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After divorce, I married the richest man


Ka Yi

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After divorce, I married the richest man

Su Nian En was found to be infertile, and her mother-in-law proclaimed her illness everywhere. When her husband cheated on her and her mother-in-law was vicious, she made a snap decision to leave the house. The mother-in-law snorted: "You're a hen who can't lay eggs, who will marry you if you get divorced?" But the handsome richest man proposed to her, her ex-husband and mother-in-law slapped her face! The richest man's son is dumb and can't talk, but when he sees her, he calls her "mom". A paper agreement, she married the richest man in a flash, specializing in the treatment of cute children all kinds of disobedience. Life reshuffled, career open, a thorny on the peak, but the richest husband is ......

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