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Chapter 675 - Us Chinese Are Especially Friendly

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Chapter 675: Us Chinese Are Especially Friendly

“That’s why I said, you’re so cute.”

Song Yaoyao clasped her fingers and rested them below her chin. The setting sun’s rays grew brighter and brighter, dyeing half of Song Yaoyao’s face red.

A gentle breeze suddenly blew, making the wind chimes hanging by the window ring slightly.

Alice stopped smiling and no longer had the thought of looking down on her.

She could only be friends with the girl in front of her.

Obviously, Song Yaoyao also understood this point.

“Let’s talk about your illness.”

When she said this, Alice was obviously relieved.

“Do you know why you’re sick?” Song Yaoyao waved at her. Alice leaned closer to Song Yaoyao as the girl’s slightly cold finger pointed at her heart. “Here.”

Alice was puzzled. “My…heart?”

She had done many physical examinations, but she had never found any problems, and none of the most skilled doctors could cure her. Only Song Yaoyao, although she was not cured, managed to temporarily control her illness and let her be a normal person for a month.

“Speaking of which, your enemy is very smart. Do you know why most doctors can’t cure you? Because what destroys your body and constantly eats away at your life is not a disease, but a bug…”

“A bug?!”

Alice screamed in an instant. She covered her mouth and retched desperately.

“You mean? You mean there’s a bug in my body? Oh my god, I’m going to faint!”

Even if someone died in front of her eyes, she could remain calm.

Very few people knew that Alice’s fatal flaw was that she was afraid of bugs.

All soft, wriggling bugs.

“Don’t be agitated.”

Song Yaoyao looked at the two bodyguards who had barged in and slowly raised her hands, “I’m very sorry, but aren’t you being rude to point your guns at me like that? This isn’t Country Y! Do you want to be arrested? Huh?”

Alice’s little face was pale. She suddenly felt that Song Yaoyao had made a wise decision not to let her eat.

Otherwise, she would definitely vomit in front of Song Yaoyao in a sorry state.

Putting aside whether she was in a sorry state or not, it would be terrible if she was unhappy again.

She realized that this girl’s personality was even more unpredictable than hers.

“Put down the gun!”

Alice took a sip of tea and suppressed the nausea in her throat as she ordered in a low voice.

The two bodyguards hesitated, but their muzzles were still pointed at Song Yaoyao.

Song Yaoyao’s expression did not change. She held the teacup and sipped slowly.

“Bro, are you going to put down the gun obediently, or do you want me to blow your head off? Huh?”

The already tense atmosphere was intensified by the sudden appearance of this voice.

Alice turned her head and saw the young man she had the honor of meeting in the Shen Family’s garden.

In the darkness back then, she could only vaguely see his silhouette. Only now did she realize that he was very young.

He smiled as he held the black guys in each of his hands. Unknowingly, he had already pressed his hands against the heads of the two bodyguards.

Before this, they had not even noticed him at all!

Cold sweat dripped down.

Alice could vaguely see that behind the door, there were countless bodyguards dressed in black.

However, before entering the restaurant with Song Yaoyao, neither she nor the bodyguards beside her noticed any movement.

Alice’s respect for China deepened.

She raised her hand and ordered again, “Alright, I’m ordering you to put down your weapons! Yoyo is my friend, she’s a good person!”

Song Yaoyao, who was inexplicably given a good person card, swallowed her tea and nodded sincerely.

“We Chinese are especially friendly and never use guns or knives.”

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