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Chapter 6

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Li ningshuang and Chen Wuyi looked at old Chen expectantly.

Old Chen got up slowly, moved his body, and then played a set of Taijiquan in the living room.

For a full ten minutes, old Chen showed no sign of instability.

Li ningshuang\'s beautiful eyes flashed, and his eyes looked at Qin Feng a little more strange.

Old Chen was full of energy and said with a smile: "he is worthy of being the disciple of the medicine emperor. This medicine is really not covered!"

Li ningshuang and Chen Wu looked at Qin Feng in shock.

He... Is a disciple of the medicine emperor?

The medicine emperor is the great hand of the country. The Dragon sees the head but not the tail all the year round.

It\'s a legendary existence.

Qin Feng was not humble and said, "old Chen laughed. It\'s my honor to treat you!"

Old Chen has a high position and power. A name is enough to suppress the border years. Such a legend can\'t fall easily.

Chen Jiuhua laughed: "I can\'t go back to the battlefield. Xiao Wu, pay my medical expenses to Longya!"

Chen Wu took out a black bank card from his pocket and said, "there are five million in it. It\'s old Chen\'s medical expenses!"

Five million!

Money that ordinary people can\'t earn in a lifetime.

With these five million, he can make his eldest brother look up and be a man in the Yang family.

However, Qin Feng shook his head and declined: "I said it\'s my honor to treat old Chen. Naturally, I can\'t charge the medical expenses!"

Old Chen was stunned and said with a smile, "I have a company with a market value of 10 million in Nancheng. Please take care of it for me!"

It is said that Qin Feng helps Li take care of the company. In fact, he gives the company to him.

Qin Feng naturally saw Chen Lao\'s idea and shook his head and said, "I\'ve found a job. I really can\'t spare time!"

Li ningshuang and Chen Wugang\'s affection for Qin Feng suddenly disappeared!

I\'m afraid there are no more people in China.

Old Chen didn\'t have any dissatisfaction on his face. He still smiled and said, "if you have any conditions, just speak!"

Qin Feng nodded and said, "boy, there is a request!"

Li ningshuang and Chen Wu\'s nerves burst.

Doesn\'t he know what Chen Lao is?

Dare you make conditions for old Chen?

Qin Feng said calmly, "five years ago, the dragon soul special team carried out a secret mission. The intelligence leaked on the way to the mission, resulting in heavy losses to our side!"

Old Chen looked dignified and asked in a deep voice, "I\'ve heard about it. Do you know who leaked the information?"

Qin Feng saw a figure in his mind and immediately nodded, "his name is Wang Peng!"

In fact, Qin Feng is not sure whether Wang Peng leaked the information.

He trained the whole dragon soul special team himself.

Only Wang Peng parachuted from other teams, and he was cautious and somewhat out of group.

Besides this person, Qin Feng never thought of anyone else who would betray the dragon soul.

Old Chen looked at Chen Wu and said, "investigate immediately!"


Chen Wu\'s waist was straight and respected a standard ceremony!

At this time, Qin Feng suddenly asked, "should we be able to complete the task in three days?"

Three days?

Who do you despise?

Chen Wu stared at Qin Feng coldly and said, "I\'ll give you the results tomorrow!"

With that, he went straight outside and made a phone call.

Qin Feng obviously deliberately stimulated Chen Wu, but Chen Wu didn\'t want to be satirized in front of Chen Lao, so he had to make a commitment.

This just achieved Qin Feng\'s goal.

Both Chen Lao and Li ningshuang smiled without saying anything.

Li ningshuang whispered, "old Chen, I\'ve prepared the food. It\'s better to go to the tea man with Longya!"

Old Chen nodded with satisfaction and said, "you are still a sensible girl! Dragon teeth, go and have two drinks with me?"

Seeing that it was getting late, Qin Feng smiled bitterly and said, "old Chen, I\'m going to visit a comrade in arms!"

The smile on Li ningshuang\'s face gradually converged, went to Qin Feng and whispered, "little guy, it\'s almost enough. If you\'re like this, my sister will be rude to you!"

After saying that, she also blew a mouthful of heat into Qin Feng\'s ear.

Qin Feng blushed with the fragrance of orchids. He has rejected Chen twice in a row today.

If we refuse again, I\'m afraid it\'s really unreasonable.

Just as Qin Feng was ready to promise, old Chen suddenly frowned and said, "I forgot that today is my granddaughter\'s birthday, dragon tooth boy, I\'ll invite you to dinner next time!"

Speaking of this, old Chen hehe smiled: "by the way, I\'ll show you my granddaughter when I have time!"

Qin Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva. After two greetings, he said goodbye to old Chen.

In the room, old Chen looked at Qin Feng\'s back with his hands on his back. His eyes were full of appreciation.

Li ningshuang asked, "old Chen, don\'t you really want to introduce the girl churan to this guy?"

Old Chen stood with his hands down and said with a long smile, "once the wind and cloud rise, it will soar up to 90000 miles!"


When Qin Feng left Yulongshan villa, it was already more than 8 p.m.

I wanted to see my old friends at night.

But the thought that he had no money changed his mind.

In the dragon soul special team, Qin Feng was an excellent sniper.

He can achieve a hundred goals without false hair, but the premise is to have a qualified observer.

The vice captain of longhun special team is Qin Feng\'s observer.

The two have cooperated tacitly and successfully completed numerous difficult tasks.

Unfortunately, on the day Qin Feng was sentenced to prison, Lin Yu went home to visit his relatives and had a car accident.

As an excellent observer, Lin Yu\'s perception in all aspects of his body is far beyond ordinary people, and the possibility of an accident is zero.

Therefore, Qin Feng guessed that this was a premeditated assassination!

When Qin Feng came to a corner without monitoring, he suddenly stopped.

He said coldly, "it\'s almost as far as sending me. Please go back!"

In the dark, a beautiful figure came out slowly.

It\'s Li ningshuang!

In front of Mr. Chen, she dare not be presumptuous, but now there is no one around.

Li ningshuang said with a charming smile, "the children are really powerful. You are the first person who can find me tracking!"

One second ago, Li ningshuang smiled and chanted, and the next second, Li ningshuang suddenly shot.

She stepped forward with a lunge and struck Qin Feng straight at the neck.

The speed is amazing.

Qin Feng closed his pupils slightly and grabbed Li ningshuang\'s fat and jade wrist at the same time.

Li ningshuang chuckled, and his other hand clawed at Qin Feng\'s throat.

The move was fatal. Qin Feng sneered and hit Li ningshuang\'s abdomen with his knee.

He didn\'t reserve his strength.

Li ningshuang exclaimed and hurriedly distanced himself from Qin Feng.

She stroked her messy hair and said with a smile, "it seems that I really underestimated your strength. No wonder old Chen values you so much!"

Qin Feng looked at Li ningshuang lightly and said, "it\'s nothing. I\'ll go back first!"

Then he turned and left!

Li ningshuang stared at Qin Feng\'s back and smiled playfully at the corners of his mouth.


Huifeng management dormitory.

In a luxurious suite, Li Tianyu is holding Zhao min.

A moment later, they sat panting on the sofa.

Li Tianyu lit a cigarette and said, "are you sure Qin Feng lives in that dormitory?"

Zhao Min\'s face flushed. She raised her head and kissed Li Tianyu on the face and said, "I\'m sure the Minister of the dormitory management office told me personally!"

Li Tianyu picked up his cell phone and dialed a phone.

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