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Chapter 25

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Li Tianyu was stunned. Looking at the resignation letter under Qin Feng\'s palm, he reacted. Leng hissed: "I thought you could hold on for a long time, but that\'s all!"

Then he picked up the pen and seal on one side and signed and sealed.

"Where are you going to find a job as a security guard? Do you want me to introduce you to a job?"

When signing, Li Tianyu smiled proudly.

Close the pen cap, look up and pick up Qin Feng\'s eyebrow. "My family still lacks a servant to take out the garbage. Why don\'t you go to my house to do it?"

Qin Feng slightly hooked his mouth and said with a light smile, "Li Tianyu, if you want to be beaten every day, of course I don\'t mind taking out the garbage at your house! You can do without money!"

He dares to covet his sister-in-law. How can he not fight such a person?

Li Tianyu smiled instantly, sat up straight and disdained: "Qin Feng, you\'d better be honest, or I\'ll make your life worse than death!"

At the thought of the poisonous insects last night, Li Tianyu had a bottom in his heart.

If the boy knows that there are poisonous insects in his body, he will be scared to death!

"Let me live rather than die?"

Qin Feng\'s ending voice was slightly raised. Looking at the rash on Li Tianyu\'s face, he strained his chin.

"If you have time to worry about my life and death, you might as well think about how many days you still have!"

Li Tianyu frowned. Looking at Qin Feng, he didn\'t seem to be joking. He snapped, "what do you mean? You\'re going to fucking fight me again?"

He had tasted the taste of Qin Feng\'s hands last time.

If the boy really starts to fight with him, I\'m afraid he can kill him with three palms.

Qin Feng put his hands on his desk, smiled and whispered, "what\'s the taste of a rash on his face?"

Li Tianyu suddenly stood up. "Is it your boy who did it?"

When he came back from the party last night, he felt a strange itch, and then he began to feel weak.

Not only did the rash not subside, but the body was weak and had no strength.

Even some famous doctors in Nancheng couldn\'t cure him.

If it weren\'t for the rash on his face, he wouldn\'t have stayed at work until now!

Qin Feng picked his eyebrows and said with a light smile, "so what? This is your own fruit! Do you remember the Gu insect last night?"

Li Tianyu\'s face turned pale, "you... How did you know?"

Gu Chong\'s story is very secret. It\'s old and his man. It\'s impossible for him to tell Qin Feng.

But how could this boy find such a small insect?

"His poisonous insects are mostly played by children. They are useless to me at all, but few people know that the antennae on the poisonous insects are highly poisonous! Even the person who plays with the poisonous insects can\'t know! So... Guess where the poison on the antennae of the poisonous insects is now?"

The smile on Qin Feng\'s face was even worse, but it seemed to Li Tianyu that it was like Satan in hell.

I just feel chilly!

Li Tianyu fell into a chair, his eyes dull, "in... In my body!"

At last, there was even a choking in his voice.

Looking at Qin Feng with red eyes, "this poison..."

"No solution!"

Qin Feng answered before Li Tianyu asked.

Just two words, Li Tianyu looked pale, leaned back in his chair and muttered, "what do you want?"

Unexpectedly, his intelligence was mistaken by intelligence. It\'s ironic that he was calculated by Qin Feng.

Hurt himself with his things!

But someone as powerful as Qin Feng may have a way

Qin Feng\'s face sank and said coldly, "you resign from Huifeng company. You are not allowed to approach my sister-in-law in the future!"

Li Tianyu narrowed his eyes and looked up at him, "do you have a way to detoxify me?"

If it can be untied, why not change a woman?

Besides, he never got Yang Huihui. It\'s just imagination.

Try to save your life first!

"Since I dare to do it, I naturally have the ability to save you!" Qin Feng said calmly.

"OK! As long as you save me, I\'ll never see her again!" Li Tianyu couldn\'t wait to answer.

Hearing the speech, Qin Feng took out the acupuncture bag, went to him, took out several silver needles and stabbed Li Tianyu\'s acupoints one by one.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Qin Feng took the needle.

Li Tianyu looked at the blackened silver needle and widened his eyes in surprise. "I\'m detoxified? Should it be good?"

Qin Feng put away the silver needle and looked back at him, "it\'s already good, but if you dare to approach my sister-in-law again, I won\'t poison so lightly next time!"

Although the poison on the tentacles of Gu insects is powerful, it is nothing to him at all.

It\'s just a piece of cake.

The poison he has seen is more than a thousand times and a hundred times stronger than this kind of poison.

Li Tianyu nodded like mashing garlic and said in a voice, "OK, OK! I\'ll write my resignation letter now. I resign. I\'ll stay away from her! I won\'t see her in the future!"

Qin Feng looked at him, "it\'s better so, otherwise the day I find out is the day when you live better than die!"

Then he lifted his feet and left.

Out of Huifeng company, Qin Feng went back to the dormitory to pack up his things.

It\'s just something that can be packed in a bag.

Carrying the bag, he stood on the side of the road, looked at the traffic coming and going, thought for a moment, and decided to see Lin Yu first.

Lin Yu is now a tattoo artist. It looks like his leg is injured. I don\'t know if Yan is serious.

Go and see him. Maybe you can help him heal his legs. By the way, ask him about his car accident.

Reaching for the car, a taxi stopped in front of him.

Qin Feng was about to get on the bus when he suddenly thought of something and touched his pocket.

It\'s broken! No money!

When I went to my sister-in-law\'s house yesterday, I found that he had no money. Now he has resigned, and he is penniless.

Don\'t mention taking a car. You don\'t even have money for dinner!

Qin Feng bent down and said in a loud voice, "master, I won\'t take the bus. You go first!"

The driver tilted his mouth and looked at Qin Feng\'s yin-yang strange airway in the rearview mirror: "I\'m a poor man. I don\'t think I have money to take a car!"

As soon as he spoke, there was a sudden brake sound around him——

"Hiss! Bang!"

Several cars collided and the people around them were frightened.

After taking a look, the taxi driver didn\'t have time to say much. He stepped on the accelerator to the end and rushed out.

There was also a large truck in several cars, and the goods were scattered on the ground.

The whole front of a white Volkswagen that collided with it was even hit.

It looks particularly serious.

The people around called the police, the people who picked up the goods picked up the goods, and some people called the emergency number.

Qin Feng suddenly noticed that the white Volkswagen\'s fuel tank was leaking, and sparks were everywhere on one side.

In this case, it will explode!

"Run! The car is going to explode!"

Qin Feng shouted.

The people around heard the sound and looked at several cars. They also found the dangerous situation of the white public and quickly dispersed.

Qin Feng threw down his clothes and ran over.

There\'s a little girl in the car!

He can\'t die!

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