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Chapter 45

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Yang Fei also watched the pepper fly into his little brother\'s mouth.


He suddenly patted the table and suddenly got up to look at Qin Feng.

"Qin Feng, are you fucking looking for trouble? How dare you treat my little brother..."

Yang Fei said half, Qin Feng frowned, quickly picked up a pepper and threw it out.

"Ka! Cough -" Yang Fei coughed fiercely.

The whole face turned red with coughing.

Several other younger brothers gathered around one after another, as if they were going to do it.

Qin Feng sneered, put the chopsticks on the table and slapped the end of the chopsticks——

Chopsticks fly up and turn around in the air!

Qin Feng got up, held the chopsticks accurately, and put the other end against Yang Fei\'s throat.

Yang Fei held his breath in an instant and dared not cough again.

Qin Feng half hung his eyes and looked at the chopsticks in his hand. "Yang Fei, I should have told you to keep your mouth clean?"

He has owed his eldest brother and parents too much in his life. How can he tolerate others abusing them?

Not a word!

Yang Fei swallowed his saliva and felt that the chopsticks in front of him were no different from the dagger.

He didn\'t even doubt that Qin Feng could kill him with chopsticks!

Several younger brothers around were stunned for a moment and didn\'t dare to say more.

Qin Feng lifted his eyelids and said faintly, "I said last time. It won\'t be so simple next time!"

Then he felt the silver needle with one hand.

The silver needle accurately pierced the acupoint between Yang Fei\'s neck.

Yang Fei\'s eyes widened and his mouth opened, but he found that he couldn\'t speak.

This... What\'s going on?

He looked at Qin Feng in disbelief, as if asking about it.

Qin Feng took the needle, smiled and said calmly, "I said, let your mouth be clean! Since you can\'t do it yourself, I\'ll help you!"

After that, he threw his chopsticks into the dustbin, took a new pair, and sat down to continue eating.

A dozen pairs of eyes stared at him, but he seemed to feel nothing.

Su Ruoxue looked at him in surprise and whispered, "Qin Feng, why are you so powerful?"

A silver needle made Yang Fei "shut up", which was somewhat unexpected!

Besides, Qin Feng just held Yang Fei\'s throat with chopsticks——

Her heart missed a beat!

This man is simply the lover of her dream. He is so handsome!

Yang Fei, who stood aside, tried several times and couldn\'t make a sound. He was afraid at the moment.

Looking at Qin Feng still calmly eating hot pot, Yang Fei knelt down without hesitation.

The younger brothers beside him were also stunned.

The most beloved grandson of the Yang family knelt in front of Qin Feng!

I\'m afraid no one will believe it

Qin Feng turned to look at him and sneered, "it\'s late."

Two words, not loud, but let Yang Fei collapse to the ground.

Empty eyes and pale complexion.

How did this happen? It\'s just a word. He became a mute!

Yang Fei slowly recovered and stared at Qin Feng angrily.

His eyes wanted to turn into a sharp sword and stabbed Qin Feng thousands of times.

He stood up with his hands and left the hotel with big strides

Su Ruoxue watched the group leave and whispered, "Qin Feng, Yang Fei is the most favored grandson of the Yang family. Aren\'t you afraid that old Taijun Yang is angry? They might embarrass your big brother!"

Qin Feng said faintly, "just try!"

Just four words, but inexplicably domineering side leakage.

As long as he is there, no one can embarrass brother, not even Yang Huihui!


The mobile phone bell suddenly rang. Qin Feng looked at the number on it. It was Lin Feifei\'s number.

What\'s wrong with calling at this time?

He hurried through the phone, but at the other end of the phone was another man\'s voice——

"Yo! Lin Feifei, who are you calling? It doesn\'t look like your brother\'s number. What\'s the matter? Your waste brother is not in Nancheng. Who can you find to save you! Ha ha... You\'d better follow me honestly!"

It\'s Gu Laosan\'s voice!

Qin Feng immediately recognized it, got up and ran towards the door. He reached for a car and went towards Lin Yu\'s apartment.

Before the phone hung up, Gu Laosan\'s voice rang out again, "hum! I\'m still your third brother, brother Feng! Boy, I\'m not afraid of you. We have more than a dozen brothers. Come if you have the courage! It\'s at No. 73 Tianyu street!"

Hearing the speech, Qin Feng directly hung up the phone and said to the driver, "go to No. 73 Tianyu street! Go as fast as you can. I\'ll be responsible if something happens!"

Now Lin Yu is busy with the virus experiment organization. He has no time to take care of Lin Feifei.

If something happened to Lin Feifei at this time, Lin Yu would collapse.

After all, this is Lin Yu\'s only relative!

On such a thought, Qin Feng suddenly shouted, "stop! I\'ll come!"

"Hiss -"

The driver slammed on the brake and had no time to react, so the driver\'s door was opened.

Qin Feng\'s eyebrows tightened, "come down! Sit in the back!"

The driver only felt that his brain was blank and had to follow Qin Feng\'s orders.

However, the moment the car started, the driver was about to cry——

Where is driving? It\'s flying a plane!

The speed is so fast that I wish I could take off, but I haven\'t met a car or even rushed through a traffic light.

The time card is just right!

Qin Feng arrived at No. 73 Tianyu street in less than 15 minutes after an hour\'s journey.

In the shabby mahjong hall, Lin Feifei\'s hands were tied together and adhesive tape was stuck to her mouth.

More than a dozen people stood around, led by Gu Laosan\'s eldest brother Du Ming!


Qin Feng kicked open the door of mahjong hall and walked in.

When Lin Feifei saw Qin Feng, tears fell.

When brother Feng comes, she\'ll be fine.

Qin Feng stood at the door and said angrily, "how dare you move Lin Yu\'s sister to death!"

Gu Laosan walked over with his arms in his hands and said with a sneer, "boy, you are the maple brother? I thought you were a powerful man, just a counseling bag!"

After that, he turned to his eldest brother Du Ming and explained, "last time I started with Lin Yu, this boy was nearby. I don\'t know how to help Lin Yu. Don\'t be afraid of him!"

Smelling the speech, Du Ming smoked a cigar, smiled low and looked at Qin Feng disdainfully, "I\'ll give you the boy!"

Gu Laosan nodded repeatedly, "OK! Don\'t worry, brother. I can\'t beat Lin Yu. Can I still beat this counseling bag?"

While talking, he walked towards Qin Feng.

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes. The expression on his face gradually condensed and whispered, "I didn\'t do it last time because I believe in Lin Yu\'s strength!"

Just this time

If you don\'t teach these people a lesson, they won\'t know who can\'t be provoked!

Dare to move the family of your comrades in arms and seek death!

Gu Laosan glanced at the corners of his mouth, "what are you talking about? I\'ll show you today..."


Qin Feng raised his hand and shook it with a slap. Gu Laosan fell to the ground.

A hook in the corner of his mouth said faintly, "I won\'t be wordy now!"

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