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Chapter 36

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The next morning, Qin Feng went to Yang Huihui\'s villa early.

I bought a bottle of wine on the way and specially ordered a cake.

When I entered the door, I saw Qin Hai coming out of the kitchen with two dishes in his apron.

Seeing the cake and wine in Qin Hai\'s hand, Qin Hai frowned, "Xiao Feng, what else do you buy? Between our brothers, don\'t care!"

After that, he put down his dishes, untied his apron, and came forward to take down Qin Feng\'s wine and cake.

Qin Feng smiled and said, "brother, I have only such a relative as you. I don\'t have time to spend my birthday with you these years. I don\'t want to miss it this time!"

The cake is not big, and the wine is not the top wine.

The total is only 200 yuan. In the eyes of outsiders, it may be stingy, but this is all Qin Feng\'s money.

And Qin Feng, the natural way of Qin Hai, was very moved by his current situation!

After the two sat down, Qin Hai opened the wine, sighed and said, "for so many years, I\'ve been celebrating my birthday alone. I\'m already very happy when you come this year! I\'m not allowed to buy anything for my brother in the future!"

Since they married Yang Huihui, the relationship between them has become a stranger.

Even worse than strangers, Yang Huihui often doesn\'t even give him a good face.

Only this year, because of Shengshi group, Yang Huihui\'s attitude towards him has obviously improved. During this business trip, she specially talked about his birthday, and even specially called Qin Feng to let Qin Feng accompany him on his birthday.

Qin Hai felt flattered, but he also knew that all this was because of business.

If not, Yang Huihui would still not give him a good face.

Qin Feng looked at the expression on Qin Hai\'s face and said in a deep voice, "I\'ll spend my birthday with my eldest brother in the future!"

Qin Hai poured a glass of wine for him and himself. He even said, "OK, OK! On my birthday, our brothers will have a good drink and don\'t want to worry about anything!"

Qin Feng picked up his glass and said with a smile, "Happy Birthday to big brother and everything you want in the future!"

Hearing the speech, Qin Hai looked a little lonely, but it was only a moment, fleeting.

He picked up his glass, touched Qin Feng\'s glass and drank it up.

They talked while drinking and talked about the past.

Qin Feng almost always heard Qin Hai say that he only occasionally drank a glass of wine, but he was helpless about the past.

He got into trouble and owed $5 million. Then his parents died. His eldest brother sent him to the army and carried everything alone.

When you come to the Yang family, you will naturally be looked down upon.

He can naturally imagine how much elder brother has been oppressed over the years!

However, it\'s good to have him in the future. He will certainly make big brother comfortable and will never let others insult him again.

Qin Feng opens the cake, takes out a lighter and lights candles.

Turning to Qin Hai, who was half drunk, he smiled and said, "brother, make a wish!"

Although he doesn\'t believe this, his eldest brother\'s birthday is a good wish.

When Qin Hai was confused, he saw that he was holding on, his hands folded and murmured, "make a wish! First, I hope my brother Qin Feng will be... Plain sailing! Healthy! Get married and have children as soon as possible, don\'t... Don\'t have any trouble!"

Qin Feng closed his lips tightly, and his nose was suddenly sour.

Even the drunken elder brother still thinks about him all the time.

Qin Hai frowned, slowly lowered his head and whispered, "second, I hope to avenge my parents as soon as possible. Kill... Kill ye boguang!"

Qin Feng sensitively caught a key point, tightened his eyebrows and said in a low voice: "brother, what did you just say?"

Hearing the sound, Qin Hai straightened his head and woke up most of the time.

He quickly blinked his eyes twice, slightly guilty, turned to Qin Feng and smiled, "I didn\'t say anything. Did you hear wrong?"

Xu was used to being alone on his birthday before, and he was in a trance when making a wish.

I wish he didn\'t hear clearly

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes and said suspiciously, "brother, I\'ve been in the army for so long, I can\'t hear you wrong! What you just said about ye boguang, is it the owner of the Ye family in Nancheng?"

When he entered the army, ye boguang was the owner of the Ye family.

The Ye family and the Qin family are cooperative, but the relationship between ye boguang and his second uncle Qin Tianhe is inseparable.

He had suspected that there was something wrong with his parents\' car accident and that it had something to do with Qin Tianhe.

But what big brother just said

Did ye boguang do it?

Qin Hai\'s expression gradually sank down and sighed helplessly, "Xiao Feng, you just came out. I don\'t want to tell you about some things, and I don\'t want you to be impulsive again! If you are impulsive, our brothers will still be sad at that time! Listen to my advice, don\'t ask about things in those years!"

Sure enough!

Ye boguang did what he said!

Qin Feng closed his lips tightly and clenched his fists tightly. "Brother, this matter can\'t be solved like this! Parents\' hatred, don\'t die together!"

Dare to touch his parents and die!

Seeing this, Qin Hai was completely sober. He hurriedly took Qin Feng and said, "no, no! Xiao Feng, listen to brother. Don\'t worry about it! Even if you want revenge, you need brother! You don\'t understand. Now the Ye family has great power and is the largest family in Nancheng! If you provoke them, you will be sent in!"

He spoke quickly and hurriedly. It was not difficult to hear his worry.

After all, today\'s Ye family is not what it used to be. If Qin Feng really wants to fight against it, he will not get any benefit.

no way! No!

After his parents died, there are only two brothers in the world who can rely on each other. Even if he loses his life, Qin Feng must not take risks!

Qin Feng patted Qin Hai on the shoulder, looked dignified and said seriously, "brother, I can\'t ignore this! You have Yao Yao, leave it to me!"

Qin Hai moved his lips and wanted to say something, but when Qin Feng insisted, he stopped talking.

The two grew up together since childhood. Qin Feng knew how stubborn he was.

As long as it is his decision, no one can persuade him!

Then Qin Hai talked about ye boguang\'s design of Qin\'s father and mother.

After hearing this, Qin Feng said nothing, sat down for a moment and left.

When I went out, I called Chen Wu.

He always felt that things were not so simple.

Besides, ye boguang has such a good relationship with Qin Tianhe, how can he not know his plot?

When the phone was connected, Chen Wu\'s voice first sounded, "Qin Feng, I just wanted to call you! Su Ruoxue\'s grandfather was seriously ill. Just now, the owner of the Su family called me and asked me to recommend a famous doctor. If you don\'t have anything urgent, go and see if you can cure it! As for the medical expenses, just say it!"

Qin Feng frowned and gave a meal at his feet, "no problem, but you have to check something for me."

"What\'s the matter? Tell me!" Chen Wu said calmly.

"Help me find out who did it when my parents had a car accident!"

Since it is a conspiracy, we must thoroughly investigate it!

Never let anyone go!

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