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Chapter 35

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Ye Zilin looked at Qin Feng and said with a sneer, "who are you? Do you know who I am? You dare to harm my good deeds. I think you are tired of living!"

Then he went with his hands in his pockets.

Several younger brothers also walked forward together.

Qin Feng winked at the girl standing in the corner. The girl quickly responded and ran out.

One of the younger brothers saw this and said quickly, "brother, the woman ran away!"

Ye Zilin glanced faintly and said indifferently, "I\'ll run away. I\'m not short of women!"

He looked back at Qin Feng and his contemptuous eyes swept him.

"But it\'s interesting to meet such a fool! He dares to provoke me. I don\'t know if he\'s crazy!" He sneered coldly.

Several younger brothers around laughed at the speech.

"Yes, what a fool! I don\'t ask who our eldest brother is. I dare to stand out!"

"The hero saves the United States without looking at who the object is, boy, you hit the muzzle of a gun today!"

"Why don\'t you kneel down and knock my big brother\'s head three times now? Maybe my big brother is happy and won\'t care about you!"


Ye Zilin looked down at his shoes and said with a smile, "you lick my shoes clean. Today I think it hasn\'t happened!"

Qin Feng looked at several people approaching slowly, his face unchanged, and said coldly, "who are you? It has nothing to do with me. As for shoes... You\'d better leave it to yourself!"

Hearing the speech, several younger brothers looked at each other and were surprised.

The boy doesn\'t know who the big brother is?

Ye Zilin, the most popular young master of Ye family in Nancheng, doesn\'t he know?

Ye Zilin sneered, and his eyes were full of banter, "does the Ye family in Nancheng know?"

Qin Feng looked the same and said calmly, "I\'ve heard a little."

Before he entered the army, the Ye family was also a small family in Nancheng, as famous as the Qin family.

But then he broke into the army, and something happened to the Qin family. Naturally, he didn\'t know what had happened to the Ye family.

Ye Zilin widened his eyes and said in surprise, "I heard a little? Are you kidding? Are you from an alien? Is your boy from Nancheng?"

A few questions in a row, it is not difficult to hear ye Zilin\'s surprise.

The younger brother on the side quickly explained: "the Ye family is the largest family in Nancheng. Nearly one-third of the business in Nancheng now belongs to the Ye family! This is Ye Zilin, the young master of the Ye family in front of you. If you annoy him, you won\'t want to have a good life in the future!"

Qin Feng looked at the speaker and said coldly, "so?"

The ending sound rises, as if he doesn\'t care about ye Zilin\'s identity at all.

Ye Zilin shook his head with a smile and raised one foot, "so lick it for me now, or you\'ll be finished!"

As soon as his voice fell, he suddenly remembered a familiar voice——

"Oh! Isn\'t this the loser\'s brother?"

Yang Fei came with his arms in his hands and a smile in his mouth.

Just saw Qin Feng not far away. Seeing that they seemed to be about to start, he rushed over.

How can we deal with Qin Feng without him?

Ye Zilin and Yang Fei often drink together on weekdays, which is also familiar.

Hearing the speech, ye Zilin suddenly thought of a man and said curiously, "isn\'t he the brother of the loser\'s son-in-law?"

After saying that, he looked at Qin Feng with poor eyes.

Yang Fei stood on the side of Ye Zilin and sneered, "yes, Qin Feng, Qin Hai\'s brother, both brothers are waste!"

Ye Zilin smiled wantonly and said faintly, "it\'s just coming out of the inside. No wonder you don\'t know who I am!"

Qin Feng clenched his hands and his eyes gradually became cold.

Even if you insult him, but you can\'t insult brother!

"If no one has taught you to talk well, I don\'t mind teaching you!"

Qin Feng\'s voice just fell, Yang Fei and several younger brothers of Ye Zilin came forward one after another.

"How the fuck do you talk to my eldest brother? The brother of a loser\'s son-in-law doesn\'t look in the mirror..."

One of the younger brothers scolded directly.

However, before he finished, Qin Feng looked at him.

The man immediately kept silent, only felt his scalp numb, and unconsciously stepped back under his feet.

Ye Zilin frowned slightly and said impatiently, "all right, all right, don\'t waste time! This man will be handed over to you. Don\'t kill him. I\'ll pay for the medical expenses!"

After that, they looked at Yang Fei and turned around to leave.

However, almost at the same time, several younger brothers directly punched Qin Feng.

Qin Feng stood where he was, with one hand behind his back and the other clenched his fist.

Looking at the approaching fists, he fiercely fought them one by one——

"Ah ah!!!"

Screams sounded, and several people flew out one after another, even to the same place.

In the corner, several people piled up one by one.

At the bottom is the man who just scolded. At the moment, his face is pale and the red blood in his pupils gradually appears.

His eyes were scarlet, as if he was going to die in the next second.

Hearing the sound, Yang Fei and ye Zilin turned back.

They looked at several people in the corner.

"This... How is this possible?" Ye Zilin exclaimed.

Stiff turned to look at Qin Feng.

Seven or eight people can\'t beat this waste, even killed by the second!

Yang Fei\'s pupil trembled slightly and was stunned for a moment.

Qin Feng looked at them and said in a low voice, "from now on, let me hear you say my big brother. I will bear the consequences!"

Then he lifted his feet and left.

After a long time, Yang Fei returned to his mind, turned to Ye Zilin, lowered his voice and said, "so many of us can\'t beat him. How can we stay in Nancheng in the future?"

Ye Zilin narrowed his eyes and looked back at the direction Qin Feng left. "If this boy doesn\'t solve it, we won\'t have a good life in Nancheng in the future!"

Besides, he is from the Qin family

If it\'s really a waste, it\'s OK, but Qin Feng is obviously not.

Since it\'s not, you can\'t stay!

Ye Zilin hurried back to Ye\'s house and told ye boguang what had happened in the mall.

Ye boguang sat on the chair. Although he was full of white hair, his eyes showed the light of the old fox.

He put his hands on the crutch and looked at Ye Zilin. "Are you sure it\'s the Qin boy?"

"Of course! As Yang Fei said, Qin Feng is Qin Hai\'s brother!" Ye Zilin blurted out.

Ye boguang half narrowed his eyes and leaned slowly against the back of the chair. "Good boy, it\'s so powerful! It seems that I can\'t keep it!"

Then he turned and looked at Ye Zilin.

Ye Zilin responded quickly and whispered, "Grandpa, why don\'t I find some killers and crack him?"

After all, he also knew what happened in those years. If Qin Feng knew it, it would be endless.

Ye boguang got up slowly on crutches and said faintly, "find some experts and do it clean. Don\'t leave any evidence!"

Ye Zilin nodded again and again, "no problem. You can rest assured if you leave it to me."

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