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Online Game: Start Ten Consecutive SSS-level Talents

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Online Game: Start Ten Consecutive SSS-level Talents

Qin Feng was reborn and returned to the day of the “God’s Domain” public beta.In order to make up for the regrets of the previous life, Qin Feng resolutely entered the game again.After purchasing the world’s only supreme-level game warehouse at the beginning, Qin Feng actually obtained ten SSS-level talents![Ten times crit]: Talent effect: Attacks must be crit, and crit damage is increased ten times.[Unlimited Firepower]: The cooldown of the skill is shortened by 90%, and there is no mana cost.[Unlimited Growth]: Each time you kill a unit, increase your HP by one point.[God-killing Power], [Forced Slavery], [Master of Fate], [Time Reverse Flow]…When the game and reality are connected, Qin Feng has already ruled the galaxy universe…

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