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Flash Marriage Sweet Wife: Husband with $100 billion in finances


Song Yiwei

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Flash Marriage Sweet Wife: Husband with $100 billion in finances

The nominal mother even wanted to marry her to an old man as a housekeeper! Song Weiwei was furious and found a poor man to marry.Song only: "I'm an excellent cook, white skin and beautiful long legs, can pamper and warm the bed, the key will also give birth to monkeys, do you have any reason not to marry me?"The only thing that I can do is to sell myself in front of the god Pei Yi Bai.Pei Yi Bai: "How many can you have? I have high requirements for the number of children!"A certain woman proudly slaps the table: "A soccer team is no problem!"So, soon Song Weiwei paid the price for her bravado.

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