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Chapter 276 - Guild Mission Groups

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[ Nameless Guild ]

After returning back to his guild house, Xiao Fang took his class uniform off then changed into something a little more comfortable before crashing on his bed. In that brief moment of silence, he could hear his girls training in the gym, so he eventually got up from his bed and walked out of his room.

Once he entered the gym, he could see Xiao Hei, Zhao Pan, Ruo Shi, and Peng Ting training in pairs under Jiang Mei's guidance.

'It seems Peng Ting has already introduced herself,' Xiao Fang thought.

He didn't realize it before, but seeing Zhao Pan, Ruo Shi, and Peng Ting training their body cultivation realms, he could tell that they were all in the lower stages of the Body Core realm. Not only was it impressive, it was also convenient since they all met the requirement to learn the [ Solid Clone ] technique.

"Fang!" Xiao Hei said excitedly when she saw him, but she quickly covered her mouth when she realized her mistake.

The other girls turned around, then became confused when they saw Xiao Fang.

"Fang? Is that a nickname or something?" Ruo Shi asked.

Although Xiao Fang was a bit annoyed that Xiao Hei said his real name, he was no longer paranoid about anyone finding out. Even if they knew his name, no one would suspect that he was from the Divine Sword sect.

"Fang is my real name, feel free to call me that if you want," Xiao Fang said to clear up the confusion.

Although it was just a name, it added to the mystery of who he was, and it made them feel closer to him.

"Fang, can I speak to you for a moment," Jiang Mei asked.

Xiao Fang nodded then followed her to a private room.

"What's wrong?" Xiao Fang asked.

"I noticed that your monthly expenses have already exceeded 30,000 merit points for this month. If your guild members don't start going out on missions soon, I'm worried that you might have to go into debt," she said.

Xiao Fang realized that he forgot to tell her what rank he got on the Trial Pod Test, so he took out his black guild stone to show her.

Black Stone:

1. Long Wang (rank 9)

2. Jiang Mei (Elder)

3. Su Yun (Elder)

4. Ye Ming (rank 43)

5. Fei Lin (rank 47)




11. Yuan Fei (Rank NA)

Jiang Mei gasped.

'That... that's impossible. How could he already place 9th on the Trial Pod Test!?' she thought in shock.

There were many shocking things Jiang Mei learned about Xiao Fang these past few months, each thing more shocking than the last. However, this time she was truly speechless.

Although she always suspected that he had a high Body Cultivation realm, she never expected him to have such a high Spirit Cultivation realm as well.

"As you can see, I can afford to recruit a few more disciples without worrying about going into debt. As for the guild missions, I have my own plans for that," Xiao Fang said, assuming she knew the merit point reward he would gain for being in the top 10.

Xiao Fang knew that completing guild missions was necessary to make his guild grow, so he already planned to make an announcement about it today.

"Since most of them are here, I might as well tell them about it now," Xiao Fang said before leaving the private room.

"Girls, listen up," Xiao Fang said to grab their attention.

They already knew that they had to do a certain number of missions per week, so all Xiao Fang wanted to say was that he was finally going to put them into groups.

1st group: Xiao Fang, Ye Ming, Yan Mei, and Lai Yun.

2nd group: Xiao Hei, Zhao Pan, Ruo Shi, and Peng Ting


Guild missions were special missions only those in a guild could do. The reason why they were so coveted was because the merit point rewards were always high, and they wouldn't need to be put on a waiting list to do them.

For each guild mission completed, 60% of the mission rewards would go to the guild, while the remaining 40% would be split amongst the 4 group members. Although it didn't seem like a lot, if they did them everyday, they could each make more than a few thousand merit points a month.


"Does that mean we can go on guild missions now?" Peng Ting asked.

"Mn. Since everyone from group 2 is here, talk amongst yourselves and try to schedule a time that works for everyone," Xiao Fang replied.

"Girls, what do you say?" Peng Ting asked as she turned to them.

Peng Ting was excited about being able to do guild missions, so she wanted to get started right away. Unlike the other three, Peng Ting knew how special guild missions were because this wasn't her first year in the Inner Court.

"Yeah, sure, why not," Zhao Pan shrugged.

"I guess I have time to do a mission," Ruo Shi said.

Truthfully, Ruo Shi was looking forward to spending some alone time with Xiao Fang, but she didn't want to hold the other girls back for her selfish personal desires.

"What about you, Fei Lin?" Peng Ting asked.

Xiao Hei pouted as she looked at Xiao Fang.

{"Why can't I be on your team?"} Xiao Hei asked Xiao Fang via Spirit transmission.

{"There is no one I trust more than you to protect my second team,"} Xiao Fang explained back to her through a spirit transmission.

Hearing Xiao Fang's words, Xiao Hei could understand his reasoning, so she didn't make a big fuss about it. However, Xiao Fang could tell that she was still upset about it, so he sent her another Spirit Transmission.

{"If you do a good job for me, I'll be sure to reward you with whatever you want tonight."}

The moment she received Xiao Fang's second [ Spirit Transmission ], she immediately smiled. The way she was smiling at him made him feel like she was never really upset with him at all.

"Okay, I'll go," Xiao Hei finally said happily.

'Am I really that gullible...' Xiao Fang thought defeatedly.

Xiao Hei was so cute it was too hard to tell. However, Xiao Fang didn't feel too bad about it because she was the only other Dual Cultivator in his guild. Fucking her cute little mouth, tightly gripping pussy, and tiny clenching asshole always felt amazing, especially when he was cumming deep inside of them.

"Great! I'm going to get changed. Let's all meet outside of the guild house in 10 minutes," Peng Ting said before leaving the gym.

The girls followed Peng Ting out to get changed as well, but Zhao Pan stayed behind.

"Long... I mean.... Fang. Can I speak to you for a minute?"

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