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God-level Game Designers Start From Scaring the Crying Anchor

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God-level Game Designers Start From Scaring the Crying Anchor

Water Blue Star has a fertile land for games, but many game companies and game designers are reluctant to make progress. Xun Ze, who awakened the god-level game designer system, decided to let everyone know what a real game is. Since the system can collect the player’s emotional value, the game developed by Xun Ze makes the player’s mood fluctuate more and more emotional value. The emotional value can strengthen Xun Ze’s attributes and abilities, and can also buy special items and special abilities. Therefore, the games developed by Xun Ze always switch back and forth between joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and shock, bringing players a roller coaster-like experience. Countless players: Gou thief! Can’t you give us a good time? Are god-level game designers amazing? Can a god-level game designer do whatever they want? Xun Ze: There will be a new game next week! This is a… Countless players: Gou thief shut up! Take the money, we want the game!

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