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The Lust System



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The Lust System

An ordinary high school boy named Max is in his basement watching porn and masturbating. When suddenly, a pop-up ad covered the whole screen!____________________________________________________________________________________________||FREE||Congratulations! You won as the first person to watch porn 10000 times. You are hereby granted a once in a lifetime opportunity!Do you want to change your fate?Do you want to have sex with real women?Do you want to get rich?Do you want to be popular?Stop watching porn and SIGN UP now in our Universal Lust System! by Alien Universe Do you want to Sign Up?[YES] [NO]____________________________________________________________________________________________WTF is this? Ads? What’s this thing saying?! So annoying! Sign up? This is just a scam! *tries to click ‘NO’* *accidentally clicked ‘YES’*____________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for Signing Up! Hope you have a fun time! - Alien Universe____________________________________________________________________________________________“What? ARRGGGHHHHH! It hurts!” Max holds his head with both hands. *faints*____________________________________________________________________________________________Welcome to The Lust System![Max][Level: 1][Points: 0][Skills][Missions][Store][Women Conquered]____________________________________________________________________________________________Advanced Chapters on my website:Elfriedenn.home.blogTo open the latest Advanced Chapters, you can find the password on my Patreón:Patreó for the recent patrons!Discord:

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