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Master's Million Blind Wife


dou dou

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Master's Million Blind Wife

Johan, who was blind, married his sister to Hochengzhou, whose legs were disabled. On the wedding day, Qiao An said, "Let me introduce myself, Qiao An, 22 years old, an outstanding graduate of Auth Music Academy." Huo Chengzhou raised his eyebrows. "Huo Chengzhou, male, 26 years old, dropped out of school at 16 years old, and became an unemployed at 26 years old." Qiao An gritted his teeth. "Alright, in the future, you should restrain yourself a little. I will support you, and we will strive to stop being old." Huo Chengzhou hid his 100 billion bank card, put away the company contract, and nodded with a smile. "Then I will have to trouble my wife." It was not until a certain day in the future when the identities of the two of them were taken off one by one that everyone came to a realization. How could this be a blind man and a cripple? This was clearly two big tail wolves in sheep's clothing.

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