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Evolve from a Tree

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Evolve from a Tree

Su Mu once again created a locust tree in the era of spiritual energy recovery. In this era, powerful people were everywhere and ruled the region. Strange beasts were roaring in the mountains and rivers, occupying the land and making it king.The myriad creatures of this era rose up and competed against each other. A locust tree rose up from the heavens, creating a paradise of pure land in this chaotic era.A hundred years ago, I was a legend. A thousand years later, I was a myth.Some people call me the Tree of the World, to protect this world, to pray day and night.Some people call me the World Tree, for all living things to support a piece of the sky.Some call me the Tree of Life of Kabala, a symbol of truth and wisdom.Others called me the source of demons, the scourge of all realms, the forbidden zone for all living beings.Day and night in the shadow of death.But no matter who it is, regardless of their identity, they will always be respectful in front of me.

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