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Picking up Girls With My System



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Picking up Girls With My System

Arthur got randomly transported to another world. Some people would find that terrifying, but not for him, who was tired of his old life; it was an opportunity.And, after having bad luck all his life, the tide changed.It was a world of magic where wizards fought side-by-side with their familiars. Arthur got summoned to be one of these so-called familiars.He was furious. The thought of becoming a pet was not something he liked. Well, that changed when he saw who his master was.A hot-woman. And, to make everything better, Arthur was inside the Frostpeak Magic Academy, which only had women students.“This is heaven. All familiars are beasts, but I'm different. I'm a good-looking man inside a place filled with hot girls.”When he thought his luck could not get better, he unlocked a system that helped him with everything. Of course, he used the system for a greater good, like getting girls.

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