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Almighty Little Secretary, She is Flirtatious and Arrogant



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Almighty Little Secretary, She is Flirtatious and Arrogant

(1V1, Shuang Jie, Two-way Secret Love, Chasing His Wife Long, Banning Cookies) (Cold and dumb elite secretary VS paranoid and fierce loyal dog president) Jiang Mingyu, a well-known all-round secretary in City A, is low-key and humble, with outstanding strength, and is a top talent that no one in the industry does not covet. But no one knows that she has lost a memory in her brain, so she suffers from a mild emotional disorder and is also troubled by nightmares. Tang Jinchuan, a terrifying business boss, has a level that must be avoided. But also no one knows that he accidentally fell in love with his secretary, but he never managed to grasp the other party’s heart. * In an accident, Jiang Mingyu found her panacea, but at that time, she didn’t want it. It was not until she was forcibly pressed against the door of the office and had nowhere to escape that she had to face the man’s gentle and cold question, “Jiang Mingyu, what are you running for?” Only later, people still ran away. The angry-eyed CEO chased half the world, and after finally catching the person back, he directly locked him in the basement. In the endless reversal of day and night, Jiang Mingyu’s eyes were red, and she couldn’t help trembling and asked, “Tang Jinchuan, what are you doing?” “……you.”

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