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Rebirth 90s: Hot Wife Flirting

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Rebirth 90s: Hot Wife Flirting

[Military marriage + space + cool text + double strong + strong pet + one-on-one] Reborn back eleven years ago, Ye Qingqing just wanted to take revenge for revenge, to repay kindness, and the biggest benefactor would naturally be able to agree with him, and then heal his broken legs and fight for glory again! “Your name is Mo, my name is Qing, and ink and wash Danqing has a lifetime of love. We are a couple made in heaven!” Lu Mo glared angrily at the woman who secretly kissed him. The woman was righteous, “You told me to kiss!” Isn’t she called Qingqing just to want her to kiss her? Before marriage, Ye Qingqing took the initiative to flirt with her husband, flirting with Lu Mo, and her nose bleeds. ​​


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