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Dressed As the Apex of the Villain

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Dressed As the Apex of the Villain

[Prodigal Fuwang Girl VS scheming black male generation group favorite] The cute and invincible Tang Xiaonan has become the stupid female supporting role in the era text. The father is a god who is too scared to cry by the child next door, the mother is a domineering shrew who scolds the whole team invincible, and the three elder brothers are people who are afraid of everyone. the bully. But in front of Tang Xiaonan, they all turned into little sheep without temper, they just wanted to pamper her and pamper her again. In order to change the tragic ending of the family in the book, Tang Xiaonan worked hard to correct the three brothers who raised crooked. “Brother, the teacher is so fierce, can you teach me?” “Second brother, my health is so bad, it would be great if I had a good doctor brother.” Tang Xiaonan patted her fat belly, her conscience didn’t hurt at all. “Third brother, I want to eat a lot of meat, but I need a lot of money.” So, the three bullies of the Tang family suddenly beat up the Hu Peng Gou friends one day, and began to work hard, just to not disappoint the baby sister. It’s not enough to just break the big brother. Tang Xiaonan decided to hug the thigh of the future boss. She is still a poor little wolf cub, and she wants to feed the future boss. “Brother Huo, eat candy.” “Brother Huo, eat cake.” “Brother Huo, eat meat.” … But one day, the boss refused her feeding, and showed an inscrutable and mysterious smile. The dangerous eyes made Tang Xiaonan blushed. Ouch… so shy! [Su Tian + Ju Shuang + Warm + Shuang Jie]


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