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Chapter 3

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Qin Feng quickly took the trash can next to him and lowered Yao Yao\'s head.

The blood was black, mixed with food corroded by gastric acid, and the villa was filled with a pungent smell.

Yang Huihui was so frightened that she turned pale. "What\'s going on?"

Qin Feng said lightly, "this is detoxification. Now all the toxins have been cleared!"

After that, he pulled several pieces of meal paper from the tissue box of the tea table and carefully wiped the blood on the corner of his little niece\'s mouth.

Qin Hai asked incredulously, "this... This is cured?"

Yaoyao has been ill for three months. The hospital gave up treatment. Countless respected old Chinese doctors shook their heads.

In Qin Feng\'s hand, he was cured every minute.

Who dares to believe that?

"There should be no problem. I\'ll check it again in a few days to be sure!"

Qin Feng took back the silver needle and took out a red rope from the canvas bag. At the end of the red rope was a crystal clear tusk like a beast.

He put the tusk in Yaoyao\'s palm and said gently, "Yaoyao, uncle came in a hurry and didn\'t prepare a gift for you. Let\'s give this to you!"

Yaoyao held fangs tightly and said with a weak smile, "are you uncle Xiaofeng? I\'ve seen you in the picture!"

She smiled and had two small dimples on her face. She looked very cute.

Qin Feng\'s heart was almost sprouting. He rubbed Yaoyao\'s head with a smile: "Yaoyao is at ease to recuperate. His uncle will often come to see you!"

Qin Hai looked triumphantly at Yang Huihui: "wife, you see, Xiao Feng still has the ability!"

Yang Huihui snorted coldly, "so what? Isn\'t he a murderer? The Yang family will never allow murderers to live in!"


There was a flash of anger in Qin Hai\'s eyes, but he wanted to talk and stop.

Qin Feng pulled Qin Hai\'s sleeve and said with a smile, "brother, forget it. I\'m just going to visit a comrade in arms. I\'ll live with him first these days!"

With that, Qin Feng was leaving with a canvas bag.

Sitting on the sofa, Yang Huihui suddenly said coldly, "the company\'s staff dormitory has been repaired. You go to inspect the house in the afternoon and let the finance settle the balance!"

"Also, inform the personnel department to reduce the requirements for recruiting security guards. A group of waste can\'t recruit a security guard in half a month!"

Then she walked upstairs with Yaoyao in her arms.

Qin Hai said excitedly, "Hey, haole, promise to complete the task!"

Qin Feng naturally recognized the meaning of Yang Huihui\'s words.

She was implying that her eldest brother would arrange accommodation for herself,

In this way, my sister-in-law is not a villain.

Qin Hai took Qin Feng to the gate of a company called Huifeng Textile Co., Ltd.

The company covers a wide area with 13 floors of office buildings.

Such companies are also few in Nancheng.

Qin Feng said, "this company is not small. According to this scale, it should have been listed?"

Qin Hai shook his head with a bitter smile: "she submitted the listing application last year, but I don\'t know why it has been pressed down. I asked Huihui and she didn\'t say!"

This matter became the top priority of the Yang family. Some even blamed Qin Hai for it, claiming that the enemies of the Qin family were secretly causing trouble.

But Qin Hai didn\'t say it. He was worried that his brother was young and energetic and did something impulsive.

Qin Hai waved his hand, smiled and said, "come on, brother, take you to the personnel department. As a veteran, you are fully qualified to apply for the security of our company! With your sister-in-law and me in the company, you will get the position of security minister sooner or later!"

Qin Feng smiled and nodded, then followed Qin Hai into the company.

He is now penniless and doesn\'t even have a place to live. First solve the problem of food and clothing.

The personnel department is very big, and the office is full of keyboard tapping.

Qin Hai went to the recruitment team. After explaining his intention, the recruiter took a labor contract and personal information form without delay: "take it and sign it. Look at the garbage dump at the back door!"

Qin Hai was stunned and asked, "isn\'t there someone in the back door dump?"

The recruiter sneered: "do it or not, a lot of people are waiting in line!"

Qin Hai looked around and immediately whispered, "he\'s my brother. Give me face and change to the front door!"

The recruiter frowned and sneered: "you\'re just a son-in-law who eats soft food. What face can you have? If it weren\'t for the support of the president, you could be a production manager? Look at your brother. It\'s good to go to the garbage dump! The waste of the whole family!"

Qin Feng\'s eyes were cold and fleeting.

It\'s enough to be ridiculed by my sister-in-law at my brother\'s house. Now I\'m ridiculed by outsiders.

If she had changed her old temper, the woman would have knelt down and begged for mercy now.

The recruiter\'s words attracted the attention of most people in the office.

Their eyes are either ridicule or pity!

Qin Hai pinched his fist and his old face turned red.

Qin Feng said with a faint smile, "brother, that\'s it. I don\'t mind!"

After that, I took the labor contract and data sheet and filled them out.

At the same time, he made up his mind to help his eldest brother change his face and become the most prestigious existence of the company.

Looking at the vicissitudes face of his brother who bent over to fill in the contract, Qin Hai felt a tingle in his heart.

If he didn\'t have a daughter, he wouldn\'t bow his head.

He doesn\'t want his daughter without a father!

Soon, Qin Feng completed the labor contract and went to the dormitory management office with his eldest brother.

Fortunately, the director of the accommodation management office is familiar with Qin Hai and specially arranged a single room for Qin Feng.

After going through all the formalities, Qin Feng said goodbye to his brother and was ready to visit his predecessors.

At the same time, the personnel manager\'s office.

Recruiter Zhao Min was called to the office by general manager Li Tianyu.

Zhao Min sat opposite Li Tianyu. "Manager, you\'re looking for me!"

Li Tianyu asked in a deep voice, "who was the person who applied for security just now?"

Zhao Min tilted her mouth and said disdainfully, "he is the brother of the waste son-in-law. Now he is applying for a security guard. I arranged to go to the back door dump!"

With that, Zhao Min looked at Li Tianyu with a guilty heart and said, "manager, I..."

She did this because of selfishness. Her cousin has been watching in the dump for three months. If she doesn\'t adjust to the front door, I\'m afraid it will cause her cousin\'s dissatisfaction.

Li Tianyu sneered: "it\'s the loser\'s brother. You did a good job. The bonus this month is 300!"

Zhao Min was stunned at first, then stood up and twisted his round ass to Li Tianyu. "Manager, you are very kind to me. Let me help you massage!"

Li Tianyu\'s father is the owner of a big hotel. He came to this textile factory because he liked Yang Huihui.

If you can cook cooked rice with Li Tianyu first, you may be able to live a rich wife\'s life for the rest of your life.

Even if you can\'t marry a rich family, at least your position in the personnel department will rise.

Li Tianyu snorted coldly, "I have something to go out. Go to my dormitory to find me tonight!"

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