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Chapter 48

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Chen Wu came in, looked at several people in the yard and said with a smile, "what\'s the matter? Is the Yang ancestral temple gathering?"

Before coming, Qin Feng had told him the specific situation. Naturally, he knew it was to give Qin Hai a breath.

They only threatened them with the cooperation of Shengshi group, and Qin Hai and Yang Huihui were finally damaged.

It\'s always bad. It\'s too obvious.

Yang laotaijun smiled and said, "yes, I haven\'t come to the ancestral hall for a long time, so I took them to have a look and kowtow to the ancestors of the Yang family."

Chen Wu walked up to several people, looked down at Qin Hai\'s knee and looked at old Taijun Yang with interest. "Since it\'s kowtowing to the ancestors of the Yang family, it\'s not appropriate to only let my eldest brother kowtow?"

Among them, only Qin Hai had dust on his knees.

The others obviously didn\'t kneel down!

Yang laotaijun was stunned. Unexpectedly, Chen Wu was called brother Qin Hai.

At the last birthday party, although Chen Wu specifically asked Qin hai to sign the contract, she only thought it was for some other reason.

Is it difficult that Chen Wu\'s relationship with Qin Hai is really very good?

If so

In the future, I\'m afraid I\'ll have to offer Qin Hai\'s door-to-door son-in-law well.

She looked at Qin Hai and said with a light smile, "Qin Hai is the door-to-door son-in-law. He just knocks more, and he can better see his loyalty to the Yang family!"


Chen Wu sneered and looked up at old Taijun Yang.

"The visiting son-in-law is also the Yang family. He still needs loyalty! It seems that the Yang family is really interesting. I can find so many high sounding reasons only by letting my eldest brother kneel down. I don\'t think it\'s necessary to leave the cooperation of Shengshi group to the Yang family in the next quarter!"

Hearing the speech, old Taijun Yang suddenly sank and looked at Qin Hai.

Qin Hai frowned and naturally guessed Chen wuliai\'s purpose.

Xiao Feng must have brought Chen Wu here to vent his anger for him!

However, if he doesn\'t cooperate with Shengshi group in the next quarter, he and Yang Huihui will be unlucky at that time.

Now the relationship with Yang Huihui is a little better. This must not happen!

"Chen Wu, this is our Yang family\'s business. As for cooperation..."

Chen five has the final say to Qin Hai, and interrupted him in time. "Big brother, you have the final say in cooperation. As long as you say a word, you can rest assured that the next quarter\'s cooperation is still yours!"

In a word, the Yang family present were stunned.

As long as Qin Hai opens his mouth, cooperation is his!

How domineering? How respected?

Yang laotaijun looked at Qin Feng and Qin Hai in front of him. After a moment of hesitation, he smiled and said, "look, Huihui is so lucky to marry such a promising man! It is also the glory of our Yang family. I see that among the Yang family\'s grandchildren, Huihui and Qin Hai are the most popular!"

As soon as the conversation turned, it was very different from just now!

Qin Feng said in his heart: the speed of changing face is very fast!

Yang Fei looked at Yang laotaijun in surprise, meditated for a moment, and then lowered his head.

Since Chen Wu came forward, grandma must have given him some thin noodles, right?

Chen Wu stood with his hands down, looked at his eyes, and Yang Fei nodded, "I think so! My eldest brother and my sister-in-law have always been diligent and will be able to expand the business of the Yang family in the future! Of course, as long as my eldest brother opens his mouth, I will try my best to help!"

He gave Qin Hai enough face and lost Yang Fei without trace.

Even if Yang laotaijun and Yang Tiande are dissatisfied, they dare not say more.

Chen Wu looked at several people and gently raised his eyebrows. "If there\'s nothing wrong, I\'ll go to dinner with my eldest brother. I haven\'t talked to him for a long time!"

Yang laotaijun nodded repeatedly and said in a voice: "go, go, go, you brothers should have more contact! We\'ll come to the ancestral temple. In the future, Qin Hai and Huihui don\'t have to kowtow. If they have nothing to do, get together with friends!"

Then he winked at Yang Huihui.

Yang Huihui nodded, "I see, grandma."

Immediately, several people left the Yang family ancestral hall together.

Out of the door, several people sat on Chen Wu\'s Rolls Royce.

Qin Feng looked sideways at Chen Wu and said calmly, "thank you for today!"

"Ho! Why are you so polite to me? You cured old Chen\'s illness. It\'s no small matter!" Chen Wu said carelessly.

After that, he looked at the two people in the rearview mirror, "I\'m Qin Feng\'s friend. You can tell me what you want in the future! I\'ll call you big brother and sister-in-law with Qin Feng in the future. Don\'t be polite to me!"

Xu is because he has been with old Chen for many years. His character is the same as old Chen. He knows kindness and seeks revenge, and hates evil as hatred.

The behavior of Yang laotaijun is naturally shameless.

Looking at Qin Feng\'s face, he will naturally try his best to help Qin Hai and his wife.

Qin Hai waved his hand again and again and hurriedly said, "no, no, no! I\'m very grateful to you for today\'s things. I can\'t always trouble you in the future. After all, you have so many things to do."

Yang Huihui nodded in agreement, "yes, thank you, President Chen, for today\'s business."

After all, he is a partner. How dare you call him?

Besides, we still have to find ways to win the cooperation in the next quarter.

Chen Wu said faintly, "don\'t call me President Chen in the future. Just call me Chen Wu."

The party returned to Yang Huihui\'s villa. Qin Feng injected Qin Hai\'s knee and left with Chen Wu.

Without Qin Hai and Yang Huihui, Chen Wu naturally stopped being taboo and whispered, "your second uncle is coming back. According to the survey, he is coming back next Sunday, and the ticket has been booked! But there is no guarantee that there will be no variables, so you\'d better not mess with the Ye family during this time! At least you can\'t make big moves, otherwise I\'m afraid he won\'t come back if he gets the news!"

Qin Feng\'s eyebrows tightened, nodded and said in a low voice, "thank you."

Chen Wu looked at Qin Feng on his side and said slowly, "Qin Feng, don\'t be polite to me in the future. If you have something to say, you can say it directly! To tell you the truth, I love to make friends, but there are few things that suit my heart. You are a rare one! In the future, you will take me as your own person and say it directly!"

Qin Feng said with a faint smile, "OK."

He also feels very comfortable with Chen Wu these days. At least he is a friend worth making.

Today, he came to help again and gave his eldest brother enough face. This friend is worth making.

Half an hour later, Qin Feng returned home.

As soon as I entered the door, I heard a small voice downstairs——

Faintly mixed with Su Ruoxue\'s cry for help!

Qin Feng immediately realized that the situation was wrong and rushed downstairs.

A few men with ropes in their hands could be seen in the half closed door.

There is even a familiar figure——

Gu Xiangyi!

Qin Feng kicked the door open with a bang and shouted angrily, "Gu Xiangyi, it seems that you still don\'t have a long memory!"

He should have been beaten up last time. Naturally, he had no chance to do evil!

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