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Chapter 31

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The third brother took off his suit and showed his tendons.

Dozens of people around him looked at him and immediately made amazing sounds——

"The third brother\'s muscles are so powerful that he can beat the boy!"

"That\'s right. The best of us is the third brother. The boy is over!"


Lin Yu sneered and said, "who\'s finished is not sure!"!

Qin Feng was a God in the dragon soul special team.

Especially in terms of physical fitness, it is beyond the reach of others.

Although the third brother in front of him is muscular, he can never be brother Feng\'s opponent.

Lin Yu moved a little two steps to make room for them.

Qin Feng stood with his hands down, looked at the third brother and sneered, "do it!"

The third brother looked disdainful, "this is your own death. Don\'t blame me for being rude!"

Then he punched Qin Feng and rushed to Qin Feng\'s head.

This is going to kill!

Qin Feng instantly saw the man\'s moves, looked at his fist and suddenly raised his hand to hold the man\'s wrist.

The third brother was stunned, and dozens of people behind him were also stunned.

The wrist held by Qin Feng failed to score another half point!

The third brother looked at Qin Feng\'s hand in surprise. He tried his best, but he couldn\'t move a little.

How is this possible?

He is the God of the casino. How can he fail Qin Feng?

It seems that Qin Feng can\'t be his opponent, but now

Qin Feng\'s five fingers gradually worked hard, the third brother\'s painful eyebrows tightened, and the whole face was wrinkled into balsam pear.

"It hurts! Loosen, loosen!"

The third brother couldn\'t help crying out after all.

The people around were stunned and didn\'t return to their senses for a long time.

Third brother... Lost?

Everyone can\'t believe the scene in front of them. It\'s obviously just an ordinary man. How can he beat the third brother\'s tendon flesh?

Qin Feng loosened his third brother\'s hand and said calmly, "take us to the virus experimental organization!"

The third brother looked heavy, shook his head and said, "what virus experimental organization? I don\'t know. You\'ve found the wrong place! We\'re a casino!"

Lin Yumei frowned and raised his feet. "You\'d better explain it honestly, otherwise don\'t blame brother Feng for being rude!"

Since he is not the opponent of these people, he can only threaten them with maple brother!

Qin Feng tightened his eyebrows and said unhappily, "you\'d better be honest, otherwise your life will be lost!"

After all, he is the disciple of the poison emperor. It\'s no problem to make several poisons.

Even the most powerful expert, one poison is enough!

The third brother still shook his head and looked a little scared.

The man on one side also shook his head. They looked very strange.

Qin Feng gathered his true Qi at his fingertips and quickly pointed their foreheads. "My true Qi enters your body. If you are willing to say it, I can save your life, otherwise..."

"I said, I said! I told you! You want to go to the virus experimental organization, don\'t you? I can take you all. It\'s on the lower first floor here!"

Before Qin Feng finished, the man spoke first.

Qin Feng squinted at the man and said in a deep voice, "lead the way!"

Hearing the speech, the man got up and still didn\'t forget to turn back and kick the third brother, "he who knows current affairs is a hero. He doesn\'t even understand this!"

After saying that, he seemed to laugh again, and then walked in front to take Qin Feng to the negative first floor.

Qin Feng and Lin Yu followed him.

"He just seemed to want the third brother to report."

Lin Yu whispered to Qin Feng.

After all, he used to be an observer. Naturally, he can\'t miss this little detail.

Qin Feng nodded, "I see. They should have a bigger head or be threatened!"

Otherwise, I wouldn\'t rather die than say it.

Moreover, unlike other things, virus experiments must be carried out by professional personnel, otherwise a little carelessness may endanger the lives of hundreds of people.

It seems that the virus experimental organization that can exist for six years is not ordinary.

Qin Feng looked at Lin Yu, thought for a moment and said, "I\'ll go in alone later. You wait outside!"

Lin Yumei\'s heart tightened. "How can I do that? Brother Feng, what character am I? Don\'t you know?"

Don\'t you want to take risks alone by leaving him outside?

Old comrades in arms, how can you do such a thing!

Qin Feng\'s thin lips opened gently. Just about to speak, the leading man looked back at them.

"This is the elevator leading to the lower first floor, please!"

Then the man respectfully made a gesture of invitation.

The three entered the elevator together and arrived on the first floor a few minutes later.

When the elevator door opened, Qin Feng and Lin Yu frowned at the same time.

A pungent smell came to my face, obviously the smell of virus potion.

Looking at the potions falling on the ground, all kinds of utensils, and even many potions seem to have been smashed on purpose.

Obviously, someone just came!

The people of the virus experimental organization have been taken away, and the experimental results were deliberately destroyed when they left.

It seems that I don\'t want them to find out what they are studying here!

Lin Yu looked around, touched Qin Feng\'s arm and limped towards one of the tables.

Qin Feng immediately reacted, turned his head and looked at the man and said coldly, "you\'re brave. You dare to save people under my eyelids!"

Then he grabbed the man\'s throat with one hand.

The man\'s pupils gradually enlarged, and the red blood in his eyes even came out.

Looking at Qin Feng\'s eyes, he was stunned.

Indifference is like looking at a dead object!

But the bottom of his eyes was sullen and murderous.

——Qin Feng wants to kill him!

This is a man\'s first reaction.

"Forgive me, I dare not, i... I\'m wrong. Please forgive me this time, please..."

The man asked for mercy intermittently. In the faint yellow basement, it could be seen that his face was like the color of pig liver.

Qin Feng threw him aside. "Tell me, where have those people gone?"

His voice was a little angry, but it was cold and terrible.

Like a man who doesn\'t tell the truth, he dares to bring him up and kill him the next second.

Xu was frightened by Qin Feng. The man got up and knelt in front of Qin Feng, "I\'m just an errand runner. I don\'t know! The third brother knows. If you ask him, he must know!"

Qin Feng half hung his eyes and looked at him, "where?"

One word, the frightened man\'s body couldn\'t help trembling. He just felt cold.

Se shrugged his neck and whispered, "they should have left the casino. As for where they went, I will..."

"Are you sure you don\'t know?" Qin Feng interrupted him.

The ending is slightly raised, full of threats.

The man swallowed his saliva and felt a dilemma for the first time. After thinking for a moment, he said, "it may be the direction to the south. There is a temporary base not far from here, but I don\'t know if they will go there! I\'m just guessing!"

Lin Yu returned to Qin Feng. They looked at each other and knew it clearly in their hearts.

Potion found

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