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Chapter 37

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After Chen Wu met Qin Feng\'s conditions, he sent someone to pick him up and went to Su Ruoxue\'s house.

At night, black Maybach stopped at the door of Su\'s house. More than a dozen Su\'s family stood at the door, looking forward to the car.

The door opens and Qin Feng gets off.

The hope in the eyes of all turned into disappointment in an instant.

The head of the Su family looked into the car and saw that there was no one else. His eyebrows wrinkled. "Aren\'t you the famous doctor Mr. Chen said?"

Qin Feng nodded, "it\'s me."

I can see the disdain on these faces. Qin Feng doesn\'t intend to say more.

Medical skill, just prove it with strength!

It\'s no use talking too much. Besides, among many famous doctors, he is really not old.

Distrust is also common.

The Su family leader pressed down his mouth and turned into the yard. His indifferent voice sounded, "come with me!"

The other dozen people followed into the yard, and three or five people talked together.

"I thought I was a miracle doctor. I didn\'t expect that I was a novice. It seems that I have just begun to learn medicine."

"I don\'t know what Mr. Chen thinks. He actually introduced such a doctor. If you don\'t want to introduce a famous doctor, just say it! Isn\'t this fooling our Su family?"

"Yes! But everyone has come. Let him go in and see the old man. It\'s a face for Mr. Chen."

"Yes! Don\'t let him do it later, lest our old man... Die!"


Qin Feng was not annoyed by the words of several people and followed them into the hall.

Su Ruoxue was stunned for three seconds when she saw Qin Feng. After reacting, she was surprised and said, "Qin Feng, why are you here? Are you... Are you here to see my grandpa?"

It is said that a famous doctor will come. Now Qin Feng has come. It must be for Grandpa\'s illness.

Su Ruoxue ran excitedly and rushed to Qin Feng\'s arms, regardless of others.

The Su family leader frowned, half clenched his empty fist against his lips, "cough! Go to see the patient first!"

After that, he walked into old man Su\'s room.

Qin Feng looked at the little girl in his arms and frowned. He whispered, "I have to treat my illness. You can let me go."

Su Ruoxue looked up at him and asked with a playful smile, "how are you these days? Do you miss me? I miss you!"

Several aunts and aunts around couldn\'t listen, so they followed him into Mr. Su\'s room.

There were only two people left in the hall, and Qin Feng\'s cheeks were slightly red.

This little girl is really difficult!

As if he wouldn\'t let go without answering.

Su Ruoxue looked at his red cheeks, smiled even more, and asked reluctantly, "is there any?"

Qin Feng frowned and whispered, "I\'m here to see your grandpa. Business matters!"

If you avoid answering, you must have a ghost in your heart!

On such a thought, Su Ruoxue smiled brightly, "then you can answer me after you are ill!"

After saying that, he let go a little, but quickly took Qin Feng\'s hand and walked towards master Su\'s room.

When the Su family leader saw the two enter the door, his eyebrows tightened for a moment and said coldly, "see if you can cure it first. If you can\'t cure it, don\'t do it!"

Obviously, he did not believe Qin Feng\'s medical skills.

Su Ruoxue raised her chin and didn\'t have a good way: "Dad, how can you talk like that? Qin Feng came so far to see his grandfather. It\'s ok if you don\'t thank him. It\'s so rude to talk! It\'s too much!"

Qin Feng brushed Su Ruoxue\'s hand off and said in a deep voice, "it\'s all right. Just cure it!"

He promised to help Mr. Su cure his illness, but he didn\'t care what others thought when he saw the face of Chen Wu and Su Ruoxue.

Step forward and walk to the bedside.

Qin Feng bent down to feel the pulse for old man Su, and then took out a silver needle to stab his people, and a little black blood came out.

Several people standing at the door rushed forward——

"Can you cure it? If you can\'t cure it, don\'t do it!"

"Yes, our old man still has a few days. If you can\'t cure it, don\'t inject!"

"Or forget it. We\'ll give you the medical expenses as usual. Don\'t treat it!"


Several people spoke in all directions. Su Ruoxue hurried forward and stood in front of Qin Feng.

"Hello! Aunts, uncles and uncles, he hasn\'t been cured yet. You won\'t let him have an injection! What\'s the matter? Are you a doctor?"

The Su family leader frowned and said in a cold voice, "Ruo Xue, how can you talk?"

Although he has always been used to Su Ruoxue, he saw Su Ruoxue contradicting his elders for the first time.

It\'s still for a man!

Su Ruoxue shriveled her mouth. Although she was dissatisfied, she didn\'t dare to directly contradict her father. "All right, all of you go out. I\'m watching here!"

After that, regardless of what several people said, he directly pushed the others out.

After closing the door with a bang, he whispered, "really, it\'s all here. There are so many things!"

When she came back, Grandpa was dying. Although she was sad, she also knew that the situation should be prepared for the worst.

But still have hope!

As long as a doctor comes, if there is any way, we should also try.

Besides, she believes in Qin Feng\'s character and will never mess around.

Su Ruoxue turned back and walked to Qin Feng. Looking at him, he looked dignified and lost a little, "it\'s okay. My grandpa has reached this point. Even if he can\'t be cured, it\'s okay!"

Qin Feng looked back at her and said in a soft voice, "he was poisoned, which led to coma. Now the poison goes into the bone marrow. If it\'s a little later, I\'m afraid he can\'t be saved!"

Hearing the speech, Su Ruoxue caught a key point and said in surprise, "so you can cure it?"

His eyes flashed and looked at him with expectation.

Qin Feng nodded, "it can be cured. But..."

He gave a little meal and frowned slightly.

Looking sideways at Su Ruoxue, he said seriously, "the old man\'s poison is a kind of chronic poison. It must be the poison of people close to you. You\'d better find out who the poison is, otherwise the other party will still poison!"

Su Ruoxue frowned, "close people?"

He thought about the people around him carefully and shook his head.

I can\'t think of a suspicious person!

Qin Feng\'s lips were slightly hooked and said faintly, "well, I\'ll detoxify him first. When he wakes up, maybe I can ask who poisoned him."

After that, he took out his acupuncture bag and took out several silver needles to stab old man Su\'s acupoints.

Su Ruoxue looked at Qin Feng seriously, and her eyes wanted to turn into a peach heart.

She deserves to be a man she likes. She can even acupuncture!

If he can cure Grandpa, maybe she goes to beg her father, and his father will let them together

Half an hour later, Qin Feng took off the silver needle from old man su.

"Cough! Cough!"

Old man Su suddenly coughed and slowly opened his eyes.

Su Ruoxue shouted excitedly, "Grandpa, you\'re awake, you\'re awake at last!"

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