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Chapter 28

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Lin Yu looked up and saw Qin Feng at the door. Although he tried to hide it, his pupils trembled.

After six years, he finally came out!

The man who was lying on his stomach felt Lin Yu stop and looked back at him, "Hey! Lin Da, why did you stop? Has the pattern been finished?"

Lin Yu looked down at his back and just tattooed half a dragon.

Put down the tool in his hand and patted him on the shoulder, "the remaining half will be tattooed tomorrow!"

"Ah? Tomorrow?" The man looked at him in surprise and frowned, "how can there be half of the lines? This..."

"What nonsense! Tomorrow tattoo is tomorrow tattoo! You don\'t charge for this tattoo!" Lin Yu said impatiently.

Hearing the speech, the man smiled instantly, picked up his clothes and went out.

Who doesn\'t like free things? It\'s only a day late.

Qin Feng and Lin Feifei enter the door.

Lin Yu limped to pour a glass of water and handed it to Qin Feng. "Finally... It\'s out!"

There was an imperceptible cry in the voice.

Qin Feng patted him on the shoulder and slightly hooked his mouth. "Sit down first and I\'ll show you your legs!"

Then he put down the cup in his hand and bent down to check it for him.

"No, no, no! Brother Feng, don\'t see a doctor first. I have something important to tell you!"

With that, Lin Yu looked at Lin Feifei and put his chin on the door.

Lin Feifei hurried to close the door and went to another room.

There were only Qin Feng and Lin Yu left in the main hall. They sat opposite each other for a while. Hurry up.

"Brother Feng, since I\'ve come out, I won\'t hide some things from you, and... Only you can do it!"

Lin Yu looked worried. Even when he saw Qin Feng, he didn\'t dare to relax for a moment.

After all, he has been worried about this for six years. How can he put it down easily?

Qin Feng sensed that the matter was not trivial and said in a low voice, "you say!"

It must not be an ordinary thing that Lin Yu can describe as so terrible.

Lin Yu got up and took out several pieces of information from one side of the locked drawer.

The paper is yellowing slightly. It can be seen that it is old.

Qin Feng took down the paper and looked at the content on it. His eyebrows gradually wrinkled, "virus experimental organization?"

Lin Yu said coldly, "yes, I suspect this matter has something to do with what happened that year, so I dare not act without authorization!"

Qin Feng\'s expression sank when he mentioned the events of that year.

The hand holding the paper pressed slightly, "if it really matters, I\'ll see what they want to do this time!"

Lin Yu looked down at his legs and said with emotion, "if it hadn\'t been for this, my leg wouldn\'t have been hurt! However, they don\'t doubt me now. It\'s worth it!"

If he had not avoided being suspected by those people, he could not have avoided the oncoming car.

But that is exactly the case, which just dispelled the speculation of those people in the virus experimental organization.

He also lived a stable life for several years and investigated the virus experimental organization by the way.

Qin Feng looked at his leg and said calmly, "your sister told me on the way here. Don\'t worry, I can cure your leg!"

Lin Yu smiled twice, looked at Qin Feng and said, "I thought when I had a car accident. The big deal is that I was disabled. As long as I can investigate the matter clearly and stick to the day when brother Feng gets out of prison, I will be cured!"

After many years of cooperation, Qin Feng knows how powerful his medical skills are.

How could a disciple of the Grand Master of medicine not cure his legs?

Qin Feng said with a light smile, "you boy, you\'re still so desperate!"

As in those years, Lin Yu still likes adventure, but he doesn\'t fight unprepared battles.

They haven\'t seen each other for many years. They talked a lot about the past. When they returned to the apartment, it was already dawn.

Qin Feng and Lin Yu had a quick breakfast and went to the base of the virus experimental organization——

Casino west of the city!

If it hadn\'t been for Lin Yu\'s early investigation, no one would have thought of a virus experimental organization under the casino.

When they reached the door, they were stopped by bodyguards.


The bodyguard looked at them and glanced at the corners of his mouth, "are you rich?"

The ending is slightly raised and slightly ironic.

Although angry, I have to admit that neither of them has money.

Although Lin Yu runs a tattoo shop, he has been investigating things for so many years. He has to give Lin Feifei the money he earns. Naturally, he doesn\'t have much.

Qin Feng took out only more than 200 yuan from his pocket. "That\'s enough!"

When I left the hospital yesterday, there were still 300, but it took some time to come to Lin Yu\'s residence by car.

There are two red tickets in hand, and the rest are almost steel.

The bodyguard looked at the money in Qin Feng\'s hand and burst out laughing. "You\'re fucking kidding! Who\'s playing with you for your more than 200 yuan? Our casino starts from 5000 yuan! You don\'t even have 5000 yuan. Get out! Get out! Don\'t disturb our business!"

"Five thousand? Hum! I\'ll show you whether we have money today!"

After that, Lin Yu took out the wrinkled money from his pocket.

Although there are red tickets, there are not many obvious ones.

Qin Feng frowned and looked at the money he took out. Together with his own money, it was not enough five thousand yuan.

It\'s ironic that the two members of the dragon soul special team can\'t get together five thousand.


The mobile phone rings suddenly. After looking at the caller ID, Qin Feng hurried to one side and connected the phone.

"Longya, have you seen Lin Yu?"

The man opposite has a deep voice.

It\'s Qin Feng\'s big brother!

Qin Feng said calmly, "I see."

It\'s not difficult to guess that big brother knew that he came to see Lin Yu from Chen Shuai, or Chen Wu told him.

After all, as soldiers, there is no need to hide such things.

The man opposite sighed, "I know about Lin Yu\'s injury. He\'s investigating something and won\'t let me intervene! Now that you see him, you can have a good chat and deal with it by the way. I believe you have this ability!"

Qin Feng naturally understood his good intentions and wanted to slowly pull him back to the team.

After all, he has refused big brother, and the other party naturally wants to find some ways.

But now he just wants to investigate the events of that year and has no intention to return to the team.

Even if you execute more orders, you won\'t go back.

"I\'ll take care of it. Please rest assured." Qin fenglang said.

"That\'s good! By the way, I transferred you some money on your bank card. It\'s not much. You take the flowers first. It\'s a little concern of me as a big brother. Besides, you just came out and don\'t understand today\'s society. It\'s not enough to take the money to play for a while. Tell me!"

After that, big brother smiled a few times.

"Don\'t turn around for me, or you won\'t call me big brother in the future!"

Words have been blocked, Qin Feng will no longer refuse.

Besides, this is the time to use money!

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