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My Lady Fairy


Han Meng

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My Lady Fairy

In the past, Yangguo had thought that his future would be to marry a wife and have a child, then live an ordinary and happy life.Who would have thought that a little angel would fall from the sky and Poplar Fruit would turn into a young stay-at-home dad?His wife was gone, but he had a child first. Yangguo's life had undergone earth-shattering changes.For his daughter, Yangguo wanted to become more handsome, stronger, and kinder!In the field of martial arts, education, linguistics … The most handsome oppa, Everyone's Celebrity Dad, Everyone's Father-In-Law … Yangguo had unknowingly done many things that others could not hope to do, and had also obtained countless honors and achievements.When he participated in the filming of "Where Are We Going, Dad?" and faced hundreds of millions of fans, Yangguo humbly said, "Actually, this is not the main point." The main point was to quickly find a beautiful stepmother for his daughter who would love her dearly!

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