Tianyu, who sat with Qin Feng, narrowed his eyes slightly.

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