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In Love With The Uncle

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In Love With The Uncle

On the night of the wedding, the husband cheated on his heterogeneous sister, Gu Xinli stayed a widow for more than a year. She didn't want to be lonely, so she went to the bar to have fun. But she didn't want to sleep with the person she shouldn't have slept with. "Little uncle, I'm your niece's wife. " "What are you afraid of? Anyway, they're not related. " The man he had provoked could not get rid of him, so he could only continue to maintain an underground relationship. But. . . "Fu Chiyuan. Didn't you promise not to tell anyone about our relationship?" The man smiled devilishly and bit her earlobe. He said, "What does it have to do with me if someone 'accidentally' finds out?" Gu Xinshi gritted her teeth, "Then what do you have to do to make you let me go?" "Wait until I'm tired of sleeping. " Fu Chiyuan pressed her onto the bed. Invading recklessly. . . Looking at the person beneath him who seemed to be in a state of infatuation, he chuckled lightly. How could he get sick of eating?

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