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At the Beginning, Indra Chakra Broke Out

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At the Beginning, Indra Chakra Broke Out

Traveling to the Uchiha clan, taking into account the relationship between Konoha and Uchiha, based on the principle of shooting the first bird, even with the standard plug-in of the traverser, Liu Feng has always been a low-key person. [Ding, you defeat the Uchiha Madara (Junior Edition) projection, and get: Indra Chakra, Fire Dunge, Fire Fighting! 】 [Ding, you defeat the Thousand-Hand Projection Between Pillars, and get: Ashura Chakra, Perfect Immortal Human Body + Mu Dun! 】 [Ding, you defeated Datongmu Huiye Projection, and obtained: Blood Rescue Snare, Nine Gouyu Jade Reincarnation Writing Round Eyes! 】 Low-key? Low-key ghost! ! !

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