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Carefree Scholar

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Carefree Scholar

The story is about Li Yi, an engineer from 21st century. He was killed by a fire in a library and reincarnated into the body of a poor but handsome scholar in ancient times. And luckily he seem to carried along all the books in that burned library in his head.With such knowledge this life if he doesn’t become a duke or marquis then he will be a high rank official he believes.Li Yi faces the rising sun with high hope and bravely takes his first step in this world.“Stop there.”Above the horse, a stunningly beautiful woman in an ancient looking outfit approached him. After carefully looking at his face, she said: “Tie him up.”The bandits behind him rushed up.The wedding night, looking at the beautiful girl show up from behind the door…. Li Yi ambition have changed a little.First rank official? Who cares. Titles, Ranks? Not interested. I want to be the man of this bandit queen.

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