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Cute baby coming: the dark president paranoid love

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Cute baby coming: the dark president paranoid love

She lifted the man's handsome face and said in shame: Gu MingXuan, you are shameless! He stared discontentedly at her beneath him: It seems you are not yet satisfied, so let's do it again! Five years ago, a conspiracy made them intimately intertwined, and five years later, the two met without knowing each other. She became the mother of two munchkins, and he was the big president of TK Multinational Group, who was not close to women, until she accidentally pressed him and took his first kiss ...... He said: your children sold you, so stay here and help me heal in the future. She gritted her teeth, these two heartless little villains! Another glare at him: what disease do you have? He smiled wickedly and pushed her down: Try it and see? It is said that this test is great, this woman can really cure his disease, sweet and relieved fire, from then on, the cold and arrogant do not like women's love of the big president hold her do not know the nightmare foot, hold her as a baby as spoiled. Which think the woman is too indulgent to fly, she actually ran away with the ball ...... but she can escape to where?

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