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Chapter 47

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The next day, Su Ruoxue angrily came to Qin Feng and said that the door was broken.

He asked him to repair the door, and said that the door was broken because of him.

Qin Feng had no choice but to borrow tools to help her repair the door.

Su Ruoxue leaned against the wall in her pajamas and looked at Qin Feng busy. A touch of shame flashed in her eyes. "Qin Feng, my door shouldn\'t be so easy to repair? It\'s really not good. I\'ll go to you and live for a few days. When the landlord comes back, let the landlord deal with it!"

It\'s just enough to supervise him and see if that woman hooked him up!

He could let him put down such a beautiful woman and run to find another woman!

Qin Feng was still busy repairing the door and said in a deep voice, "good repair, it\'ll be right away."

As soon as the voice fell, he got up, shook the door and nodded with satisfaction.

He looked back at Su Ruoxue, "it\'s repaired. Be careful when you go in and out in the future. Don\'t slam the door with so much strength."

Su Ruoxue\'s face turned red. Looking at Qin Feng\'s serious face, he clenched his lower lip, "you... You really want to kill me!"

She broke the door with so much effort yesterday that he repaired it so quickly.

Less than half an hour!

After saying that, he put his feet in the door. Just as he was about to go back to the bedroom, he suddenly stopped.

He turned back and stared at Qin Feng, quickly stepped forward and slammed the door.

Qin Feng, standing at the door, touched his head and looked at the closed door. Suddenly he felt funny.

I\'m afraid the girl is playing with the big lady\'s temper again!


The cell phone ring suddenly sounded, especially clear in the corridor.

Qin Feng looked at the caller ID and hurriedly connected the phone, "big brother."

"I\'m your sister-in-law." Yang Huihui explained.

Looking back at Qin Hai, who was kneeling in the ancestral hall, he moved a little two steps and said at the corner, "Xiao Feng, Yang Fei is dumb. Did you do this?"

Qin Feng immediately realized that something was wrong, "is brother punished?"

"Yes, your eldest brother has been kneeling in the ancestral hall all night. I really can\'t see it anymore, so I called you."

Yang Huihui\'s voice was not hard to hear.

After all, she is her husband. Moreover, now their feelings are gradually warming up. Naturally, she can\'t watch Qin Hai punished.

Qin Feng frowned and said in a low voice, "give me the address and I\'ll come right away!"

An hour later, the car stopped in front of the ancestral hall of the Yang family.

Qin Feng got off and walked with great strides.

The two security guards at the door saw Qin Feng coming and hurriedly blocked the door.

One of the security guards recognized Qin Feng and said disdainfully, "you\'re not the Yang family. You can\'t go in!"

Qin Feng sneered coldly and said in a cold voice, "I\'m going in. Who can stop me?"

After saying that, the true Qi gathered at their fingertips and quickly nodded on their foreheads.

Their eyes widened and their bodies fell uncontrollably.

Qin Feng lifted his feet and entered. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Qin Hai kneeling in the ancestral hall.

After all, he had been kneeling all night, and his body was already a little unstable.

Sitting on the ancestral hall was also old Taijun Yang, with Yang Fei and Yang Tiande standing aside.

Seeing Qin Feng entering the door, Yang laotaijun slowly got up and walked around Qin Hai.

Yang Fei glared at Qin Feng angrily. He couldn\'t help getting more angry at the thought that he might not be able to speak in the future.

If you don\'t kill Qin Feng, it\'s hard to solve your hatred!

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes and looked at the three people coming. Leng hissed: "if you can\'t deal with me, start with my eldest brother. Old Taijun Yang is not afraid of the jokes of the Yang family!"

Yang laotaijun\'s eyes were very sharp. Looking at Qin Feng, he said angrily, "you hurt my favorite grandson like this. You can\'t speak for him. Shouldn\'t I breathe for him?"

The voice is not loud, but it is also very dignified.

Qin Hai, kneeling in the ancestral hall, slowly turned back. Seeing Qin Feng coming, his eyebrows wrinkled and his hands stood up slowly.

Although Yang laotaijun has not allowed him to get up, they will not let Qin Feng go easily.

no way! After all, he is the door-to-door son-in-law of the Yang family. Even if he is humiliated, Xiao Feng can\'t!

Qin Feng is the upright man of the Qin family. He can\'t be humiliated!

Qin Hai limped out and said weakly, "I\'ll punish Xiao Feng for his mistake. You let him go!"

Qin Feng\'s eyebrows tightened. "Big brother, one person does things and one person does things. It has nothing to do with you!"

While talking, he came forward to hold Qin Hai.

I\'m afraid I\'ll hurt my knee after kneeling for so long.

Be sure to give the needle to big brother later.

Yang laotaijun sneered and looked back at Qin Hai. "You are a door-to-door son-in-law, and you deserve to teach me how to do things?"

Yang Fei nodded and glared at Qin Feng.

He\'s dumb. You must pay the price!

Hearing the sound, Yang Huihui hurried out of the side room. Seeing that Qin Feng had come, she quickly walked over, "grandma, Qin Hai has been kneeling for so long, or..."

"Shut up!" Yang laotaijun scolded and stared at Yang Huihui.

Yang Huihui kept silent and dared not say more.

After all, the whole Yang family should listen to Mr. Yang. Even if she won the cooperation of Shengshi group, she dare not be half disrespectful.

Qin Feng sneered, looked at the three people in front of him, and said, "what\'s the matter with my son-in-law? My eldest brother works openly and aboveboard. He didn\'t do it. You actually punished him, regardless of right and wrong!"

Then he stepped forward and his eyes were full of banter, "today you let my eldest brother kneel down. I don\'t mind silencing you! I can\'t hear you say something unclean!"

Yang laotaijun looked at him in surprise, "you... You dare!"

"What am I afraid of? Who can stop what Qin Feng wants to do?"

Qin Feng\'s cold vision swept the three people in front of him one by one.

With a trace of ruthlessness in the cold!

Yang laotaijun had no doubt about what Qin Feng said.

From seeing Qin Feng to now, every time he shocked her, it was unspeakable.

Thinking about it, I suddenly saw the security guard running over——

The security guard stood beside Mr. Yang and respectfully said, "Mr. Yang, there is a man named Chen Wu outside the door."

Yang laotaijun\'s pupil trembled for a moment and naturally knew Chen wuliai\'s purpose.

Must have come to support Qin Hai!

At the birthday party, Chen Wu specially named to sign a contract with Qin Hai. It can be seen that the relationship is extraordinary.

Now it\'s so timely. Someone must have tipped off!

She glanced at Qin Feng and said angrily, "your boy is good enough!"

Even Chen Wu came. It seems that this matter can only be settled.

Qin Feng smiled at the corner of his mouth and was very satisfied with the performance of Yang laotaijun.

Since he cares so much about the business of the Yang family, he doesn\'t mind letting Chen Wu come.

In this way, no one in the Yang family will dare to move big brother again!

Yang Huihui pulled Qin Feng\'s sleeve and asked in a low voice, "did you let Chen Wu come?"

The light in my eyes was slightly flashing, which seemed to be some surprise.

Qin Feng nodded, "let him play!"

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