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Chapter 29

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With a "tick", the information bell rings.

One hundred thousand yuan!

Qin Feng frowned and looked at the numbers above. He secretly said: it\'s borrowed. When you see him again, you must give it back to him.

After all, big brother never owes him anything, and he doesn\'t have to take big brother\'s money.

He wouldn\'t accept anything if he didn\'t need money right now.

Qin Feng turned back to Lin Yu and took the text message on his mobile phone to the two security guards. "We have money now. Let us in!"

The two security guards looked at each other, bitterly made way and let them in.

Qin Feng and Lin Yu go in together.

As they thought, there are many people in the casino, and they are addicted to gambling one by one, and many people are red eyed.

Lin Yu reached Qin Feng\'s ear and whispered, "brother Feng, they go down from the elevator on the first floor here, but not everyone can take the elevator! It seems that they need to bring enough money to get in!"

In the past, when he was investigating, he accidentally entered the elevator with another person, and then he was able to see the internal situation of the virus experimental organization.

Otherwise, he could not know the existence of virus experimental organization.

Qin Feng looked around and saw the elevator in the corner.

A small entrance has seven or eight handles, which is obviously the top priority.

Qin Feng said faintly, "there\'s not enough money. How about trying your fist!"

Then he walked away.

Lin Yu was stunned. Looking at Qin Feng\'s back, he hurried to catch up.

Everyone here is a rare expert. Brother Feng will suffer if he deals with so many people alone!

And the people in the casino are connected with each other. Whenever there is an accident in one place, people from other places will come to support.

That\'s why he didn\'t break in directly!

"Brother Feng! Brother Feng! Wait for me. I have something to tell you!"

Lin Yu shouted in a hurry.

People around looked at it one after another.

Qin Feng also stopped and looked back at Lin Yu who limped, "what\'s the matter?"

Lin Yumei frowned and whispered, "brother Feng, these people are not afraid! But there are hundreds of thugs in this casino. You will suffer if you deal with so many of them! No, I can\'t let you take risks!"

Brother Feng finally came out. If something happens again, he will be in trouble. Maybe he will be sent in again.

After all, it\'s someone who has a criminal record!

Qin Feng patted Lin Yu on the shoulder. "Don\'t worry, there are only hundreds of thugs. It\'s not enough to be afraid! I haven\'t been idle in prison these years. Just stand next to me and have a rest!"

Then he lifted his feet and walked away.

Lin Yu twitched twice at the corners of his mouth, and the center of his eyebrows couldn\'t help twitching. He just felt that his shoulder seemed to be broken.

Just photographed him, there was such a strong reaction. It seems that brother Feng is really busy in recent years.

Your skill is higher than when you go in!

Qin Feng looked at several people in front of the elevator and raised his hand, "I want to go in."

Not to ask, but to be sure.

Several people looked at each other. The smoking man twisted out his cigarette end, and the mobile phone player also put away his mobile phone. Obviously, he realized that the comer was not good.

"Boy, do you know the rules here? You can\'t go in without 2 billion!"

"Yes, I don\'t pee and look in the mirror! Our third brother doesn\'t play with everyone!"

"You can go in. Go to the front desk to exchange 2 billion yuan! Brothers are kneeling and ask you to go in!"


Several people looked at Qin Feng\'s goods and even his old clothes. They guessed his value in their hearts, and their words were full of irony.

Qin Feng sneered, "I didn\'t say I was going to find your third brother!"

Since there is something about the virus experimental organization, there is no need to beat around the bush.

Only by making a quick decision can we investigate whether this matter is related to the events of that year as soon as possible.

The leading man put his hands in his pockets and looked at Qin Feng from top to bottom. "What do you want? Looking for trouble?"

The words fell, several people around looked at each other, and the smile on their faces was even worse.

The man standing by the wall curled his lips and disdained to say, "how could it be looking for trouble? He\'s like this. I can beat ten!"

Smelling the speech, the other people looked at it with a little banter in their eyes.

"Ho! Brother Li is powerful. I\'ll give you the boy!"

"Yes, yes! Give it to brother Li. Brother Li can solve it alone!"

"You can deal with it. Don\'t delay me to play the game! You really can\'t call me again!"


As soon as the man known as brother Li finished speaking, several men on the side began to coax.

Brother Li moved his lips. Seeing the people\'s coaxing, he was a little difficult to ride a tiger for a time. Looking at Qin Feng\'s only one person, he smiled and said, "no problem, give it to me! You all go and play!"

Only one person should not be a problem, and it seems that he is not a master.

It\'s estimated that he is a boy who can fight Kung Fu!

On such a thought, brother Li was delighted.

I just took this opportunity to show my hand in front of several people!

Brother Li walked forward slowly, raised his lips and hooked his fingers. "Boy, I don\'t bully you. I see you\'re not a master. Well, you punch me and save me the embarrassment! But after a punch, it\'s my turn!"

Qin Feng raised his eyebrows lightly, "you are still the first person who dares to say this in front of me!"

In the past, those people didn\'t have time to run. The boy let him do it first.

Kill yourself!

Brother Li patted his chest and raised his chin slightly, "boy, look! My kung fu is not practiced in vain. If you punch me, I won\'t even move!"

After that, his legs diverged, the same width as his shoulders, holding his arms with both hands and looking at Qin Feng.

Very confident.

Qin Feng moved his knuckles a little, clenched his fist and rushed out.

Several people around looked at Qin Feng\'s fist and laughed at him secretly.

It looks soft and weak. I\'m afraid I didn\'t eat!


The fist hit brother Li on the chest.

Brother Li\'s body flew out of control.

The glass broke and LIGO flew out of the window——


A scream brought everyone back to reality.

The man closest to the window put away his cell phone, got up and looked at brother Li outside. For a long time, he looked back at the others and shook his head with dull eyes.

"It seems that I\'m out of breath and can\'t close my eyes!"

Hearing the speech, the people immediately became vigilant and stood in a row to look at Qin Feng.

The leading man asked, "who the hell are you?"

Qin Feng stood with his hands down and looked at several people expressionless, "Qin Feng!"

The man frowned and said coldly, "I haven\'t heard of you before. Let me try how powerful you are today!"

Although brother Li is the weakest of several people, he can be punched by the man in front of him and fly out of the window. It seems that the man in front of him is by no means an idle person.

Qin Feng nodded, looked at several people and said calmly, "let\'s go together and save time!"

Anyway, it doesn\'t make any difference to him, but it\'s just a few yellow steps, which can be solved by moving his fingers.

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