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Chapter 27

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Qin Feng took the money to pay 10000 yuan. As soon as he handed it in, a nurse came to tell him that the girl was out of danger.

He went to the ward with the nurse and stood at the door and looked at it from a distance.

The girl is still in a coma, but she can see that her face is slightly ruddy.

It seems to have stabilized.

Turning to the nurse on her side, "help me calculate how much money she still needs to pay for medical expenses."

"Another seventeen is enough." The nurse blurted out.

Qin Feng said slightly, "I\'ll pay the money, you call the police and contact the girl\'s family."

Then he walked towards the payment office.

The nurse was stunned. Looking at Qin Feng\'s back, she frowned and whispered, "isn\'t it her family?"

After thinking for a moment, I vaguely guessed that Qin Feng just saved the girl with kindness.

It seems that the girl really met a kind man

At the same time, in provincial hospitals——

In a heavily guarded ward, on the bed lay a middle-aged man with dry lips and pale face.

Next to the hospital bed, several big men in general clothes looked at the people on the hospital bed with a serious face.

The dignified old man standing at the head of the bed stood with his hands down and sighed: "if you can\'t find the right blood type, give up treatment!"

"Bang -"

As soon as the old man\'s voice fell, the president of the hospital broke in.

Without the respect of the past, he looked at several people in the ward in a panic. Even the glasses on the bridge of his nose were crooked.

However, there was a trace of joy in his eyes.

"Found it! Blood type, found it! Panda... Panda blood!"

The intermittent words made the whole ward burst into tears.

The old man looked back at the man on the hospital bed and said with a smile: "boy, it seems that your life should not be lost!"

After looking for so many years, I finally found panda blood!

A little nurse suddenly ran in, holding an inspection report in her hand and handed it to the hospital president with trembling fingers.

The Dean took it, looked at the above results and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, which seemed particularly surprised.

Several other people in the ward held their breath for a moment, vaguely feeling that it might be bad news.

The old man frowned and said in a deep voice, "what\'s the matter? Isn\'t it inappropriate again?"

The Dean shook his head and looked up at the man on the hospital bed. "It\'s not inappropriate, but too appropriate! This... The man who offered panda blood matches the patient\'s blood as high as 99.9999%! They are a parent-child relationship!"

As soon as the words came out, the people looked at the man on the hospital bed.

Parent child relationship?

The old man reacted in an instant and trembled his fingers to the hospital director, "look! Find the blood donor for me! No matter what method you use, you must find him for me!"

Then he looked at the people around him, "you must find this man, too!"

Several people nodded slightly, "yes!"

Qin Feng in the hospital, after paying the money, took the remaining 300 yuan and left.

According to the address provided by President Gu, I found the apartment where Lin Yu lived.

However, when he arrived, he knocked on the door several times and no one opened it.

But since Chen Wu sent someone to investigate, there must be nothing wrong. He probably hasn\'t finished work yet.

It was getting late. Qin Feng was walking in the park downstairs, looking around and waiting for Lin Yu.

There are several couples flirting around. Qin Feng can\'t help thinking of Su Ruoxue.

The little girl doesn\'t know what\'s going on now.

However, as Chen Wu said, she is the eldest lady of the guwu family. No wonder she has a little temper. I\'m afraid she will cause a lot of trouble when she goes out in the future

Just thinking, suddenly I heard a scream——

"Ah! Help! Help me!"

Many people didn\'t hear the noisy music of square dance around.

But with years of military experience, Qin Feng quickly identified the sound source and ran over without hesitation.

Under a big banyan tree, several little gangsters looked at the girl in front of them maliciously.

The girl\'s body trembled and kept retreating.

"Don\'t come here! I tell you, my brother is very powerful. If you dare to touch me, my brother will not let you go!"

Hearing the speech, several gangsters smiled forward and backward.

"Your brother? The cripple? Don\'t you see who he can beat now? It\'s hard to walk, and you expect him to save you?"

"Yes! It\'s your blessing that our eldest brother likes you! Follow us in the future to ensure that no one bullies you!"

"Come on! Let my eldest brother kiss, and you will be our sister-in-law in the future! We will protect you!"


Watching several people approaching, the girl continued to retreat.

Suddenly a foot touched the banyan root, and then the body also touched the banyan.

finished! There\'s no way back!

The leading gangster smiled obscene and reached out to touch the girl\'s face. "Come on, sooner or later! I told you, you will be my man. Don\'t take the initiative! Let me kiss first!"

After that, I\'ll get up and kiss the girl.

However, before he touched it, he was suddenly punched and flew out.

"Ah --"

The gangster screamed in an instant, lying on the ground "ouch" up, holding his cheeks tightly with his hands.

The other gangsters looked at Qin Feng warily.

"Where did you come from? Apologize to my eldest brother, or you will have a good life in the future!"

One of the gangsters hurried to speak up for his big brother.

The others came forward to help the gangsters on the ground.

Qin Feng looked at several people and said coldly, "get out as soon as possible, otherwise don\'t blame me for being rude!"

Several people looked at each other and looked back at the gangster headed by him, as if waiting for his order.

The man covered his face tightly. The corners of his mouth twitched with pain. He looked at several younger brothers around him, "go to the hospital! This boy will deal with it later. My face is important!"

Hearing the speech, several people hurried away.

Watching several people leave, the girl breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at Qin Feng. "Hello, my name is Lin Feifei. Thank you for today."

Qin Feng turned back and looked at the girl\'s face, which was somewhat similar to Lin Yu in his memory. He wondered, "do you know Lin Yu?"

Lin Feifei suddenly widened her eyes and said in surprise, "you... How can you know my brother\'s name?"

Although she has lived in this apartment for several years, no one knows her name. Everyone calls him Linda.

Unexpectedly, a man from Lin Yu suddenly appeared.

Qin Feng smiled brightly and said softly, "it\'s no wonder his sister is so alike!"

"You are..." Lin Feifei said cautiously.

Qin Feng smiled and said, "I\'m his former comrade in arms, Qin Feng."

Lin Feifei covered her mouth in surprise. "Are you Qin Feng? My eldest brother used to talk about you all day. Unexpectedly, you suddenly appeared today!"

His eyes were red when he spoke.

Qin Feng asks Lin Fei some more news about Lin Yu. Then they go to Lin Yu\'s tattoo shop together.

Standing at the door, I saw Lin Yu half covered by his hair.

The eyes are as firm as ever.

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