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Chapter 34

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After Qin Feng left the yard, he was ready to rent a house next to Yang Huihui\'s villa for one night.

Although the distance was far, he decided to walk back and just took exercise.

On the way, I looked at the shops around me and frowned.

Although we have to investigate the virus and the events of that year, we still have to find a job. Otherwise, how can we survive in this society?

As for the money given by the eldest brother, he didn\'t move a minute and didn\'t intend to move.

Others\' money is always others\' money.

With a "tick", the mobile phone rang.

I took a look at the information above and put it back in my pocket.

"Hiss -"

With a sudden brake, a black Rolls Royce stopped beside Qin Feng.

Qin Feng frowned and watched the Rolls Royce window roll down slowly.

Chen Wu put his head out and looked at Qin Feng with a smile. "Get in the car. Old Chen wants to invite you to dinner."

"Invite me to dinner?" Qin Feng looked at him suspiciously.

Why did you suddenly invite him to dinner for no reason?

Is it because of the last treatment?

Chen Wu opened the door and came down. "It\'s just a meal. Don\'t think so much."

It\'s just one more person!

Qin Feng hesitated for a moment and got on the bus with his feet.

An hour later, the car stopped in Yulongshan villa.

They got off and went to old Chen\'s residence. When they entered the door, they met a burst of crisp laughter.

"Grandpa, you are in good health now, but I look forward to competing with you every day. Now my riding and archery skills don\'t have to be professional at all! I won\'t lose to you this time!"

The girl was dressed in a white dress with a refreshing ponytail.

Just a side face, it is not difficult to see her beautiful face.

Old Chen said with a smile, "Grandpa, this old body is not going to compete with you! You should compete with that! Here!"

Then he put his chin in the direction of Qin Feng.

Chen churan looked back and looked at Qin Feng carefully.

He got up and walked over, took the initiative to extend his hand and introduce himself, "Hello, I\'m Chen churan. Can you ride and shoot arrows, too?"

Qin Feng looked down at her hand and shook it after three seconds, but it just touched and loosened.

"A little." He said faintly.

To tell the truth, after all, he is a gun player.

As for horse riding, he had driven military vehicles and planes before.

I know how to ride a horse, but I\'m not good at it. After all, no one rides a horse and fights on the battlefield!

Chen churan frowned and looked back at Chen, with some doubt in his eyes.

It\'s strange that Grandpa asked her to compete with a man who just "knows a little" because she is such a powerful expert.

Old Chen slowly got up, smiled and said, "Qin Feng, this is my granddaughter. She likes riding and archery. You can teach her when you have time, or you two can have a duel!"

Li ningshuang stood aside with a playful smile on her face.

Is old Chen a matchmaker?

The purpose is too obvious!

Chen churan went to old Chen and whispered, "Grandpa, he just knows a little. How can he teach me?"

Old Chen tilted his head and looked at Qin Feng. "That boy can learn a little now. As long as he studies for a day, he will surpass you!"

After all, it\'s Dragon teeth. He knows how powerful Qin Feng is.

Learning ability is beyond ordinary people.

Chen churan looked back at Qin Feng and said with a playful smile, "if so, I\'m a little curious about how fast he can learn!"

In archery and horse riding, she was called a child prodigy since childhood. She was naturally curious about Qin Feng\'s learning speed.

It\'s a little interesting to be able to surpass in one day!

Qin Feng looked at the two men and seemed to have guessed Chen Shuai\'s purpose. He said in a deep voice, "Chen Shuai, do you have anything else important to call me today?"

Old Chen frowned and whispered, "eat! Isn\'t it important?"

The boy must have guessed his purpose before he asked.

Since everyone guessed that he was going to introduce his granddaughter to himself, he still asked so. Obviously, he wanted to go.

"Sit down and eat." Chen Shuai said in a low voice.

Unusual dignity, like giving orders.

Qin Feng closed his thin lips tightly and walked to the table with his feet for a long time.

After the three took their seats, Chen Wu and Li ningshuang also took their seats with the permission of Chen Lao.

After a meal, Qin Feng hardly spoke. On the contrary, Chen churan and Chen Lao have been chatting.

After dinner, Qin Feng left under the pretext of something.

As soon as I took two steps, I felt someone following behind me.

Li ningshuang followed him slowly with a fan and said with a light smile, "you are really a pimple!"

Qin Feng stopped and looked back at her, "what\'s up?"

"Can\'t I talk to you if I have nothing?" Li ningshuang came twisting her waist.

With a smile, there are all kinds of feelings.

Qin Feng lowered his eyes and whispered, "Chen Shuai doesn\'t have to do this. I\'m fine now. Besides, how can Chen Shuai\'s granddaughter be worthy of people like me who have been in prison?"

How could he not guess what Li ningshuang wanted to say? It must have something to do with Chen churan.

But how can he consider men and women in his current situation?

I have no job, no money, and I can\'t handle what I want to do well. I have no time to take into account my feelings.

Besides, the other party is Chen Shuai\'s granddaughter!

Li ningshuang shook her head with a smile. "You are really a pimple! Chen Shuai is willing to introduce churan to you. Just be sure. Why worry so much! Besides, you will prosper in the future if you climb up the marriage of Chen Shuai!"

That said, there was no half truth in her eyes.

Let\'s see if the boy really doesn\'t want to agree, or is he just playing hard to get?

Qin Feng looked at her expressionless, "I don\'t rely on anyone! Also, there\'s no need to test in the future. No matter how much you do, it\'s meaningless!"

Then he left without looking back.

The back is determined, but tall and straight.

After all, the soul of the army is in the body, and it\'s a little rusty to walk.

Li ningshuang narrowed her eyes and looked at his back. The corners of her mouth were slightly hooked. "It\'s really different!"

It seems that there is no need to test in the future. If this kind of man tries again, I\'m afraid there will be no other answer.

After Qin Feng left, he went to a nearby mall and wanted to choose a gift for Qin Hai.

However, after looking at it for a long time, I didn\'t notice anything that came into my eyes.

But he was ready to leave and change to another mall.

"Ah! Help! Help me! Come on..."

Qin Feng sensitively heard a cry for help and ran to a corner not far away.

It\'s the source of the cry for help!

"Help? Chick, don\'t you see who I am? Who dares to save you in this mall? Unless that person is crazy, you will be the woman of Ye Zilin from now on!"

After that, ye Zilin leaned to kiss her lips.

Qin Feng looked at several people with his arms in his hands, with a little anger on his face: "Ye Zilin, haven\'t your parents taught you what respect is?"

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