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Shanwa Small Rich Farmers



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Shanwa Small Rich Farmers

Wen Xu doesn’t like life in the big city, because the big city makes him feel that he is always in a hurry, and his body and mind never seem to get a moment’s rest. To the sky of stars, and the smoggy days that can’t be complained about. I finally had a chance to escape from the city and return to the countryside. Even though it was a bit poor at first, the land and mountains and rivers of my hometown finally calmed down my wandering heart. Green mountains, green waters, rolling terraced fields, lush forests and trees, all night Looking up, you can see the sky full of stars, or a big bright moon, listening to the chirping of birds and insects, sleeping on a comfortable big wooden bed until you wake up naturally, this is the life Wen Yan wants.  The new book “Little Life on an American Ranch” has been published, and you are welcome to support and correct me.

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