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Chapter 22

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Qin Feng sneered and looked down at the red wine in the glass. "Did you eat shit? Your mouth is so smelly!"

Hearing the speech, Yang Fei\'s whole face turned red and walked quickly to Qin Feng.

Clenched his hands and waved out without hesitation.

"A waste brother deserves to talk to me like that!"

Qin Feng quickly got up, flashed a little, avoided his fist, and then raised his hand.

"Pa -"

Yang Fei was slapped to the ground.

A trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and two bloody teeth lay on the ground.

The crowd was stunned, and there was a moment of silence at the party.

Yang Huihui widened her eyes, secretly pulled Qin Hai\'s sleeves and whispered, "find a way quickly. Grandma is going to lose her temper!"

The whole Yang family depends on the face and life of old Taijun Yang, and Yang Fei is her favorite grandson. Now Qin Feng beat Yang Fei and will be taught a lesson.

After all, Qin Feng saved Yao Yao and helped her win the cooperation of Shengshi group. Yang Huihui naturally wants to help him.

She just didn\'t have an idea for a while. After all, she had a hard time in the Yang family.

Yang Tiande suddenly got up and looked at the bodyguards around him, "you losers, go on! Kill him!"

I dare to beat his son. Let this boy come back today.

Lying on the ground, Yang Fei slowly got up and spat on the ground with a bloody smell in his mouth.

Full of blood!

Shit! How dare you beat me? It\'s not over today!

Looking back at Qin Feng with an indifferent face, "do you dare to hit me? Do you know who I am? Your brother dares not touch my finger!"

While talking, Yang Fei pointed his index finger at Qin Feng with disdain on his face.

Qin Feng held his index finger in one hand and suddenly broke it back.

"Say I can, say my brother... No!" He said coldly.

The voice was not loud, but the whole Party heard it clearly.

Qin Hai was moved to red eyes.

Originally thought that after Qin Feng got out of prison, he could help Qin Feng a lot. Unexpectedly, Qin Feng helped him and defended him everywhere.

Worthy of brotherhood, or your brother!

"Ah --"

Yang Fei suddenly shouted, and his forehead was sweating with pain.

"Let go, let go of me! You fucking let go..."

"Keep your mouth clean! Let me hear an unclean word, and the ten fingers are broken!"

After that, Qin Feng let go of Yang Fei\'s hand.

After all, he\'s from the Yang family. He can\'t do things well, otherwise Qin Hai\'s situation will be very difficult in the future.

However, at the moment, Yang Fei has already stood with dozens of bodyguards.

One by one, they put on a good posture, as if they were going to do it.

Yang Fei waited for Qin Feng angrily, waved his hand and shouted, "call me!"

The words fell, and the people rushed towards Qin Feng.


Qin Hai held the contract high and shouted.

Dozens of bodyguards were stunned and looked back at the sound source.

Yang laotaijun looked at the contract in his hand and narrowed his eyes, as if he guessed what he wanted to say.

"Who dares to move Qin Feng? I\'ll tear up the contract now!"

Qin Hai looked at the Yang family one by one, and was obviously surprised by his threat.

Sure enough!

Or this contract is the most useful!

Yang Huihui was stunned at first and then understood what he meant.

Maybe this is the only way to save Qin Feng

Yang laotaijun looked at the contract in his hand and looked back at Yang Fei.

Seems to be weighing which is more important.

"Feier, come back!"

As soon as this remark came out, people naturally understood what Yang laotaijun meant.

It\'s just a slap. How can it be compared with the cooperation case of Shengshi group?

Yang Fei looked at Yang laotaijun in surprise, "grandma, you can\'t watch me being beaten, not yet..."

"Come back!"

Yang laotaijun\'s voice was not big, but there was no doubt.

Yang Tiande, who was standing on one side, was very angry. He stepped forward and bent down to Yang laotaijun\'s ear. "Mom, there are so many people here. Fei\'er can\'t get a slap for no reason. How can fei\'er stay in Nancheng in the future?"

Yang laotaijun tightened his hand holding the crutch. "The big husband can bend and stretch, just a slap. It\'s no big deal!"

If you get a slap, you can keep the cooperation with Shengshi group. It\'s worth it!

Even though Yang Tiande wants to help his son get justice, old lady Yang\'s words are so far that he can\'t say anything.

Looking up at Yang Fei and Qin Feng not far away, he tightened his eyebrows, "fei\'er, come back!"

Yang Fei closed his lips, glared at Qin Feng fiercely, and whispered, "wait for me!"

Then he walked towards old Taijun Yang.

Just Qin Feng\'s slap was really not light. Yang Fei\'s face had already swollen.

Although the guests wanted to laugh, they could only bear it.

Throughout Nancheng, Qin Feng is the first person who dares to beat Yang Fei!

Qin Feng looks at Qin Hai who slowly puts down the contract. The two brothers have four eyes. Qin Hai is full of guilt.

Although Qin Feng was saved, it was saved with the cooperation obtained by Qin Feng.

It\'s still useless for him to be a brother. He can\'t even protect his brother.

After a banquet, Qin Hai hardly ate anything, and Qin Feng left early.

On the way back, Su Ruoxue looked at him admiringly, "Qin Feng, why are you so powerful? You broke the bodyguard\'s hand so easily. I don\'t think the obscene man dare to look for you again in the future!"

Qin Feng said well, but his eyebrows didn\'t show, and he was obviously lack of interest.

He slapped Yang Fei at the party, and Qin Hai must not have a good life.

Especially in the case of so many people, old Taijun Yang will not give them a good face in the future.

And Yang Huihui, I will quarrel with Qin Hai and get angry when I go back.

It\'s time to calm down. At least when there are few people, it\'s better to do it again


The cell phone bell suddenly rang. Qin Feng took out his cell phone, looked at the caller ID and quickly connected, "brother, should they not embarrass you?"

Qin Hai tutted, "what are you talking about? How can they embarrass me? I signed the contract of Shengshi group. It\'s too late for them to curry favor with me!"

Hearing the speech, Qin Feng stretched his eyebrows, "that\'s good."

"By the way, your sister-in-law wants to invite you to dinner tomorrow. She has to cook in person! Yao Yao also said she wants to see you. Come to dinner tomorrow!"

It\'s not hard to hear Qin Hai\'s happiness in his voice.

After all, he was surprised when Yang Huihui said he would invite Qin Feng to dinner.

But I can understand it when I think about it.

Qin Feng saved Yao Yao and won the cooperation of Shengshi group. Yang Huihui will naturally look at her differently.

"OK, see you tomorrow!"

After that, he hung up the phone, looked down at Su Ruoxue, and gently picked his eyebrow, "I\'ll take you to dinner tomorrow."

After all, Chen Wu gave him the task. He can\'t leave Su Ruoxue alone. In case of another accident, he won\'t be as lucky as last time.

Su Ruoxue nodded and smiled playfully, "OK!"

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