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After the Rebirth, I Was Targeted By the Boss

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After the Rebirth, I Was Targeted By the Boss

【Shuangjie VS Sweet Pet】 Tang Qi, who was the queen of supernatural powers in her previous life, was reborn once and became a scumbag girl who lived in a poor urban village, had no parents and no mother, and lived with her elderly grandmother. In her new life, Tang Qi only wanted to do a good job in her studies, make money to support her family, and let her grandmother live a warm and happy life. Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he was stared at by the most mysterious and noble Mo family boss in the imperial capital. From then on, he never left her, and he couldn’t get rid of her no matter what. The famous family in the imperial capital joked about the bad taste of the Mo family’s boss, and let Shuyuan, a famous family in the imperial capital, not want it, and found her, a country bumpkin who has no money, no power, and no background. Tang Hillbilly Qi calmly throws out his various identities, the second young lady of the Qin family, a powerful and famous family, the founder behind the 100 billion consortium, and the high-level executive of the national special ability department… Every identity shocked the ladies and ladies with weak legs, and they all knelt down: “I’m sorry, you are a real boss, we are all scumbags.” The big boss of the Mo family directly held his entire net worth in front of her, “Please take care of me. From now on, you will be responsible for making money and supporting your family, and I will be responsible for your beauty.” * There are thousands of scenery in the world, why me? There are thousands of scenery but not as good as the only you A and beautiful superpower queen VS domineering, affectionate and rich gold boss

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